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Everybody’s Stupid, Part VI

Everybody’s a fucking victim! With all the rancor, animosity, and division in the world, you’d think people would understand our unambiguous distinctions. Yet, with every mass shooting and terrorist attack, people find some gratuitous reason to be astounded! I’m going to do my best to distinctly demonstrate why it’s impossible for all of us to get along; and I’m getting right into it! My aunt is a middle-aged woman, who’s presently two years off age fifty, and she has no husband, no boyfriend, no children, no career, no life, and no hope for the fucking future! Yes, those are strident statements, but I have cogent points to make, so don’t judge me for being too fucking real! People are often mendacious with themselves and duplicitous with everyone else, which is a prime basis for all the divisiveness and hatred among us! Hypocrisy and insincerity plague our world to the point where spurious personas and factitious identities are integral and inevitable components of social relation! For instance, why do you disguise your accent when interacting with strangers or colleagues? Why is it customary to embellish ordinary, and clearly mundane, activities when conversing? What’s judicious about being nice to people who know you dislike them? There’s so much fake shit that people do out of ostensible obligation, but I’m here to tell you that being fake is not a moral imperative! Now, back to my aunt – she’s a piteous, woeful human being who indulges in psychological projection and recrimination. She is a miserable soul that interposes herself in uninvolved dilemmas to justify her indefensible ill-will toward people who reject her nonsense. She often openly slanders and offends people with one breath, then tries to be cordial with those people in a second breath. She’s a pathological liar who fabricates stories specifically to victimize herself when she’s ashamed of the sustained disadvantageous results of her deficient decisions. And, the putz just lies in general, for no apparent reason! I unabashedly describe the awful characteristics of this abominable woman, because they are solemn examples of the pretense and imposture that fuels cynicism and repudiation, which creates objection and antagonism.

Melancholic depression is endemic in America, and around the world. We live in an age where privacy and secrecy are becoming increasingly scarcer. Social media is the disinformation superhighway that connects one fake motherfucker to the rest! The lives of the average Joe and Jane have become online entertainment. People are either being commended for living an envious lifestyle or condemned for their lack of extrinsic advantages. That dichotomy forces people to create false narratives and imitation situations in attempts to be more favorably received, and those actions place them under stringent scrutiny. Sometimes the fakeness works, most times it doesn’t. Here’s the fucked up part – a lot of people become despondent after seeing fake people bask in make-believe bliss, and even though everybody knows everybody else is fake, they also know that the most superior fakes receive the biggest praise. So, modern life for most people is ultimately a “who’s the fakest” contest! I’m real as fuck, so I can’t give personal experience on what it’s like to be fake. Though, because I’m enlightened, I reckon being fake must be extraordinarily stressful and exhausting! We all understand that it’s difficult to stop lying after an initial lie. Also, it’s no secret that the fakest people are the best liars. I hate liars! So, that elucidates my main point. We’ll never all get along, because our disparities promote irreconcilable disagreements. It’s easy for me to rationalize my intolerance for dishonest people, because they’re perceptibly immoral and unethical. Nonetheless, there are explicit instances when intolerance is unconscionable. For instance, if you despise successful people solely because you’re unsuccessful, that’s unwarrantable! Let’s discuss success for a stint. What does success mean to you? For me, success is plainly achieving a desired outcome; or precisely, having a goal, pursuing that goal, and accomplishing positive results. That’s it! My goals have always been discordant with conventions, and I’ve always understood that my goals don’t have to make sense to anyone but me. If more people understood who the are and what they want, social conflict would perish! Disobliging opinions are worthless and antagonistic people serve no profitable purpose! Who do you want to be in a world that wants you to be everybody else?

