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Everybody’s Stupid, CXLIX

If this perplexes you, it’s meant to. The hypocrisy in hip hop is harrowing. We all know that birds of a feather flock together, right? Diddy has been acquainted with evil-doers of like mind from the genesis of his career. For instance, Cassie’s captor and a punk-ass, pummeling podcaster—Joe Budden—are crazily connected. As far as I know, the two cuckoos are still cool. Joe Budden has been accused of physically and verbally abusing several of his ex-girlfriends. One of those women has very convincingly alleged that Joe dragged her out of bed and sat on her stomach during a dispute, which subsequently led to the accuser having a miscarriage—indicating that Joe Budden allegedly killed his unborn daughter. What’s more, it doesn’t help that the foul fool made a song about the incident, where he pretty much rejoiced in the relief of getting away with perpetual abuse, and seemingly laughed at the thought of killing his own child. I’ve mentioned this before, and I don’t believe it’s something that should be forgotten or forgiven. For the record, Hoe Budden has been the one trolling me, he just hasn’t said my name because he doesn’t want use his platform to uplift a perceived rival. And I’ve been highlighting The Man-child’s faulty character and immorality to inform the malevolent miscreant that I’m fully aware of his unabated unethical behavior. I don’t fuck with you, Joe Budden! And fucking with me was an epic error. Moreover, just to put it out there, I’m self-motivated. If I didn’t know exactly who I am, if I didn’t believe in myself, if I didn’t know for a fact that I’m worthier than most, this blog wouldn’t exist! But I digress. Demonstrably, respecting and protecting women isn’t prioritized in hip hop culture. Yet, who’s to claim the blame for the disdain that brings women to shame and makes men seem insane in this hip hop thang? Well, some women giggle when they see men’s mouths dribble after witnessing asses wiggle and titties jiggle. Plus, those same hoes overexpose and pose for cash flows, and play homie roles for assholes who just have to have hoes. What I’m saying is, women are capitalists and opportunists, too. And many women exploit men’s sexual desires to maintain their confidence, and to advance their positions in society. “Use what you got to get what you want” is an ideology that’s undeniably based in logic. If you possess skills or assets that can be used to your benefit, it only makes sense to make the most of those advantages. Still, being promiscuous is ridiculous if you don’t wish for us to fuss that trust is a must. Sluts don’t give a fuck who they fuck, and that sucks as much as they suck. People are going to treat you accordingly, so you should move in accord with the reward you seek for being who you can afford to be. For example, video vixens aspire to entice whomever sets their eyes on the prize, but they despise guys who don’t apprize loose ladies who live lustful lives. If you want men to desire to fuck you, but you don’t want them to try to fuck you, and you don’t like men who fuck women who like to fuck, how is that not confusing as fuck? In my opinion, a lot of women are discombobulated by the duplicity of the culture and the dishonesty of their character. Sexuality is instinctual and hard to hamper, right? If heterosexual males instinctively hunt in hopes of humping hoes, it helps if hoes hinder those hopes by hiding their hides. In other words, as women, respectability is your responsibility! Helen Hunt and Heather Hunter hardly have anything in common, and I’m sure Helen has happened upon humbler hopefuls than Heather. As for the men, niggas is bitches! Historically, men have eggshell egos, staggering sensitivities, terrible temperament, and feminine feelings. Without question, lesbians are some of the wisest women in the world.

A few days ago, I read a story about a 10-year-old boy from Indiana who committed suicide after being incessantly bullied for his appearance. A few days later, a 12-year-old girl from Las Vegas took her own life for identical reasons. May everyone who self-transitions rest peacefully. Self-hatred is analogous to America’s interminable mental health crisis. And self-hating people often spend a lot of time projecting their searing self-consciousness onto others. Diverging slightly, why do people think they can dictate how you feel about things? There are very few authorities in my life. I abide by the law because I don’t want to relinquish my freedom. But aside from repudiating incarceration, I think, feel, and act independently. Shit, even most “experts” assert primarily opinion-based perspectives, so freethinking is imperative to life’s variety. Besides, what’s more subjective than interests? To be attracted to someone is to be interested in them, and interests vary per person. The problem is, because most people are inclined to align with the consensus, the variations in people’s interests aren’t highlighted enough to normalize individualism. For instance, conformity is why all those Instagram bitches want fake-ass bodies, it’s why many men want those Instagram-bodied bitches, it’s why bitches are ashamed to be themselves, and it’s basically the root cause of self-hatred. As if constantly comparing yourself to other people isn’t unhealthy enough, when you’re juxtaposing yourself to unrealistic ideals or basing your preferences on the idea of perfection, hopelessness is guaranteed. Again, when people hate themselves, especially when they aren’t strong enough to deal with the thought of being alone in their feelings, they project those feelings onto others for both comfort and company. Why should we have to dare to be different? Humans are extremely primitive, and that’s evidenced by the fact that it’s natural for many people to completely renounce their nature to appease other people. Can you make that make sense? For example, in most cases, if a person is naturally attracted to someone, but they know that people are going to contradict them, their first response is to deny the attraction, right? I will literally die before I give that much of a fuck about you weak-ass, stupid-ass, phony-ass, hateful-ass, scared to be yourself-ass motherfuckers! And this takes me back to the Diddy situation. Allegedly, Puff Daddy has been bi-sexual his entire adult life. Personally, I respect honesty over nearly everything else. With that in mind, rest in peace to DJ Mister Cee, who referred to himself as a “try-sexual”—stating that he would “try anything”—in response to questions about his sexuality. Mister Cee proudly proclaimed that he had an affinity for transsexual women. Cee was listed as an executive producer on Biggie’s first album, “Ready to Die”. The DJ additionally spun records for The Notorious B.I.G. during live performances. Earlier this year, Mister Cee passed away from complications with diabetes. Do you think P. Diddy and Mister Cee ever partied together? Do you even care if Sean Combs has sex with men from time to time? In my opinion, Puff could regain a little respect, especially from women, if he came out as bi-sexual. “The truth shall set you free” is an excerpt from the Bible. And the phrase insinuates that dishonesty inhibits your ability to obtain freedom by binding you to your shackling lies. Inherently, lies force you to conceal the truth, and concealment is akin to imprisonment—in the sense that it confines you and limits your possibilities. By having nothing to hide, there’s nothing to hold you back—effectively making you free. Now, I’m an atheist, but I can admit when something makes sense. For me, even being such a private person, I recognize that lying to other people creates a vulnerability. I believe that being exposed as a liar is more damaging to a person’s reputation than telling the discomfiting truth. So, to all the liars out there, especially if you’ve been lying on me, when the truth is revealed, remember that you created a vulnerability by lying. Peace.

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