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Hoes, Part III

We’re living in troubling times! The planet is literally melting down, and the next historic cataclysmic event is imminent. America’s democracy has been sabotaged via the 45th president’s traitorous affinity to foreign adversaries. The cost of living steadily swells, as working wages remain static. Advanced technologies are causing deaths in staggering numbers. And, the intransigently high-minded woman is an antiquity! When female politicians are being exposed as sexual deviants—with photographic evidence—where the fuck is the world going to?! There are women who are attempting to desexualize female breasts—the most ubiquitous anatomical object of sexual desire—under a movement intent on dissipating sexual harassment and sexual assault on women. Historically, women have never been so fucking stupid! Even in a time where women have more power and potential than they’ve ever had, the good is outweighed by the bad. Before I continue, I want to make it soundly clear that I’m not a misogynist, I’m a realist. Also, I’ve never given a fraction of a fuck about being politically correct! By the end of this blog post, there will be outrage, and feelings will be hurt, but Beau Amoureux has no fucks to dispense. At a time in America, women were only allowed to work as prostitutes, they weren’t permitted to learn how to read or write, and they had zero civil rights or social liberties. But guess what, those obstructive curtailments are still custom in certain parts of the world, and women’s present struggles for equality are a remnant of that. It took centuries—and generation upon generation of vigorous, courageous, assiduous women brawling for their respect—for us to reach the point of ostensibly disputable gender bias. Yet, if you acknowledge today’s pop culture, you’re aware that contemporary women are ordinarily deliberately objectifying themselves. Being overtly sexual and improvident are fashionable traits in modern times… and I can’t get jiggy with this shit!

It’s manifest in all of mass media, women want to be equivalent to men! They want equal pay. They want to open doors for themselves, and to do their own heavy lifting. They want to be ostentatiously vulgar without being chastised. They want to be discourteous to the opposite sex without consequence. They want to walk around flaunting their bare chest without being hounded. They want to be sluts without being shamed. Essentially, women no longer care to be respected, they want to be dreaded! If you set out to fight fire with fire—while intending to extinguish or overwhelm the opposing fire—you’re a fucking idiot! Women can’t outman men, and the fact that they’re trying is very concerning. I fully support an equitable balance of power among men and women, as well as indistinguishable pay in the workforce. However, when women are travailing in attempts disarticulate men from a male-dominated world, while exhorting men to treat them as equals, as they’re practicing immodesties tantamount to those they despise men for, I must draw the line! In my opinion, women have lost the desire to be viewed as the most decorous and refined gender. Conversely, this doesn’t apply to all women—just the loudest, most popular, and most influential ones! All feminist movements are founded on resentment toward male dominance and misogyny. With resentment comes anger and antipathy, which causes people to be malicious and mischievous. Women are notably—and scientifically—more temperamental than men, and I believe that’s grounds to question their motives. Women can be very crafty and cunning, but they can also be extra gullible. There aren’t many people who’re insusceptible to influence, and the more emotional a person is, the more susceptible they are. There’s no question that women have been historically disenfranchised, unappreciated, manhandled, and all-around mistreated. However, let’s take an objective view at women’s immediate issues.

R. Kelly is a genius provocative music artist with a history of deviant sexual entanglements, i.e., he’s a pedophilic male supremacist who preys on impressionable and suggestible females. Nevertheless, let’s disregard the illegality of underage sex, and the purported immorality of sexual deviance. Firstly, let’s be honest here, we’ve all had sexual fantasies as young people. When I was young, there were adult celebrities, teachers, neighbors, and friends of the family that I would have eagerly and exuberantly secretly gotten freaky with! When it comes to sex, most of us just want to bust a nut, and there’s really nothing else to it. Yet, there are many people who are gratified by desecrating and violating others. Moreover, there are a lot of people who’re pleasured by being dominated and perverted. I can’t stress this enough—as it pertains to people—there is no such thing as “normal”! Nobody can tell 8 billion individual people how they’re supposed to think, feel, and live—and people who try are stupid for trying! In the case of R. Kelly’s “victims”, from the facts that I’ve ascertained, each of the young girls and adult women that he’s fucked have willfully participated without reluctance. When you do something willfully, you’re deliberately ignoring the clear adverse consequences of your actions. I can’t feel sorry for a teenage girl who skipped school every day, and wore a full face of makeup and her mother’s clothes, to attend her favorite singer’s statutory rape trial in hopes of being noticed and having sex with said singer. I won’t pity a teenage girl who attended an R. Kelly concert, where all the music was seductive and tantalizing, and voluntarily had sex with him after being invited to an intimate setting on a tour bus. There are numerous young girls who were introduced to R. Kelly by their parents, who happily handed over their daughters believing being close to Kelly would advance their music careers. All of R. Kelly’s accusers have admitted that they never attempted to reject his sexual advances. Is he a sexual predator? Yes! He has an eye for weak bitches, and he uses his renown to sexually exploit them. But, I believe it’s unmindful to assuage these females just because they’re females. They fucking knew better!

