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Something Light, III

If you don’t enjoy juicy scandals or jarring drama, just avoid these “Something Light” segments, because it’s only going to get messier. Shout out to Murda Mook, who was mocked by Joe Budden after Mook filmed himself being arrested in his shabby New York apartment one drunken night earlier this year. Mook recently did an emotional interview with a battle rap media network, “15 Minutes of Fame”, where he briefly expressed his dissatisfaction with Joe’s scolding critique of his living arrangements. Mook, my house ain’t the nicest either, bruh. Shit, just ask Joe Budden, who has insistently invaded my privacy and violated my human rights—fully against my wishes. Yes, everyone, I’m telling the fucking truth! This isn’t a rollout, I’m not a troll, and I’m not in cahoots with these kooks. Joe, the fact that you thought you were just going to get away with all this boggles my fucking mind! Like, stupid motherfucker, what courtesy do I owe you?! Why wouldn’t I tell all your peers, who know I’m not lying, that you’re a whole fucking weirdo?! Why wouldn’t I come down on your stupid-ass head like a ton of Brick City’s finest MDMA?! What, did you think I was going to fold, go crazy, or take myself out over your pusillanimous ass?! Joe, the thing about not giving a fuck—in real life—is that I don’t care. I don’t care about you, I don’t care how much you lie, and I don’t care how badly you don’t want to accept this “L”. I’d like to send a second shout out to QueenzFlip for holding it down and being the only honest person in Joe Budden’s vicinity. Flip, you don’t owe me anything, sir. And I would like for you to know, Flip, that you’re the ONLY motherfucker up there that I respect. There’s something seriously wrong with Joe Budden. And it’s clear that everyone over at the Joe Budden Network thinks shit is a game. Anyway, to everyone on the outside looking in, what do y’all think that whole “G Card” shit was really about? Aside from that, on that same episode, notice how Joe and the cast very conveniently ended up talking about incriminating recordings and deleting shit off his laptop. I’m sure the cast would love for everyone to believe that I’m narcissistic and none of that has anything to do with me, even after months of me consistently reporting that my privacy is being invaded. Joe and hoes, why are you acting as if everything that you’ve done in an attempt to cover your asses since I exposed you won’t be questioned or investigated? I’m just curious how y’all think this is all going to end. Surely, you don’t think I’m going to let this go before the whole truth comes out, right? And ain’t no way in hell y’all think you’re smarter than me, correct? On the latest episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, the cast seemingly had to coerce Joe into admitting that he arrived at work with red eyes because he’d masturbated and accidentally ejaculated into his own eyes the night before. In my opinion, whether that story is true or fabricated, the divulging of such a personal and embarrassing occurrence is just an attempt to make Joe seem honest. Joe has been labeled and perceived as a liar and master manipulator since his introduction to the culture, so I’m sure he’s accustomed to exaggerating some truths just to humanize himself while under public scrutiny with such a tarnished reputation. For instance, if Joe Budden is honest enough to admit that he’s ejaculated into his own eyes on multiple occasions, why wouldn’t he fess up to all of the foul shit that Beau Amoureux has alleged that he’s done, right? Deception is a risky business, folks. And liars are tricky. Ejaculating into your own eyes isn’t a fucking crime, stupid motherfucker! So, Joseph, you can tell all the goofy-ass stories you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re a dishonest, manipulative, mentally ill, pathetic piece of shit. Get the fuck out of here!

Some people disguise their hatred well, and manipulators are the best at it. For example, mixing a few compliments with a swarm of insults gives a hater an opportunity to claim that their hatred is really constructive criticism. What’s more, the hater may feel comfortable claiming that the target being offended by their pseudo-constructive criticism is an indication of said target’s insecurity. Growing up with relatives who are mentally ill, I’ve witnessed and been subjected to this type of manipulation my entire life. And having to deal with that type of bullshit taught me the power of silence. You can’t argue with someone who doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand how wrong they are. Unfortunately, it’s a lot less stressful dealing with foolish people if you just allow them to be foolish, especially when challenging them exacerbates their foolishness. If you understand that stupidity is commonly a result of a person’s incapability to rationalize, you realize that trying to reason with stupid people is futile. Just watching the Joe Budden Podcast, I can tell that Joe’s friends are tired of trying to get him to appreciate how fucked-up he is, so they just let him be himself and hope that he doesn’t go off the rails. Then, because he’s the boss, Joe’s friends likely feel obligated to show him a certain level of respect. Hey, everybody’s not a soldier, and I acknowledge that. But when Joe’s bullshit is ultimately jeopardizing your job security, at the company that he owns, at some point, you have to try to save Joe from himself. What makes y’all think nothing will come of this—when we all know the truth? For everyone but Joe, I want you to really think about what’s happened, what’s happening, and what’s about to happen. Try to cope with the fact that, if you had the gall to stand tall, you could have prevented this all. Y’all sit back and let that awful asshole tell you that the Moon is square and the sky is purple, and you know that he needs help, but you laugh and let the insanity pass just because you feel sorry for his stupid ass. I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry for loping where y’all laze! This motherfucker MUST get what he deserves, he shouldn’t have fucked with me, y’all shouldn’t have allowed it, and you all should be ashamed of your-motherfucking-selves! Honestly, I wish y’all could fathom just how fucked up y’all got me. I would feel just a little bit better if I knew that y’all know how serious I am. All of the movies and documentaries that y’all watch, and nobody can see where this is going?! Why didn’t Joe stop fucking with me when he initially saw that the bullshit that works on y’all doesn’t work on me? Talk about a narcissist, did you think the power of persuasion would work on powerful persuader such as me, Joe? Clearly, I have a mind of my own. People, have you noticed that Joe has never dated a sophisticated, scrupulous, spiritual woman? Why do you think that is? Do you think Joe believes he’s worthy of a virtuous partner? Better yet, what are the odds that Joe is just smart enough to comprehend that an ethical woman would be revolted by his evil ass? Liars—who frequently attempt to create alternate realities—often unintentionally manifest actual reality through their actions. When you know you ain’t shit, you naturally surround yourself with other ain’t-shit people or those who are easily manipulated. Case in point, Melyssa Ford is a single woman of a certain age who believes she’s lost her luster, and even though she talks a good game, she’s seemingly not as secure as she says. Simply, when you live with regret, the past haunts you. When you’ve done wrong by people, you’re regretful. When people have allowed you to do them wrong, they regret dealing with you. When your life is inundated by regret—things that you regret doing and people who regret being around you—you hate yourself. So, whatever you do, make sure you’re doing things that you’ll never regret. Peace.

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