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Everybody’s Stupid, CLI

Trigger warning, I’m about to talk about manipulation. Manipulative people are generally very intransigent, overbearing, stingy, pitiful, and oftentimes persuasive. When manipulators don’t get what they want, they deploy different devious tactics until their victims give in. For instance, I have a relative that has seemingly dedicated her life to lying on me. If that sounds far-fetched to you, congratulations—your bloodline is devoid of mental illness. This lady has always attempted to demand respect from me, despite the fact that she knows that I’m aware of her enduring attempts to sully my reputation. Whenever I’d politely pinpoint her deceitfulness, she’d get emotional—which is manipulative as fuck. Everyone around this relative coddles her and enables her sickening behavior, and she’s been lying for so long that they are disinclined to disbelieve her. Throughout my life, this particular relative has unquestionably done me more harm than good. Thinking back to childhood, all I can remember from her is manic behavior mixed with extremely short stints of kindness. But because I’m so intellectually and emotionally mature, I don’t hate her. However, at this point, I don’t want anything to do with her. It’s sometimes difficult to let people go, but it’s many times necessary. In the black community, because people don’t have a clue what true strength and security is, whomever can win the most fights and arguments is deemed the strongest and most secure. So, niggas like to scrap and squabble because they are convinced that developing skills in those areas will help them succeed in life. Have you ever noticed that some of the most successful people in the world don’t even have criminal records? Now that I’ve brought that to your attention, what does that mean to you? Because I didn’t grow up around intelligent people, I once believed that I had to be thuggish to get ahead in life. I know, that’s stupid, right? Yet, a lot of bullshit just goes against my nature. Naturally, I don’t want to be mean. Notwithstanding, I don’t want to be a pushover either. Today, I let a lot of people and their nonsense slide because I recognize that nobody wants to be dominated, which prompts them to portray a tough or callous exterior. Fortunately, I see right through people. A lot of black men, and I’d go so far as to say the majority of black men, are mentally weak as fuck. Sure, there’s a nicer way to say that, but niggas are so weak that they’re going to be offended no matter what. When I think of the average black man, I think of Cam’ron, and that’s a daunting thought. This is old news at this point, but Cam’ron recently went on CNN and disrespected a black female newscaster while embarrassing the whole fuck out of himself and everyone associated with him. I can tell that 48-year-old Cameron Giles cares more about the opinions of his peers than the opinions of women or more distinguished people, and that’s sad. I’ve always been mature, and though I’ve had and still have foolish and frivolous moments, I was never even childish as a child. You don’t get to be this smart and sober out of the blue—this is who I’ve been forever. Part of the reasoning behind me being an introvert is because I grew up around manipulative, bipolar, pathologically lying relatives and unintelligent, disloyal, objectionable, insecure peers. Then, I like to educate myself, so I started studying history and watching the news, and I realized that humans collectively will never be amicable. Getting back on topic, it’s actually easy to discern and decipher manipulation. Whenever someone tries too hard to convince you of something, or doesn’t take no for an answer, or habitually attempts to insult your intelligence, or doesn’t want you to do anything that you want to do and tries to control everything, or attempts to discourage you from receiving advice or assistance from anyone but them, or prompts you to question the validity of every single word they say, they’re manipulative. How do you get out of manipulative situations? It’s simple, just make your instinctive decisions final. Let manipulative people pose and proposition all they want, and still stick to your personal decision. Manipulators are going to do everything they can to make you feel bad about opposing them, but who cares!? If the situation is abusive, figure out who you can trust and seek assistance.

So, when J. Cole gracefully bowed out of the volatile Big 3 beef, some rap fans theorized that Cole anticipated their disappointment and strategically let fans down to concretize the theme of his upcoming album, “The Fall Off”. Theoretically, if J. Cole literally “falls off” before the release of his album titled as such, not only would that would make the music more enjoyable and impactful, but it would also make the idea of a comeback from a fall off more iconic. If this is true, I think Cole is lame as hell! Sorry, Cole. To boot, a few days ago, J. Cole was featured on a song with an artist that I’ve never heard of, and the song is called “Grippy”. In said song, Cole is talking about how “grippy” and wet pussy is, as he boasts about his sex game. Needless to say, we don’t want to hear that bullshit! And by “we”, I mean real niggas. Now, if you’re new here, I refrain from referring to myself as a “real nigga” because of the implications the term presents. In black culture, real niggas translate to stupid motherfuckers who yearn for attention and do everything in their power to be perceived as someone who should be both feared and revered by jeopardizing their freedom and well-being in violent and/or senseless acts that are cheered on and condoned by other stupid motherfuckers who desire to be labeled real. In short, real niggas are stupid motherfuckers. However, in this case, if I have to get a little ignant with my words here, just to express the disgust that I feel at J. Cole’s outlandish and off-brand behavior, I will! Do you think J. Cole is being vulgar to attract a broader female audience? With all these ratchet femcees holding ascendancy in popular rap, perhaps the “Born Sinner” is pandering to the devilish damsels who don’t currently see him as relevant. Regardless, I’d assume that DJ Nyla Symone, who was inspired to attend St. John’s University because it’s J. Cole’s alma marter, has strong opinions about his buffoonery. On the other hand, maybe she doesn’t give a fuck. How seriously do you defend your loyalties and interests? The idea that rap fans are fickle derives from the perceived lack of resolution and reliability in said fans’ opinions and actions. For instance, one minute everybody loves Drake and believes he’s the best rapper alive, and the next minute Drizzy loses a rap battle and many of his long-time favoring fans become former fans. Personally, if I’m a fan of someone’s talent, there’s almost nothing that could stop me from consuming their content. I try not to concern myself with people’s personal lives, and even if a favored entertainer is exposed as a totally fucked-up person, I will still likely watch or listen to my favorite pieces of their work. I’m an advocate of separating the art from the artist, mostly because if I form an attachment, I’m only attached to the art. And because Cole’s recent feature verse is an addition to his artistic portfolio, I don’t have a problem saying that I hate it and I don’t support the direction that his art seems to be going. Nevertheless, I think Cole is currently trolling his fans, and I’m officially not making any more predictions or suppositions about what’s going on in this hip hop sphere fiasco. However, I do expect Cole to address Kendrick and Drake on his upcoming album. And if this nappy-headed motherfucker disses Dot and Drizzy after all these shenanigans… that would be amazing! Ultimately, I don’t trust Cole right now, and I don’t want to draw any conclusions because that might be exactly what he wants fans to do, so he can shock the fuck out of us. To wrap this up, in briefly dealing with many women throughout my life, I’ve learned that certain things turn off specific women, immediately. Vulgarity will cause the right woman to run right out of your life. With mature women, if you want to GTD (Get the Drawers) quickly, it’s best not to talk about sex until they bring it up. If you’re smooth, like me, you can let your affection and attention speak for you. For instance, a good hug, with the right firmness and perfect hand placement, can moisten a lady right up. I never thought I’d have to say this, but if you respect bitches, don’t be like J. Cole. Peace.

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