Conceptualization and competence are scarcely affected by age, and I think that’s a universally evident fact. When it comes to decision-making, if you’re not being forced, there are only two elemental factors—what do I want, and how will it make me feel. Motives and moral standings vary, thus will the reasoning behind the answers to those elemental factors. You can want more than one thing, and you can desire to feel more than one way. Notwithstanding, whether you’re young or old, there is always some consideration involved in every decision you make. It’s preposterous to suggest that someone who’s old enough to understand what sex is, and who’s likely sexually pleasured themselves, can’t mindfully consent to sex with another person. We’ve all watched toddlers adamantly and emphatically lie after being caught doing something forbidden. In most instances, those toddlers are told not to do something, and thereafter they conjure up and execute a confidential scheme to do that thing with the primary objective of never being caught. So, no one is going to tell me that a 3-year-old baby can plan and carry out their own cookie heist, but a 14-year-old girl didn’t know what she was doing when she purposely sucked a 34-year-old man’s dick—that’s absurd! The only things young people lack under old people are time and experience. Mental capacity and the ability to make logical and authoritative decisions are inborn! When people say, “I was young and dumb”, what they really mean is, “I knew better, but I didn’t give a fuck”! In addition, nobody straightforwardly goes from young and inexperienced to old and experienced—you must actually experience shit in-between! Older people generally make more accommodating decisions, because they’ve fucked up enough and dealt with enough unaccommodating consequences, they have more experience. On the other hand, there are people who are absolutely too smart to make seriously unreasonable decisions at any age, like me! Regardless, making conscious unconscionable decisions makes you stupid, and nobody gets a pass in my book! The absence of integrity in society is the cause for all disunity.

If women fancy equality, they shouldn’t face complications in holding themselves accountable for the stupid shit they do that makes inequities and their resultant exploitation unchallenging. For instance, a ban on abortions predominantly affects neglectful and irresponsible females. Sex is not a necessity, and birth control can be obtained for free if a person truly cares to be responsible. Women present the argument that abortion should be their decision, and I concur. Although, having unprotected sex in the first place was also your decision. Neglecting to exhaust every precautionary measure was your decision as well. If you focused on making the right decisions, abortion would never be a fucking issue! If a female is raped or molested, or the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life, that’s a different story, but those occurrences are the most marginal. According to statistics, most females have abortions when they “aren’t ready for a child”, “can’t afford a child”, or “are done having children”. Bitch, do better! What the fuck is wrong with y’all?! If anybody understands how stupid people are, it’s me! But, the profusion of delusion in people’s minds boggles mine. We’re all familiar with the old idiom, “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile”. I think women are using their latterly unmuted voices to make expansive self-justifying excuses for being deficient. I’m not perfect, nobody else is perfect, and I say that every time inform against other people’s shitty decisions. The difference between me and everyone else is the fact that I own who I am, and I always put forth my maximum effort to understand shit. And, in understanding shit, I never take actions that are perverse to what I know! As the conveyers of children, and the bearers of life itself, the female gender are our supreme sustenance. I’m a poet, and I’m trying not to be poetic here, because I don’t want to evoke frivolity or sensuality into this imperative communiqué. But, I do want my final words to be striking, so I’ll leave you with this until next time… BITCH, get your mind right!

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