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Everybody’s Stupid, Part V

Niggas is bitches! That’s the grammatically incorrect, ghetto way of describing the ignominious, debasing, effeminate actions of males in the black community. But, before I start off on this tempestuous rant, I want to touch on the purpose behind my recurrent blog topics. Firstly, as a sincere opinionist and an overall genuine person, I enjoy and prefer being viewed as a singular person with distinctive views. Because I’ve had ideas stolen from me and my writings plagiarized in the past, I’m very careful about the things I share on this blog. My first-rate writing talent is undeniable, and a lot of the less talented writers, especially the ones with public writing gigs, love to steal from the lesser known of us! Secondly, as a writer, it’s important for me to possess the ability to explicate isolated topics from a central perspective, on separate occasions, while maintaining solid and uniform conclusions, during which utilizing various correspondences to explain how I’ve reached said conclusions… if that makes sense. Thirdly, I simply like to write about things I believe the mass of us can relate to. Of course, everything I write focuses on the basic fact that people are weak and stupid. And, with each blog post, I try to use different angles to lead people to understand that basic fact. Now, let’s get back to the main topic of this particular blog post, bitch niggas! A lot of people consider the use of the word nigga ignorant and offensive. I observe those people as petty and futile! I wrote about this in a post titled “Niggas”, and ultimately, I believe informal terms are defined by perception. Nigga and nigger are two different words with divergent definitions, and even though nigger is a derogatory term for black, there are a lot worse things I could be called. In my opinion, being called a liar, an idiot, a cheater, a phony, and anything that directly attacks my character, is more offensive than being called black. Additionally, because colloquial terms are defined by perception, I think we should investigate why some people perceive all blacks as worthless, ruthless, low-life savages.

Back when slaves were being freed, there were a lot of white people that rejected the notion of equality and solidarity amongst races. So, those white people used chicanery and propaganda to stoke fear and outrage in an ill-informed public. They portrayed blacks as ferociously violent, brainless barbarians by means of entertainment, advertisements, and spreading vicious lies through the grapevine. Naturally, people who hadn’t interacted with blacks, and those who had no empathy for them, bought into the deception, and they were permanently brainwashed to believe blacks were degenerate scum. Fast forward to present day, and the only thing that’s changed is the falsehoods and fabrications previously being promoted against blacks are now facts and truths! Granted, I’m fully aware that the poverty and crime in black communities is a direct result of segregation, inequality, bigotry, and racism. For instance, if you hold an animal captive, then starve and abuse him, eventually his survival instincts will take over and everything that moves becomes either a meal or an adversary. Black people were forced to endure substandard conditions and declined all viable means for profitable and advantageous progression. Think about how fucked up it had to be to for our predecessors to wait for laws to be passed that granted them only the undermost human rights! Try to imagine what it was like for our antecedents to sacrifice their freedom, their sanity, and ultimately their lives, for us walk around this country with the legal means to combat oppression and persecution. Those were “my people”! I’ve mentioned before how other black people witness my expressive and pointed views, then question why I like to “tear down (my) people”, while suggesting I should use my persuasiveness in attempts to lift these stupid motherfuckers up!? Get the fuck out of here! First of all, I can’t relate to stupid motherfuckers, because I’m not stupid. That is a testament to my eloquence and my propensity for making lots of sense! Secondly, I don’t think people realize that intolerance isn’t a one-way street, it’s a spaghetti junction!

In a nutshell, white people hate black people, because they’re black. Black people hate white people, because they hate black people. And, I hate all racist bigots and hypocrites, black, white, or indifferent! It’s foolish to categorize people by race, at the same time believing everyone in each category has a single interpretation of the people in the opposing category. By the same token, it’s imprudent compartmentalize yourself in association with your own race, meanwhile expecting or presuming everyone from the opposing race will do the same. At the end of the day, it’s all ignorance and stupidity! Most racial hatred is founded on the fundamental fact that the people from the opposing race are a different race! However, with all that being said, history delineates white people’s aversion for blacks from the inception of interracial coexistence in America! My ancestors were exclusively and involuntarily brought to this country to be suppressed, oppressed, and subjugated! And, to believe that the absence of fetters and manacles means that blacks are untethered from the antipathy and animosity that initially brought us to this country, even as we’re being incessantly reminded of the indefensible abhorrence that whites feel toward blacks through their vile and violent unprovoked assaults, is a flagrant neglect of reality! Now, that’s my problem with racist white people. However, I take issue with black people for a similar reason. It’s not 1619! None of us are fresh off the boat, and there’s very little that a white man can do to subdue or hinder an informed and pragmatic black person from being successful and prosperous. Conversely, racism is still ubiquitous in America, as I’ve just mentioned. Yet, so are opportunities! It’s easy for some to condemn all white people for the tribulations and adversities that many of us face as people of color in America. It’s also not difficult for me to place liability on other people of color for encouraging the promotion of stereotypes that help perpetuate cultural bias and general ignorance in America!

