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Something Light, IV

When was the last time you felt stupid? Better yet, when was the last time you were stumped or confused just to come to the realization that everything you needed for clarity was right in your face? So, sometime in the not so distant future, I’m going to make y’all feel stupid as fuck. And it’s going to be the type of reality check that’s likely to change the way you think for the rest of your lives. Honestly, I’m not a liar. How many of y’all can honestly say that you’re mostly honest? I didn’t start watching full episodes of the Joe Budden Podcast until Rory and Mal left, because the drama from their split kept pushing the story to my algorithm. Watching the pod on YouTube, as a regular viewer, Ice would always say shit that didn’t make sense to me, so I’d comment on his ignorance often. Joe and Ice are very sensitive gentlemen, and they frequently discuss how feedback bothers them, so I’d assume that they saw my comments on YouTube and Googled my name at some point. If you Google my name, you’ll find my blog, and that’s likely where Joe’s interest in me began. I’ve always been a fan of hip hop, Eminem is one of my favorite rappers, and Royce da 5’9” is an affiliate of Eminem. So, I would check out Royce’s music from time to time. However, other than “Pump It Up”, I’d never heard any of Joe’s music. Around 2009, when I saw that Royce was in a group with Crooked I, who I’ve recognized as a nice spitter, I checked out their music. Of course, the group was Slaughterhouse, and Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden were also members. Listening to Slaughterhouse after their first album debuted, I realized that Joe wasn’t a bad rapper, but I still wasn’t checking for him outside of Slaughterhouse—other than his appearances on Love and Hip Hip. Yet, I did watch a few of his early YouTube videos just to see Tahiry’s ass. Where I’m going with this is, despite what it may look like to some of you, I’m not a dick rider, and I’m not a Joe Budden stan. When Slaughterhouse broke up, I began to do a little research on Joe Budden, and I learned that he has a history of being a shitty person. Then, later on down the line, watching the group members’ discourse online prior to Joell and Crook’s joint album release, I recognized that Joe was salty because he wasn’t in control. So, I took to Twitter to express my feelings about the situation, and I know for a fact that my tweets pissed Joe off. For your information, the link to my blog is also on my Twitter page. After that, every now and then, Joe would say little shit on his pod that mimicked the stories I was telling on my blog. Eventually, I realized that Joe was an avid reader of, and I tweeted him again, asking him to say my name so I’d know I wasn’t bugging. I never followed Joe on social media, and I hadn’t said much nice about the guy, so even though I knew he was following my blog and that I’d inspired him to some extent, I didn’t expect him to show me any gratitude. No, he never said my name, but he continued to allude to me indirectly, which let me know that he was locked in. I never knew what Joe wanted from me, but he never stopped fucking with me, and then he started mocking me. And that’s when I began to tell this motherfucker about himself via blog posts. Joe is childish, he openly admits to his immaturity, and he’s showed it a lot while dealing with this situation. Again, he’s listened to my phone conversations, had people following me, contacted my relatives, and worse. So, if you’re wondering why I’m going so hard, it’s because this shit is personal, Joe and his minions are trying to make me look crazy, and I’m about to show these stupid motherfuckers just how stupid they are!

I’m not an entertainer, obviously. And what about my internet presence would indicate that I’m an attention whore? For a lot of you haters, you realize that I have far more potential than you ever will, and that makes you want to believe that I’m too good to be true, huh? The facts of the matter are, I’m an individualist, I’ve never worked well with teams, I don’t want anything to do with Joe Budden, I’m smarter and more mature than the majority of popular black podcasters, I have the skillset to record and edit my own audio and video on a professional level, I lay low because that’s my natural inclination, I don’t fuck with social media because I’m not very sociable, I don’t give a fuck about anything that people are thinking or saying, and I ultimately do whatever the fuck I want. Joe Budden is not my competition, I don’t look up to that motherfucker, and I don’t even like the nigga! And if I decide to be a podcaster, it wouldn’t be a music podcast. I’m actually intelligent, and I like to focus on shit that actually matters. Ask yourselves, how does looking crazy help me at all? If I were lying, and nothing has noticeably changed since I began to expose Joe Budden, why the fuck would I keep lying?! If I was writing about my life before Joe Budden insisted on making himself part of my story, why wouldn’t I write about the shit that’s going on as a result of his insistence? I feel like I’m doing too much explaining, so let me talk a little shit. In my opinion, Ish isn’t very smart. At this point, I have to listen to the JBP just for additional evidence and ammunition. On the latest episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, Ish declared that he wouldn’t initially take the stand in a court proceeding if he was obligated to explain his self-defending actions following a home invasion. In the black community, as I’ve mentioned repeatedly, niggas care more about the opinions of other niggas than they do about anything else. And what I mean by that is, niggas prioritize their reputations and trivialize their safety and freedom. Weak-ass people have a penchant for proving themselves. For instance, niggas know that selling drugs is illegal, but because they prioritize their reputations and trivialize their freedom, many of them personally publicize their drug-dealing ventures. Glitz and glamour, flamboyance, high-sighting, putting on, etc. aren’t generally attributes or allurements of intelligent people. I’ve always wondered, if someone breaks the law and makes you a victim, and you break the law in retaliation to make them a victim, and niggas often proclaim that they wouldn’t wish jail on their worst enemies, but breaking the law never ceases to send niggas to jail, why the fuck do niggas break the law?! So, for a nigga like Ish, who claims to be mature and intelligent, where’s the maturity and intelligence in choosing street rules over the law—especially after years of legal success? Remember, these are the type of niggas that Y’ALL idolize! I’m so intelligent, I could tell you that I’ve committed the ultimate “real nigga” crime multiple times, and there’d be nobody to confirm it. I’d rather be perceived as a square than a stupid motherfucker. And because I’m not a stupid motherfucker, I’ll never lie on a stupid motherfucker just for attention that has the potential to land me on the wrong side of a courtroom! I’m not begging people to believe me, but I am capitalizing on this unfortunate situation—because I’m intelligent. Keep in mind, y’all ain’t paying for shit here at! And we all know that I know that my name was buzzing amongst the elites before I started kicking Joe Budden’s back in—as he would say it. I write because it’s a life-long passion, a hobby, and it’s therapeutic for me. And I also write to inform you motherfuckers how stupid you are. Don’t hate me, just keep reading—you’re bound to learn something. Peace.

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