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Everybody’s Stupid, CLIII

Despite me titling the majority of my posts “Everybody’s Stupid”, I must concede that the stupidest people adamantly believe that nobody is smart enough to detect their stupidity. The stupidest people naturally, willfully, and blithely live stupidly and encourage stupidity in others. I don’t want to wear out this fact, but I’ve been surrounded by stupid people all my life. If you’re wondering where my abhorrence of stupidity derives from, there’s your answer. In my opinion, I’m the incarnation of the phrase “fuck what you heard.” There are people out there who’ve acted, and continue to act, against me on the sole basis of erroneous information that they’ve received from the stupidest of people. To whom it should concern, those stupid motherfuckers don’t know me, obviously! And it’s the fact that they believe they should be privy to my privacy that demonstrates their stupidity. Let’s talk about boundaries, again, because many people—especially the mentally ill—have extreme trouble understanding the importance of them. In human interaction, boundaries are set to preclude intrusion and protect personal interests. In a world where people hold misconceptions and fallacies close to their hearts, it’s absolutely necessary for everyone to draw the line at whatever point they believe other people’s involvement in their lives is inappropriate. For example, if an 18-year-old is old enough to get a job, old enough to be kicked out of the house, and old enough to be held legally liable for their illicit behaviors, they should be old enough to decide who they want to have sex with, right? Be aware that if you profess to understand and respect boundaries, disagreeing with the sex part of that question should prompt you to ask yourself why you’re comfortable having such strong feelings against other people’s autonomy. At the end of the day, your life is your own, and your business is your motherfucking business. Anybody who believes they are obligated to insight into the things that you hold dear, especially when those things don’t involve them, is a fucking intruder. And you should deal with intruders accordingly! Diverging slightly, would you say that you’re desensitized to violence? Not only am I desensitized to people being physically punished for their habitual overstepping of boundaries, I often empathize with the attackers. I’m not a proponent of violence, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand it. In fact, I think it’s foolish for people to believe that the exhibition of anger through violence is always unacceptable. A lot of people cross boundaries and antagonize others because they’re convinced that either they’re not doing anything illegal or the person that they’re fucking with wouldn’t break the law to retaliate against them. So, when a lot of people become “victims” of violence, it’s likely the result of someone proving an antagonist wrong. Most of the time, it’s hard to feel sorry for stupid people. And it’s people’s stupidity that has essentially desensitized us. In the practice of psychology, the process of desensitization is frequently used to help people overcome phobias. By the same token, being progressively less affected, and then completely unaffected, by bad things that you are perpetually exposed to is natural. Do you believe you’ll ever be desensitized to things that you perceive as negativity? Imagine if everybody had the mental fortitude to circumvent ill feelings that would be initiated by negative people and their hatefulness. I would like to believe that I’m at a point in my life where I’m mostly unbothered by the majority of bullshit. Still, I’m not above temporarily going beneath people and yanking them into a place that they don’t have the strength or wit escape, just for fucking with me! “Si vis pacem, para bellum” is a notable Latin proverb that translates to “if you want peace, prepare for war.” When there are irreconcilable differences between opposing parties, especially amidst conflict, the only way to settle those differences is through contest. In contest, people battle for supremacy. So, to those who oppose me, you best pray that you can match my will!

Readers, do you deem me credible? Regardless, I can tell that I make many motherfuckers feel some type of way. By the way, I mean “motherfuckers” in a good way. Needless to say, you don’t have to agree with anything that I say. And respectfully, if y’all were as confident in your principles and stances as you portray yourselves to be, my certitudes and the expression of my beliefs wouldn’t affect you so deeply. It’s almost like y’all know that I’m smarter than you, and you resent me for being so sure of myself. Am I right? I’m a firm believer in the notion that, whatever you’re doing, you’re not doing it right if people do hate you for it. And aside from being an intelligent devil with an undeniable talent for eloquently expressing my thoughts, what I’m doing the most is telling the truth! But let me lighten this up, because I feel like the previous paragraph is slightly disquieting. Do you ever wonder why local news channels report on trivial or wacky stories so often? Well, I can’t confirm this, but I’d assume it’s because the news can be depressing, and sensible news networks like to get away from stories of gloom and doom as often as they can. Again, I try to be as positive as possible. However, because I’m aware that negative things impact people more intensely and enduringly than positive things, I spend a lot of time writing to encourage stability and durability in people who need those words. Do you think there’s a blueprint to happiness? I believe that establishing and defending boundaries is one of the most important things for everyone’s happiness. For whatever reason, people believe that their ability to form unique perspectives grants them the authority to enforce their beliefs, in a sense. True, standing on a belief is equivalent to creating a boundary. Yet, attempting to force people to accept or adopt your beliefs is a whole different thing. If you’re paying attention, I generalize and promote independent thinking more than I command. Plus, my aim is never to indoctrinate or force my beliefs onto others. Yes, I’m persuasive, but that’s a primary component of effective encouragement. To prove my point, let me tell y’all the best way to both avoid being offended and fight shy of being brainwashed in the face of forceful rhetoric. It’s simple, all you have to do to stay true to your intrinsic thoughts in the presence of a domineering figure is embrace your indifference. Take it from me, it’s perfectly okay to not give a fuck about people. When you’re not overly concerned with everyone liking or accepting you, you’re free from the torment of believing that being disagreed with or disapproved of means that everyone hates you for being yourself. This is something else that I don’t want to wear out, but to reiterate, I don’t give a fraction of a fuck about people! Once more, you motherfuckers will never be as important to me as you are to yourselves. As a matter of fact, chances are you’ll never be important to me at all! With that being said, as it pertains to maintaining your self-governance and personal convictions, there’s great power in not giving a fuck. If self-confidence comes from trusting in yourself, why do you need anybody else? For the record, though I am a proud individualist, I’m fully aware that the majority of people aren’t as self-reliant as I am. And because I’m so fucking perceptive, I’m wise to the fact that many of you are offended by me saying that. Is it my fault that I’m so strong-minded? Should I be ashamed of who I am because you don’t share some of the secure traits that I have—traits that are undeniably rare in humans? I’ll never apologize for not caring about what you motherfuckers think. The way my boundaries are set up, giving a fuck compromises my confidence. And unfortunately for y’all, if you’re stupid enough to force your way past my boundaries, in the words of the illustrious Freddy Krueger, “You’re in my world now, bitch!” Peace.

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