I bet you’re wondering what’s the reasoning behind me initiating this post by listing superficially useless facts about my despicable aunt. My reasoning is uncomplicated, those facts represent discernible motives for the woman’s misery and contempt. We all have motives! A motive is a person’s rationale, their reason for doing something, their motivation. Some people are just fucking evil, so they’re motivated by the cognizance that their actions will rile or disservice everyone affected by said actions. I don’t feel sympathy for my aunt and her inauspicious life, because she’s an unpleasant, bitter, vindictive person, who’d rather drag other people down to accomplice her in her misery than to seek help for her mental health issues. When people make conscious decisions to be unprincipled and dishonorable, why the fuck should anyone pity them? You get what you give, and you reap what you sow in this world! I don’t give empathy hardly at all! I’m aware that lacking empathy is supposed to be a symptom of sociopathy. However, I’ve explained, in a previous blog post, why I don’t recognize psychology as a true science. How can you allow people with human brains to study human brains, then trust the results?! But, I don’t mind being crazy! If being crazy means I’m the opposite of whatever the fuck the rest of you motherfucker are, I’m content with that! Peep this – I recently went to Walmart to buy groceries, and I was fresh as fuck. I have a presence; I’ve been told that on several occasions and it’s something I’ve always been aware of. I usually get some “he’s handsome” looks, some “that dude got a big ass nose” looks, some “who the fuck does this nigga think he is” looks, and general universal attention wherever I go. I’m assertive, and I carry myself with pride and dignity. Anyway, I’m no stranger to begrudging hatred. As I was walking out of the store, a short black guy looked me right in the eyes, and mumbled, “weed got you here, man”! I was taken aback, and I presume, because I was dressed so nicely, the guy assumed I sold narcotics. As I was walking to my truck, he looked back, turned forward, and mumbled again, “I know you heard me, nigga! I said weed got you here. I know you heard that”! It was uproariously hilarious to me! People are fucking whacked out, demented, and deranged out here! Small situations like that always remind me why I am the way I am.

To be honest, I wholly understand why people rampage and go on killing sprees! We live in a world where people harbor resentment, nurture animosity, practice hatred, preach discrimination, and worse; all because they loath themselves! I believe most antagonism derives from deep introspective realizations of inferiority. Moreover, I think a lot of people are unnerved by the mere thought of unconquerable people. I remember how children found a reason to taunt and tease everybody in school. Even the most attractive and well-dressed kids got accused of being gay and wearing counterfeit clothes. It didn’t take long for me to decipher that picking on others was some people’s defense mechanism, or their way of coping with their own insecurities. For example, if the girl with the big lips didn’t want to be singled out, she teased the girl with the big forehead. Then, the girl with the big forehead taunted the fat girl to make herself feel better. After that, the fat girl would bully the skinny girl who always wore dirty clothes. It never stopped! Everybody had insecurities, and everybody labored to identify everyone else’s insecurities to use as ammunition for whenever the ridicule came their way. Some kids got poked more than others, and some kids didn’t deal well with it. And, in today’s world, the bullshit doesn’t stop after you leave places of torment. You can leave school and work, and still be harassed via social media. We’ve all got our limits. If we’re talking psychology, I think rage is a natural response to incessant antagonism! A hunted animal will flee until you get close enough for them to attack. If said animal mauls and mutilates their predator, who’s the victim? Thinking about it, maybe that’s a bad analogy, but I’m rolling with it. Psychological warfare is an attempt to kill a person’s spirit, and every shot taken is an aim to diminish the that person’s will to live!

During the most recent school shooting, some idiot got on the news pleading for people to report suspicious behavior. He suggested that, among other things, “extended perpetual isolation” was a warning sign of impending mayhem. As an isolated and introverted sane man, that statement infuriated me! Firstly, what fucking world do you live in where you think regular ass people are perceptive and prudent enough to accurately assess another person’s mental state?! Secondly, in said parallel universe, when is it incautious for a person who’s being invariably rejected to isolate themselves?! Thirdly, what’s detrimental about refusing to associate or communicate with unsympathetic and antagonistic people?! Fourthly, when the fuck will people start investigating the cause of these mass shootings?! In the case of school shootings, it’s ill-considered to suppose the shootings are unprovoked, and dare I say, unjustified. I empathize with outcasts, because they’re the only people who lack support in social scenarios with antagonists. In Sir Isaac Newton’s third law, he propounds, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Additionally, I’d be remiss to touch on this topic without mentioning the principle of causation, i.e., the relation of a cause and its effect! And, why not throw good, old-fashioned karma in the mix? At the end of the day, retaliation and retribution are intrinsic to the nature of man, and consequential to the balance of good and evil in this world. I’m not superstitious or religious in the slightest, these are unadorned, undeviating facts life! Our entire world was instituted on bloodshed, our ways of life are sustained by war, and we operate in a social order that thrives on contest! The ONLY thing you can do is mind your business, encourage positivity, and train for agility and stamina, because the bullets will NEVER stop flying! Peace.

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