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Everybody’s Stupid, Part IV

As an intellectual, I can concede that the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know shit. Just when I believe I have something figured out, I delve deeper to discover there’s so much more to learn. Of course, that doesn’t apply to everything, mainly only the stuff that matters the least – e.g., astrophysics. If I judge something as vital and fundamental, it’s predominantly the simple things in life. And, the simplest of simple things is people! I’ve mentioned before that contemplation is my favorite pastime. I love to sit and think! I have studied people my entire life, which is why I’m so well-acquainted with their essence. “People are weak and stupid” is my watchword, and people should expect to see that phrase in every blog entry I post. But, it’s also a truism – something that should be apparent to everyone. I changed my name a little over two years ago; I wasn’t born Beau Amoureux. My birth name was, Brandon, and I’ve always hated that name, it’s far too common. Individuality has always been imperative to me, so much so that I’ve done a few eccentric things in the past just to prove I was idiosyncratic. I’ve never craved or aspired to be one of many. If I can’t be the only one, I want to be one of hardly any. Beau Amoureux is French for “beautiful lover”. I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued by the French language, but I don’t have the forbearance to become fluent in speaking it; I have an abundantly busy brain. Most of the early conclusions I drew about people derived from the scrutiny I placed my family under. From the beginning, it was promptly evident to me that mental illness ran deep in my family. I have a male cousin, who’s currently approaching 50 years of age, that has been a pacifier-sucking freeloader his entire life. He’s a life-long derelict that loves to recite quotes like James Baldwin’s, “The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.”. Which is hilarious when being recited by a good-for-nothing mendicant, and that quote may be true, but it’s certainly not meant to be a congratulatory complement for bums! Then, there’s my aunt, who has a very disturbing and sickening obsession with me. For example, the day after I announced my name change, that deviant wacko began to call her male dog, “Bo”. Additionally, she has constant heart-to-heart conversations with the dog, while repeatedly chanting the name, “Bo”, with a dialogic context that’s seemingly concomitantly directed at me! What the FUCK is wrong with people?!

That last question was hyperbole, a little sarcastic embellishment, because I know precisely what the fuck is wrong with people. The human brain is a spectacular marvel, but the actions and behaviors it precipitates aren’t marvelous in the slightest. Again, amidst life’s simple things, I believe people are the simplest. For instance, most sincere people despise liars, right? When a liar sets out to exploit and manipulate the person, or people, they intend to deceive, the easiest way for them to succeed is to mix fact with fiction, right? For example, if a person is embarrassed about being fired from their job, they customarily lie about quitting that job, right? Moreover, dishonest people are wholly informed that fraudulence is frowned upon, so they traditionally falsify their own hatred of fraudulent people, right? The next question is, why do people lie? The answer is simple – liars fabricate fibs for the same reason honest people are truthful, it’s who they are! Ultimately, people lie, because they’re weak and stupid (who saw that coming?)! Triumph, significance, prosperity, affluence – these are things every common person prefers. Unfortunately, those are achievements most people recognize they’ll never apprehend, so they fake it. Some people live vicariously through others, many people cheat and victimize others, and a lot of people trick and mislead others. Few people are happy with who they are. And, do you know who weak and stupid people lie to the most? Themselves! A lie is the inventive creation of characters, a world, and events that are absolutely fantasies. Liars play the leading role in their own fictitious reality… and there’s no such thing as a fictitious reality! Basically, liars are their own imaginary friend!? There’s nothing that people do that doesn’t correspond to their indelible yearning to be perceived as exemplary. This is a topic that I sermonize regularly, it’s the ineradicable proverbial “elephant in the room” – everybody’s fake, because nobody’s real! We clearly live in a world where predetermined procedures and their immanent perceptions are predominant, and deviating from the system of set policies is highly criticized and unfavorable. The lies people tell, and the false images they portray, are all steps taken in stride to comply with socially accepted conventions or standards.

There’s a culture of hypocrisy that plagues all of mankind. In the wake of all the recent mass shootings and the invariable cases of police malfeasance, I began to think about how immoral police officers are. Like, how can there be a such thing as a “good cop”, when the cops who witness malfeasance willfully neglect to report their fellow officers? Even if a cop doesn’t participate in wrongdoings, they’re complicit with the results of said wrongdoings, because they customarily refuse to uphold the law. How are people supposed to respect the law, and the officers appointed to enforce it, if we’re aware that many law enforcement officers don’t abide by the law? If police officers lie and stand behind each other in opposition to their victims, why shouldn’t people do the same against cops? These are examples of the “contrived constraint” I mentioned in the preceding post of this series. Opposed to thinking for themselves, people allow other people to define morality and immorality for them. Everything I’ve detailed in this post goes hand-to-hand. Delusion, deception, and surrender are kin to cowardice, stupidity, and weakness. The simplicity of people, their actions, and their behaviors is revealed by the lack of complicity in the unvarying function of human existence. People live to serve the idea of sublimity, even as they realize nothing pertaining to life is truly sublime. As long as idiosyncrasies and disparities exist, divergence will rule. People strive to coincide with the parallel, because they want to show the difference between themselves and everyone else striving to be collateral, which is stupid as fuck! There is no divergence between two or more people in the same position who’re aiming to accomplish the same goal! Succession is the literal antithesis of distinction! To be different, you must do different, think different, act different, and live different! If you conduct yourself in accordance to your perception of other people’s conception of idealism, you’ll never fulfill any particular wishes! Once more, people are weak and stupid! Correct or incorrect, people should live in their truth and travel their disparate journeys! Only obey your instincts. Fuck people!

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