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Everybody’s Stupid, CL

With domestic violence being a timeless hot topic, let me tell y’all about the time this chick slapped me in high school, then ended up with a cooking show on the Food Network. Granted, this wasn’t domestic violence per se, but I’d be surprised if this particular female hasn’t knocked out a few good men. So, I’ve mentioned that most of my bullies, throughout my life, have been black females. One day in Junior ROTC, I was sitting behind this big-boned broad with the initials “KB”. I won’t give her name for legal reasons—you just never know these days. Anyway, she was talking to the guy next to her, and she leaned over to grab something off his desk. While leaning over, her desk tilted with her. So, to be funny, I pushed her desk in the direction that it was leaning, and KB almost fell. Personally, I thought it was hilarious, but KB didn’t seem to have a sense of humor about it. When she got all the legs of the desk back on the floor, she turned around and slapped the shit out of me! The five-finger stinger didn’t hurt much, but inside, my pride was crushed. And honestly, in retrospect, I probably deserved some form of retaliation. For your information, this chick was taller than me and bigger than me in general. And just for clarity, we were never friends. If you’re resourceful, you could find this lady’s socials and Food Network clips by Googling the right combination of descriptive letters and phrases. I have multiple stories involving instances when women put their hands on me without me counterattacking. And thankfully, all my tempestuous times with women occurred before I was 25 years old. You live and you learn, right? In an attempt to avoid triggering anyone, I gave a lighthearted example. But bitches be beating niggas’ asses, and breaking their backbone! Among things like intelligence and dignity, I’m attracted to feisty, assertive, no nonsense women—and it’s always been that way. Unfortunately, some self-assured women are super assaultive. I would never be one to victim blame, but I believe that many women create situations that lead demoralized men to see violence as the only way out of abiding abuse. For the record, I am not referring to Cassie Ventura or any guiltless sufferer of violence. I’m stating that women can be wonky, weird, wrong, wild, worrisome, and warlike in relationships. For instance, a man can be exemplary—working his ass off to provide, doing everything in his power to please his partner, and remaining faithful in the face of ferment—but it will never be enough if a wicked witch is entitled and egotistical. Diverging slightly, once again, I believe that traditionalism and idealism are impairments to human evolution. For example, it’s obvious that things like monogamy and marriage aren’t optimal for many relationships, right? But a lot of people think it’s wrong to make light of conventional precepts. Additionally, I have confidence that most people accept and appreciate that perfection is nearly impossible, but they strive to be perceived as exceptional—even when they know they’re far from special. Ultimately, honesty is evolutionary. And to be honest, you must exude truthfulness. Acknowledging the simple facts—as you don’t like everything about yourself, you have an aversion to being judged, you’re hateful when you’re jealous, you don’t know everything and you’re wrong sometimes, negativity hurts your feelings, and your shit stinks—can help keep you grounded and promote integrity in others. I’ve never been in a long-term relationship, and it’s because there’s only so much bullshit I can take. What’s more, I’m moderately uncompromising, I have a dominant personality, I’ll never moil to meet someone else’s expectations, I enjoy peace, I need space, and I prefer the company of women. When I decide to be sociable, I don’t want to be anywhere around men! If there aren’t any lovely, likable, level-headed ladies around, neither am I. Currently, I’m not seeing any women at all, by choice. In my opinion, if you can’t be happy alone, you’ll never be truly happy.

How productively and constructively do you spend your time? The internet provides accommodation for billions of people who live in a constant state of delusion and denial. Prime example, how often do you read negative and unnecessary comments on positive and helpful content? Obviously, a lot of people believe that consuming content and berating creators is more constructive than creating content to entertain and inform consumers. Deviating a bit, do you know how to respectfully disagree with someone? To respectfully express disagreement with or disapproval of someone or something, simply ignore or formally report the person or thing. If there is no method of formally flagging a person’s content, chances are your opinion on said content doesn’t even matter. And if there are no proper authorities to report your grievances to, expressing your disagreement with or disapproval of a person or thing is likely a waste of your time. Regardless of what you’re doing, there’s almost always something more profitable or advantageous to do. Again, I frequently write essays just for the fuck of it, so what is a stupid motherfucker going to tell me about using my time more wisely? Whenever you’re minding your business and not creating victims, you’re probably doing something right. Now, people are so sensitive that they’re offended by things as simple as you rebuffing their opinions, so never worry about offending people. That may sound contradictory to the idea of being respectful, but it’s not. The fact is, delusion and denial makes motherfuckers believe that they’re more important than they’ll ever be. And like I keep saying, most people are too stupid to understand that they’ll never be as important to other people as they are to themselves. One of my biggest pet peeves is having to repeat myself. Believe it or not, I’m not much of a conversationalist. I’m a great listener, I’m extremely observant, and I’m very analytical, but I don’t like to discuss things at length—especially if it’s not important. So, while conversing, if I have to constantly repeat myself, I get annoyed quite quickly. However, as a teacher, which is a role that I’ve adopted in blogging, I recognize the importance of repetition in learning. Because life is so repetitive, and with repetition being both draining and dizzying, reminders are imperative in acquiring better comprehension of things or maintaining an understanding of something. Plus, reminders are even more useful if they’re meant to assist in breaking the monotony of life. People’s behaviors can be complicated and confounding, which can throw you for a loop and leave you conflicted on what action to take, but knowing the importance of respectfulness provides transparency. If people perceive you as respectful, they’re more inclined to listen to you and help you. Please believe, you will be more impactful with the energy you disperse by following procedure and trusting the processes. And this is why voting is so fucking important! Ha, I bet none of y’all saw that coming, huh? Sitting around and talking shit, yelling at your phone or television, threatening politicians and political party rivals on social media, and leaving meaningless comments ain’t gon’ change shit! If you repudiate republicans or despise democrats, prove it by voting against those motherfuckers. Plenty of pessimists, like Charlamagne—who is a huge fan of mine—insist on promulgating the belief that the 2024 presidential election will prove how much Americans hate each other. But if that’s true, and if the best way to express your disagreement with or disapproval of politicians and political party rivals is to vote against them, I foresee major disappointment and difficulties for all parties and candidates. If you don’t fuck with somebody, don’t you want to see them down and dejected? I’m not saying that’s right, but I know it’s true—because I’m a realist. And to be all the way real, sometimes it feels good to see people lose. I bet you concur, don’t you? But do you know what could make that feeling even better? It’s being part of the reason those motherfuckers lost! Peace.

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