Peep this – I have an uncle that spent about 16 years in prison after being convicted for a violent crime. He went in shortly after the birth of his second child, and when he was released both his children were on the verge of graduating high school. Upon his release, he embarked on several tirades, proclaiming that prison didn’t change him, he was gone whoop everybody’s ass, and he made several gratuitous remarks eluding to personal beliefs that he’s superior to all. I found all his antics extremely comical, and needless to say, we’ve butted heads since his parole. This is a man who committed a crime, knew he was guilty, plead innocent, then took the stand and inadvertently admitted to his complicity! Undoubtedly, he’s going to be intensely irate when he reads this, but it’s psychologically impossible for me to give a fuck! My loyalty lies with the truth, I commend myself for it, and thus upon my laurels I shall rest. I have some notably “special” characters in my family, and at some point, they’ll all be used as examples. My uncle is one of those people who refers to white people as “crackers”. Furthermore, he relishes in elaborate reminiscent tales of his hard knock upbringing on the mean streets of inner-city Atlanta. Concisely, my uncle had pegged himself a victim before he even volunteered his freedom to the system! Ironically, he was in college and had a job while he was out committing crimes! Who does that?! I was around the age of 10 when he went to prison, and I idolized that guy. He was tall, handsome, he was good at basketball, and his girlfriend had some big ole titties! As a 10-year-old boy, I couldn’t imagine anybody being cooler than that. But, in retrospect, to some extent, I’m happy he wasn’t around to influence me as I progressed in age. As a kid, I didn’t realize how unethical he was. As an adult, all I think about is how nasty and disrespectful he was toward his daughter’s mom. I vividly remember him referring to her as “just something to fuck”. Today, this is a woman who’s been battling breast cancer for several years. She’s a very involved and present mother, and just a loving and caring person in general. I’ve never heard her badmouth my uncle in any way… I’ve never even heard this lady cuss! And, this is the FUCKING world we live in! These are the people we live amongst! And, from these observations birthed my infinite wisdom.

Even if you don’t concur with me, denying that my views and beliefs are effectual and productive is an admittance to your lack of sophistication. I clearly put a lot of thought into what I think! I think people are hateful, and bigoted, and prejudice, and anti, and phobic, because they’re weak and stupid! Weak, because they’re too fragile and feeble-minded to acknowledge that, at the most basic level, we’re all more similar than dissimilar. Stupid, because they’re too simpleminded and moronic to realize that people will always share differences, and whether they accept it or reject it, there’s nothing they can do to annihilate disparate people. Being unjustifiably intolerable, and even expressing unjustifiable intolerance, is virtually pointless! What’s the end goal? Whatever your belief system is, for every person you find in congruence with you, there will be an equal or greater number of people in conflict with you. Take gangs for consideration. Initially, American street gangs were started to protect ally neighborhoods from rival neighborhoods. Presently, street gangs subsist solely for social interests and recreational buffoonery, but that’s beside the point. The point is, for every Crip there’s a Blood, and vice versa. But, when all is said and done, each gang is comprised of a band of goofy, stupid niggas that set out to wear the same color and lead short, unproductive lives. Nobody outside gang culture respects them, and if they live long enough to see the error in their ways, they typically have a difficult time adjusting to conventions and standards. At heart, I think people just want to equate to and identify with something that’s shared and mutual, they crave to be part of a collective. But, because of weakness and stupidity, the thing they attach themselves to is commonly the thing they relate to the most. Oftentimes, people only relate to the hatred of other people, and frequently that hatred is rooted merely on the basis of a minor detachable difference. Just know that we all have a choice!

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