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Everybody’s Stupid, Part VII

I operate on a stringent “if I don’t know you, I don’t fuck with you” policy! I’m a genuine loner and a real rebel… as cheesy as it may sound. I think it’s always been sort of a hipster trend to allege being antisocial. However, most people don’t even know what it means to be antisocial. Firstly, if you prefer company whenever you go out for entertainment, to run errands, to handle business, etc.—you’re NOT antisocial! A true antisocial individual, a nonconformist, flouts all the customs and standards of civilized society. We have an untaught necessity to go against the grain—a natural, involuntary disdain for compliance and obedience. We substantially despise socializing, and we typically don’t have many friends or associates. Yes, this is clearly not “normal”. And, that’s obviously the whole fucking point! So many stupid motherfuckers believe they have life figured out. As if your constrained, diminutive, one-dimensional minds possess the keys to prosperity. Most of you motherfuckers couldn’t explain your own accepted ideologies if your lives depended on it—you believe what you suppose people want you to believe! Nothing I do is about anyone aside from me. My faculty of sight is unobscured, and I’ve been “woke” since before enlightened consciousness had a trendy four-letter word! Part of the reason why I started blogging is to upskill and apprise benighted minds. A lot of the shit I say jarring, and sometimes cringey, but reality bites and the truth is bitter as fuck!

Being around people expends my energy, dispels my enthusiasm, and often just plainly fucks up my mood! When I’m in the presence of my relatives, my brain crashes, and I find myself constantly tiptoeing around profound subject matter while conversing with them—as not to insult or shame anyone—even though I don’t really give a fuck! I try very hard to be a more delightful person, to little or no avail. Because I have a clear-sighted sense of reality, I understand that the world doesn’t naturally emanate much delight. My grandmother is not a very wise woman. She suffers from a lucid misconception of what family is intended to mean! When discussing other people’s actions, she often says, “I don’t get that!” and “I don’t understand that!”, without attempting to conceptualize a sensible assumption of those people’s motives. In truth, her falsely expressed incertitude is actually passive-aggressive condemnation—she can’t be straightforward. My relationship with my grandmother has been precarious since I became an adult. The older I get, the more perturbed I become by my grandmother’s unworldly views. It’s currently at the point where it’s exceedingly difficult for me to stand her. Like my grandmother, a lot of people are consumed by their selfish, stubborn, simpleminded practices. The praiseworthy poet, Lauryn Hill, once queried, “why every Indian wanna be the chief?”. Historically speaking, seniority alone has never been enough to qualify someone as a great leader! My grandmother is more divisive to my family than Donald Trump is to America!

Donald Trump—the stupidest motherfucker in the cosmos—receives unbounded support from droves of Americans who’d love for him to be their repugnant, impolitic, xenophobic, chauvinistic, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, derogatory, acrimonious, puerile, retarded grandfather! To support someone, is to provide them with assistance, to be a source of comfort and affirmation, and to show approval for who they are and what they’re doing. Nobody in their right mind could coherently apprehend the incessantly inimical effects of Trump’s subversive actions and support anything he says or does! When I tell you, “people are weak and stupid”, you better fucking listen, because it’s an uncomplicated observational fact that is the probable cause for the bulk of your sorrow! If I relied on my unsupportive grandmother for guidance and motivation, I’d be as stagnant, depressed, and discouraged as ordinary people! You can observe Donald Trump and see that he’s effectively toiling to destabilize and disestablish everything republicans profess to stand for, yet they unreluctantly yield their unwavering endorsement. Why do republicans underprop Trump’s asinine ass? Because, he’s their chief! My grandmother would love it if I capitulated to her unobliging, adverse counsel. She believes that, because she’s the family’s principal, her preferences should be principal. However, I’m an independent voter! I don’t align with any political party, and in administering my support, blind loyalty is not a considered factor! This means I only avail myself of objective reasoning.

In a democracy, supreme power is vested in the People, which empowers us to select, and commend or censure, our leaders. Unfortunately, the main body of the People are both mindless and negligent. Political unrest is ubiquitous in and synonymous with government. In politics, like a family, devotees (partisan members) conventionally strongly advocate obsequious allegiance to the alliance, and they mostly fiercely denounce any form of branching or divergence. Essentially, many people are taught to be servile in their own homes! Of course, I’ve elaborated on all this before, so go read my other posts if you want to know why family doesn’t mean anything. The fallacies that suggest it’s amoral to be virtuous are promulgated by people who benefit from unctuous ass-kissing, and those who plainly lack the mental fortitude to think independently. Like my man DJ Khaled would say, they don’t want us to be free! My grandmother is often offended by respectful disaccord, because she’s under the impression that everything involving her should be solely about her—she’s wrong! Possessing the power to grant power is a powerful thing! And, where’s there’s power, there will always be abuse of power! My grandmother uses her capacity as the family elder to take sides in family infighting, to unwarrantedly ostracize people from family involvement, and to manipulate family members and situations. She does these things, because she wants to be in control. I can’t be me and respect or accept that! I believe in the Peter Parker principle—with great power, comes great responsibility. I will NEVER relinquish my power to ANYONE! What is my power? It’s the same as yours and everyone else’s—the power to be powerful. Think about it!

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