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Everybody’s Stupid, CLII

Have you ever just sat back and listened to a hater attempt to rationalize their unjustifiable envy and enmity? A jealous person’s rationalization, or lack thereof, may be some of the most laughable and loathsome malarkey that mindless men muster. And when you think about it, not so ironically, haters are hateable as fuck. In my opinion, you should never take a person’s aversion to you personally, unless it has or imminently will negatively affect your life. Nonetheless, assuming that a person’s antipathy will manifest perceptible negative effects may cause you to react and inadvertently create or exacerbate a problem that would never have existed or escalated otherwise. If undue hatred, which can be perceived as negativity, negatively affects you, try to figure out if you’re primarily insecure about or offended by whatever the hater has highlighted. If you have a sensitive insecurity, simply accepting that you’re insecure and admitting that the hater may have a point could help you overcome your lack of confidence in the underlined area. Almost always, growth and developing security requires admission and acceptance of your weaknesses. If you’re offended by the hater’s audacity to antagonize you, especially if that stupid motherfucker doesn’t know what they’re talking about, why give them power by investing energy into counter negativity that could adversely affect you? In spite of that, sometimes motherfuckers need to be taught a lesson, and vehemently defending yourself could be faultless in some circumstances. Dealing with nonsense effectively demands discernment, intelligence, maturity, and discipline. If you intend to forgo one of those four things when dealing with bullshit, in some cases, immaturity can be satisfying, entertaining, and revitalizing. At the end of the day, maintaining your mental health is a priority. If hatefulness and negativity are stressing you out and you need change, retribution and relief are synonymous. We all know—even if you’re a habitual hater—that a hater will take something that doesn’t have anything to do with anything and attempt to make it the basis of an argument against a person’s worthiness. For instance, I can only imagine how many improvident and uninventive people think I’m scared of something because I’m so low-key. Ultimately, the internet ain’t really for real people! But I’m not even going to elaborate on that right now. Besides, this blog exists on the internet, and I’m sure someone’s illogic has driven them to deduce that posting to the internet obligates me to abide by a nonfunctional set of rules made-up by haters. Fuck it, I’m about to talk some shit. I bet you niggas hate my guts, huh? As if I need to keep repeating this, I’m more intelligent than y’all, I’m realer than y’all, I’m harder than y’all, I’m worthier than y’all, I have an actual talent, all of the chicks that you like—that would never fuck with you—think I’m kingly, your favorite podcaster believes I’m “The One” and I’ve shunned him, shall I continue? Niggas, grow the fuck up, read a few books, get comfortable with being yourself, obtain a pair of nuts, and maybe you’ll be able to be just a little bit like me one day. Generally, my confidence is silent, but like I just alluded to, it’s occasionally necessary to let motherfuckers know. Do you believe it’s possible for anything aside from jealousy, insecurity, and disaccord to fuel hatred? In other words, do you believe that someone desiring what you have, or resenting your self-confidence, or opposing your beliefs are the only things that could make them hate you? I believe that a lot of people are contentious and confused by nature, which causes them express their controversial and cockamamie beliefs with conviction, in turn making them hateful—whether they realize it or not. For example, Dr. Umar Johnson adamantly condemns interracial relationships and racial unity, in a world where divisiveness and disunity creates and compounds conflict, just because injustice and inequality are historically instituted by white people. Despite the fact that millions of interracial couples are happier and more positive than Umar will ever be, because he personally disapproves of their union, he hates the idea of interracial love overshadowing interracial conflict and toils to emphasize the latter. Is that justifiable?

So, Eminem, who I consider one of the greatest rappers of all time, has been promoting the alleged disappearance of his career with an upcoming single titled “Houdini”. The single is from Slim Shady’s forthcoming twelfth studio album, “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce)”, which many believe is his last hurrah or the precursor to his retirement. Coup de grâce is French for death blow, and the term is often used to signify the culmination of a progressively worsening situation. Additionally, word for word, coup de grâce translates to blow of grace—grace meaning civility. In other words, it’s likely that Eminem appreciates that his career and relevancy have been steadily declining, naturally. And killing his own career can be perceived as Em showing himself mercy. As a fan, I respect Mr. Mathers’ decision to retire. Everything must come to an end, right? But I hope he goes out with a bang and says a bunch of wild shit on this album. In Em’s case, if you’re going to literally or metaphorically kill your career, you might as well “cancel” yourself with contemptible controversy. People like Katt Williams, Mo’Nique, Charleston White, and Corey Holcomb are eulogized for saying what fearful and formulaic people don’t or won’t. However, those people are too deemed negative and hateful. Eminem is no stranger to claims of insensitivity and disrespectfulness, yet he’s never bitten his silver tongue. Personally, as I’ve mentioned many a time, I’m a proponent of silence. Controversy, though entertaining, is inconvenient and disadvantageous for most people. Even in the entertainment industry, as with the Amanda Seales situation, being disliked and displeasing is likely to be disruptive to your success. Still, if you have wins to spare and you don’t mind losing, the risk of may be worth the reward. Like with everything else, there are levels to not giving a fuck. It’s very possible, and even common, to be so careless that you neglect to give proper attention to avoiding mistakes and precluding problems. So, if you’re going to be controversial, think it through and have a purpose. An action without justification is unreasonable. Do you think Eminem rhymes without a reason? Y’all see what I was trying to do there. Moving on, does a person’s popularity determine their importance? As importance reflects something or someone’s significance or value, and with those things being inherently subjective and settled per an individual’s concerns, I’d conclude that importance is mainly determined by personal interests. For me, as y’all know by now, I don’t give a fuck who a motherfucker is, who they think they are, or who they’re supposed to be. If I don’t give a fuck about you—regardless of what you mean to other people—you don’t mean shit to me. Again, people are just people in my eyes. And nobody is going to dictate how I feel about another human or their opinions. Technically, being popular makes a person’s opinions popular, but everyone is at liberty to decide who and what matters to them, and who and what doesn’t. If you’ve been following along here at, I’m sure you’ve begged the question, “who does this guy think he is?” But like I’ve said before, my question to you is, who the fuck are you to question me?! Patently, stupid people are incapable of indicating the precise areas of which they have life fucked up. Well, allow me to enlighten you motherfuckers. First, per the premise of my argument, you only matter to those who consider you significant or valuable. Remember, many people don’t understand that they’ll never be as important to other people as they are to themselves. Second, subjectivity points to a person’s personal perception of things—perceptions that may or may not reflect reality. Doubtlessly, whatever is going on inside your head doesn’t have anything to do with other people’s thoughts and views, so think and speak for yourself. Last, simply, real people don’t give a fuck! Your idols, icons, influences, and inspirations are your own. How many of y’all think I’m checking for you like you check for me? Internet virality, likes, and views didn’t lead you here, did they? Yet, here you are, twice a week, wondering how what Beau Amoureux says is going to factor in on how you think and live. Admit it, I’m important as fuck! Peace.

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