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Everybody’s Stupid, CXLVIII

Forewarning, I’m about to talk some shit, and a lot of y’all are going to be annoyed. And though I’m not really saying anything new today, let my consistency serve as proof that I mean every single word that I say. I know that I’m the type of person that motherfuckers sit around and chat about extensively. So, naturally, I don’t invest any time into questioning why people are discussing me or pondering what they’re saying. In fact, I encourage you all to converse on my magnificence as often as you wish. To be honest, and this should be clear to anyone who’s paying attention, I don’t give a fuck about people. People are only as important as you make them, and their comments only mean as much as you let them. Yet, I recognize the advantage that I’m placed at by being a source of inspiration. Plus, using my wisdom to assist in strengthening people’s minds is greatly beneficial for everyone. Let me say it like this, I don’t give a fuck about hateful people, but I wish to help improve the welfare of everyone that I can reach. Nevertheless, not giving a fuck always keeps you quiet and out of the way. A person who doesn’t give a fuck never has anything to prove, intrinsically. But sometimes, just sometimes, you gotta pop out and show niggas, right? However, I promise y’all ain’t ready for that! At this point, it’s safe to say that I have a strong hold on you all, and I’m one of the most influential figures in your lives, right? So, whenever I decide to conduct my takeover, and my audience shifts from mostly famous people and haters to most of the culture, what do you think is going to happen to everyone who has placed themselves on my bad side? Already, it’s whatever the fuck I say goes. Again, if I were running from anything, it would be my own power. But the truth is, I don’t want to be just another motherfucker. With that in mind, who the fuck are you?! Please answer that question conclusively before you proceed. I’ll never reveal why I’m doing what I’m doing the way I’m doing it. But just know that things are being proven, points are being made, goals are being achieved, and progression is happening, whether you—individually—realize it or not. More than likely, as I constantly communicate, you don’t even fucking matter. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings. But if we’re all to serve a purpose, and your purpose doesn’t serve other people, why should those people value you? Precisely, if your objectives don’t advance or accommodate mine, why should I give a fuck about you? For the record, the prior are generalized statements and questions that aren’t directed at anyone specifically. Clearly, if I only wanted to be seen and heard, I would’ve befriended a bunch of niggas that I dislike and don’t respect just for the look and the attention. Or, I’d be ranting on social media like the rest of these nobodies who don’t move shit but view counters. Instead, I want people to feel me, not just observe me. Honestly, I don’t even like talking—it’s like a chore to me. I’d rather show and prove than to run my mouth. But communication is the best way to educate and inform people, so it’s necessary. If or when y’all come to realize the true magnitude of my genius, undoubtedly, your minds will be blown. And for me, all this shit is super simple. I peep what other people are doing wrong, I learn from their mistakes, I act to gain better understandings broadly, and I apply my knowledge to perfect my aim. To some of you, I sound like a broken record, huh? Well, that’s probably because you’re making this about you. I do what the fuck I want to do. And let me tell y’all right now, this ain’t got shit to do with you! But that’s only unless you’re one of the people who put yourself on my bad side—shit is about to suck badly for y’all! For everyone else, stay tuned.

I pay close attention, and it’s a lot of freaky-ass niggas out here, no Diddy. I’m wondering, should we capitalize the “no” in no Diddy, making it No Diddy, or just leave it lowercase? Anyway, DJ Akademiks was recently smacked with rape and defamation allegations stemming from an incident involving a one-time acquaintance of his that took place at his home in 2022. Akademiks is friends with my biggest male celebrity fan (no Diddy), The Man-child, so I’m sure Ak at least occasionally reads my blog. Ak, if you see this, keep your head up, sir. And may justice be served in accordance to the truth. If Ak’s alleged victim sees this, if that fucker is guilty, I’m going to flame him in your honor. In other news, “Eddie Winslow” was trending on X yesterday after the Family Matters actor, Darius McCrary, released an Onlyfans video with popular transsexual porn star and celebrity jump-off, Sidney Starr. Sidney is the trans woman who accused former St. Louis rapper, Chingy, of having sexual relations with her back in the day. Diverging slightly, when are people going to stop acting like they ain’t freaky-ass motherfuckers? If you’re just trying to bust a nut, what’s wrong with consensually fucking another human? Personally, I don’t give a fuck about what other consenting humans are doing, and I don’t care what motherfuckers think about my decisions. If I were stupid, this is where I’d say, “I just don’t understand that shit!” But I’m intelligent, so I know exactly why people pass judgement. It’s because stupid people avoid the truth and refuse to accept the fact that they’ll never be as important to other people as they are to themselves. If that sounds familiar, it’s because I said it a few posts ago. And what I mean by that is, most people prioritize themselves and their own perspectives in their lives, which causes many to disregard the opinions and outlooks of those who they disagree with or disapprove of. If you don’t agree with or approve of someone, you likely don’t respect them, and passing judgement is commonly an expression of disrespect. With manipulation, conformity, and the general lack of self-reliance being prevalent issues among humans, the idea that norms and commandments should rule our lives is prevailing. Consensus is imperative to everyone who doesn’t have the courage or capacity to think for themselves. In your opinion, how many humans lay waste to their lives and hamper their happiness by striving for acceptance and approval? When was the last time you didn’t do something safe, that you really wanted to do, because you didn’t want to be judged for it? Despite what I’ve claimed about people not being as important to other people as they are to themselves, an argument could be made to the contrary by highlighting the fact that many people make others more important than they should be by acquiescing and anxiously assimilating. By the masses, people are so weak-minded that being yourself and not giving a fuck about what people think of you is often viewed as deviance. And to make it even more fucked-up, those who bad-mouth and endeavor to humiliate people that they discount or count out are regularly disparaging because they’re jealous of undismayed and unabashed people’s individuality. In simpler terms, weak-ass people hate strong-minded people for the obvious reasons. I try to be as positive as possible, but I’m sure I come across as the male version of bitchy to some people, no Diddy. I was watching one of my favorite female rhetoricians the other night, and I hadn’t watched her videos in a while. This lovely lady isn’t very popular amongst black women—I think it’s because they’re jealous of her beauty—but she represents blackness ardently. Additionally, I like this lady lecturer because she speaks with conviction, and her tone and facial expressions give the impression that she’s saying “fuck outta here” in her head after every sentence she utters. Yet, I see how that could turn a lot of people off. How important is it for people to like you? More importantly, if real recognizes real, and real people don’t give a fuck, and people who don’t give a fuck have nothing to prove, where do you fit in? Peace.

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