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Something Light, II

“If you don’t want people to tell the truth about you, be a better person when nobody’s looking!” That’s a direct quote from yours truly, Beau Amoureux. I’m sure other people have asserted identical sentiments, but I like to think for myself, so I have a habit of drawing my own conclusions. Clearly, self-assertion is a problem for everyone around Joe Budden. If Diddy has abused every woman that he’s been involved with since his 30-year long music business career began, and he’s only just now getting his comeuppance, imagine what Joe Budden has been getting away with. After an extremely performative, disingenuous, and obligatory rebuking of his former business partner and friend’s allegations, Joe Budden was subjected to criticism of his own when his very probable abuse allegations resurfaced. In a post on social media, one of Joe’s ex-girlfriends, Tahiry Jose, commented that watching Cassie being beaten by Diddy was triggering for her. Tahiry then recalled an alleged incident when Joe Budden threw her down a flight of steps, dragged her into a residential dwelling, and held her in a stationary position for an extended period of time. Additionally, Ms. Jose stated that she spent “hours”, during the alleged abusive incident, attempting to convince Joe to release her. If you’re late to the party, I’m who the JBP cast referred to as “Collins”, and Joe Budden is obsessed with me. I’m intelligent, cool, funny, informative, assertive, inspirational, dissenting, and many believe that I’d make a great podcaster. So, Joe Budden has been harassing, stalking, threatening, and being weird to me because he thinks it’s fun to rival with one whom many consider a potential culture shifter. I’ve done everything I can to inform Joe Budden and his crew that I don’t want anything to do with them, but these motherfuckers don’t seem to accept that no means no. As far as the threats are concerned, Joe must think he’s in a movie or something. The only thing hard about Joe Budden is his bald-ass head. Unfortunately for Joe, I’ve always seen the bitch in him, and he’s about as scary as a rat. We generally repulse and avoid the fuck out of rats, but it’s not because they’re a major threat, it’s mostly because they’re revolting and unwelcome. What’s more, Joe has even gotten his manager in on the harassment, Ian Schwartzman, who has been tweeting very cryptic messages that are obviously geared toward me and my problems with his client. Let me tell y’all goofy-ass motherfuckers something, there’s nothing that you have that I want, and there’s nothing that you’ve achieved that I can’t exceed! The music and entertainment business is massive, and in the grand scheme of things, outside of the music genre of podcasting, you mean nothing. Get the fuck out of here! Y’all are embarrassing yourselves, and when people catch on to this shit, you’re going to regret all of it. Fair warning, y’all might as well stop reading my shit, because we all know how affective my words are to your fragile minds. If you think I give a fuck about your feelings, after all this bullshit, you’re stupider than I thought. I call this segment “Something Light” because I feel like I have to keep my addressing of this situation uncomplicated, so the “empath” won’t overanalyze what I’m saying. I bet your therapists and psychologists read my blog, huh? What are the results of their psychoanalysis? If any of you think I’m dishonest about my feelings, I don’t know what to tell you. Plainly, we’re not the same. Mentally, I’m stronger and healthier than all of you, and that’s apparent. If you’re wondering why I’m still publicly speaking on this matter, talk to your lawyers. Joe, you’ve admitted to eavesdropping, you’ve admitted to previously using spy equipment, you’ve admitted to being a piece of shit, you have a past of stalking and harassment, everyone around you is complicit and would never pass a lie detector test, all of your peers are aware of what’s going on, and again, you’re fucked!

In response to Tahiry’s abuse claims, Joe disparaged and demeaned the big-bootied accuser by referring to her as a “lying, failed gold digger that has abused, targeted, and manipulated many men.” Joe went on to insinuate that Tahiry being cordial with him following years of alleged abuse indicates that her abuse claims are false. In the comment section of a YouTube video highlighting Joe and Tahiry’s recent back and forth, I pointed out that Tahiry forgiving Joe after they had broken up and moved on doesn’t disprove her claims of abuse. Statistics show that many battered women remain in abusive relationships because they find reasons to blame themselves for triggering their partner’s everlasting violent nature. One time, my late sister—may she rest in peace—had a situation with her son’s father. By the way, she passed away due to health complications. At the time of the incident, she wasn’t pregnant, and her and her boyfriend were living with my cousins. Somehow, word got back to me that they had gotten into it, and I called her to speak with the bitch-ass nigga. Very calmly, I asked him what happened, and he immediately started talking shit. Being me—an intelligent guy—I knew he wasn’t serious, so I found his feigned hostility humorous, but I was still angry. So, I told him to give my sister the phone, and I asked her where they were, but she wouldn’t give me the address. After I hung up with her, I got dressed and went to my mom’s house to get my cousin’s address, but my mom wouldn’t give me the address either. After a while, I calmed down a little bit, and I called my sister back. Once her boyfriend realized that I was at my mom’s house, he wised up and began to repent. I got on the phone with him again and told him to apologize to my sister, and he obliged. I’ve never been a criminal, but crazily, I had just gotten out jail for traffic violations days before this dilemma occurred. And I’m lucky that everyone had the presence of mind to keep me away from my sister’s bitch-ass boyfriend. This blog doubles as a diary for me sometimes, and I share some of my life experiences because I know other humans can relate. I insist on existing in reality, and there’s nothing more realistic than the truth. Now, would you believe me if I told you that Joe Budden has mocked my sister’s death on multiple occasions? Well, he has! I’ve written about my sister many times before, and Joe has been a follower of mine for a long time. Because he can’t get to me, Joe has stooped as low as he possibly could trying to hurt my feelings or get under my skin. Joe, you’re a stupid motherfucker! If you’re wondering, despite my lack of a social media presence, from the beginning, this blog has had loyal readers. And if you’ve been here for a while, you know that there’s nothing I hate more than a liar. If you watch the Joe Budden Podcast, you know that Joe’s “nearest and dearest” call him a liar regularly. Recently, I unfollowed Melyssa Ford on X, and it was an event for them. After it happened, Joe did his normal subliminal dissing, he roasted Mel for having a crush on me, and he got a big kick out of seeing her sad about me unfollowing her. Yes, that’s the effect that I have on these people! Mel, I don’t hate you. Before I “blew up the spot”, all you had to do was read the posts that I publish on Mondays and Thursdays then listen to the JBP on Wednesdays and Saturdays to recognize how much I influence the cast. But that’s kind of changed. Right now, I’m in “I wish a motherfucker would” mode. So, I’m going to give you all another chance. Go on your podcast and tell the whole truth! The longer you wait, the angrier I’ll get. The angrier I get, the more methodical I become. I’m not your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill motherfucker—I’m different. Remember? That’s why you’re all so fucking obsessed! Peace.

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