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Everybody’s Stupid, CLIV

Honestly, I’ve been so angry over the past few days, I can barely concentrate on anything other than justice. I’m so mad that today’s “Everybody’s Stupid” post is going to read like an addition to the “Something Light” segment. This shit is about to get a little dark, and this is your trigger warning. So, in an attempt to discourage me from persisting and discredit me, because my writing is so compelling and my real-life stories are too captivating to be true, Joe Budden got in contact with my lying-ass aunt and uncle, T.R. and B.R.—who are siblings in their 50s that live together. T.R. is the uncle and B.R. is the aunt. T.R. spent over 15 years in prison for armed robbery after he stole some guy’s credit cards and the victim successfully alleged that the sneaky theft was an armed robbery. T.R. has spent his entire life trying to be tough, and he’s one of those loudmouth motherfuckers who gossips more than a female and thinks he’s a strong person because he doesn’t have a filter. B.R. lived with her mother until she was 35 years old and she hates to admit it, she terrorized me and my siblings when we were kids, she’s a pathological liar, and she’s just an evil motherfucker. Remember, mental illnesses are hereditary, and I’m lucky that the universe spared me. One of the most traumatic experiences for me as a kid, that didn’t involve me, was watching B.R. start a fight with my little sister for no reason, after which she called my crying child sister a “fat bitch.” Yes, like all of my stories, that’s a true fucking story! About three years ago, T.R. moved in with B.R. because he’s a bum-ass nigga and none of his relationships work out. When he moved in, he said it was just “temporary”, but I knew that was cap when he said it. T.R. and B.R. are never happy, they both suffer from mood swings and manic episodes, and they are two of the most hateful motherfuckers that you’d never want to meet. I moved away from my relatives when I purchased my first house around the same time T.R. moved in with B.R.. T.R.’s a bitch, I don’t wish to see him again, and I’ll never have a nice word to say about him. But I saw B.R. about a year ago, when she had my younger aunt tell me that she needed help at her house. B.R.’s number has been blocked in my phone for years because it’s always some bullshit with her. Remember, T.R., who swears down that he’s a man, lives with B.R., so why did she need my help, right? Anyway, I got there, helped her hang up the TV in her living room, carried some plywood to her car and ended up with a big-ass splinter, and went home shortly thereafter. However, when I was there, I knew something was off. But I’ll save the details for another time. To envision B.R., picture Precious’ mom—those are the evil-ass vibes that she gives off. So, because she’s embarrassing as fuck and doesn’t respect boundaries, I’ve always kept B.R. out of my business. She’s never met any of the chicks that I’ve dealt with, she’s never known about my business dealings, and she’s been left out of the loop because nothing that I’m doing and nothing that I’ve done is any of her fucking business. Well, B.R. has always felt entitled, so she’s never stopped trying to pry into my privacy. Sparing the tragic details, this is the type of weird and crazy shit that I was dealing with before Joe Budden got involved. So, imagine my anger and frustration after hearing Joe repeat lies, on his podcast, that he’s regurgitating from people who he’s in contact with specifically to antagonize me. But none of this is new information, I’ve mentioned this all before, so stay tuned for updates. And to the other guy, you know who you are, your ass is mine, too!

So, rapper Cardi B., who always seems to be in some mess, is currently beefing with a lesser known female rapper named Bia. I don’t know why these two ladies are beefing, and I really don’t care. But Cardi B. has joked about Bia’s appearance, and Bia looks like the reflection of Cardi if she stood in front of the slimming mirror at a funhouse. What I’m saying is, the two squabbling sistas could be siblings. Is it okay to refer to Latinas as sistas? People are offended by everything these days, and I’m going to watch what I say because my name kind of rings bells, and Cardi be suing motherfuckers! Some rap fans have suggested that Bia is in a lose-lose situation because Cardi receives more reverence, is a veteran rapper, and is more skilled than her Boston-bred objector. In my opinion, in the entertainment industry, all publicity is good publicity. Whenever relevance determines your value, remaining a hot topic or perpetually piquing people’s interests is imperative. Essentially, the more Cardi engages with Bia, because Cardi is a revered femcee, the more perceptibly formidable Bia becomes. And because Cardi hasn’t been very active in recent years, I believe Bia could win the beef with consistency and quality efforts. At this point humanity’s journey, underestimating the underdog is unmerited and potentially undermining to your own intelligence. How many upsets have experienced in life? Do you think it’s wise to scoff at or underappreciate an up-and-comer’s ambition? Personally, as I’ve mentioned before, I have to suppress my inner conqueror. There’s a part of me that isn’t completely comfortable with the idea of running over people to get ahead of them, and there’s another part of me that understands the fact that many people aren’t going to just move aside to let me ahead of them. If Bia desires to acquire the level of reverence and success that Cardi has, in the space where Cardi reigns dominantly, and if Cardi doesn’t want to contribute to Bia’s ascension directly, Bia doesn’t have a choice but to wage war on all her unfriendly competitors. Unfortunately, as destructive and disruptive as it is, dissension is natural and necessary. Because we’ll never all agree with each other, and because everybody can’t be number one in their fields, people are always going to go at it. Granted, some of this shit is avoidable. For instance, if Cardi B. doesn’t intend to feed her fans with fresh consumables consistently, embracing and uplifting a more active content cooker like Bia could help curb the hunger of fans of female rap. I believe that if Cardi was really for the culture, she’d do everything in her power to exploit her influence and promote the popularity of her considerable counterparts. Contrarily, a veteran deciding to openly contend with a rookie can be viewed as acknowledgement of said rookie’s potential to rise in the ranks. When you think about it, doesn’t it seem like humans are the most afraid of change? Just because hip hop is best when it’s competitive doesn’t mean it has to be so cutthroat. Think about it like this, what makes a person strong to you? Are the strongest people the most relentless or the most resolute, the most reckless or the most ready, the most rugged or the most rectifying? From my perspective, strength is most noticeably displayed in a person’s restraint and refinement. For instance, Bruce Lee possessed the power to whoop many asses, but he practiced peace and pushed for positivity. Considering the drama that I’ve been aggressively addressing, I hope my ability to reason and recognize rationality doesn’t cause me to come across as hypocritical. The fact of the matter is, I lay low, stay quiet, and only address the bullshit when it’s time to… and it’s time to! Peace.

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