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Hoes, Part II

Back when I was in high school, I remember witnessing a lot of different girls coming to school late and joyfully hopping out of cars after leaning over to French kiss a guy that looked twice their age. There’s no doubt in my mind that those young girls were fucking grown men, and there was a copious amount of those hoes at my high school! The allure of “adult activities” is often difficult to escape for a lot of maturing young women and men. I’ve spoken a lot in previous posts about the instinctive, ineliminable desire for sex that mostly all mammals experience. However, though we all endure the compulsion to copulate, we’re not all indecent, irresponsible, and undignified! Our high school years are well-known to be the easiest times to find sexual partners. As teenagers, people are always horny, they’re understandably extremely curious about sex, and they’re sometimes sex-crazed enough to act out their instincts with anyone who’s willing to participate – oftentimes without using much discrimination. Personally, I’ve never been attracted to promiscuous, whorish females, not even during my own hormone-raging, ultra-curious pubescent faze! I knew I was different at a very young age, I’ve always been mature, and all my thoughts and ideas have always been founded by logic. I don’t recall ever wanting a girlfriend, of course I wanted sex, but I never craved exclusivity or a monogamous relationship. What I do remember, is watching shows like ‘Forgive and Forget’, ‘Jerry Springer’, ‘Maury’, and ‘Ricki Lake’, and seeing my father be unfaithful to every woman he was ever involved with, and viewing young women I knew from around the way cheating on their boyfriends, etc. All that made me question why anyone would want to be in an especial relationship.

In the course of my juvenile tuition, I deduced that people are adulterous, because monogamy isn’t natural! For example, you find someone you’re attracted to, thereupon you start a devoted relationship with that person, and afterwards you fall in love. Then, while you’re deeply in love with that person, you discover that you’re still attracted to other people. So, you conflict with the concept of being in love and still wanting to see other people. Subsequently, you realize that you’re no longer completely content with your current relationship, and that drives a wedge between you and your partner. But, because you still love that person, you don’t want to lose them, so you attempt to stifle your ingrained, inescapable natural instincts. Yet, your aspiration to see other people grows wilder each second. Finally, you give-in to your yearning for preferential interpersonal relations, and you cheat! That’s the cycle of love for the weak and stupid, and it’s an unobliging, impractical, counterproductive way to live! I’m intelligent, which means I use the information I receive to make effective and beneficial everyday decisions. If statistics show that the greatest quantity of marriages end in divorce, and most people who marry once will marry again, and second marriages last approximately half the time of first marriages, and all subsequent marriages last a fraction of the time as each marriage prior to it, why would I ever get married? Moreover, if the lion’s share of our favorite entertainment is focused on tumultuous relationships, and we know these songs, movies, and TV shows are based on or inspired by reality, and the bulk of us have witnessed or experienced the detrimental effects of turbulent relationships, why would I want to be in one? The thing about being in the majority, is that no person’s actions are a departure from the actions of either of their counterparts.

People spend all their time and energy trying to maintain their status as part of the majority. They’re told things like, “no relationship is perfect”, and they treat that shit like gospel – a dogma from the heavens. Stupid motherfucker, I would only want to be in a “perfect” relationship! People are who they are, and no person is perfect. However, no voluntary relationship is obligatory. So, why the fuck would I want to be in a relationship that’s any less than perfect? People use ignorant, ill-advised clichés like, “no relationship is perfect”, as an excuse to for their disloyalty, deception, and betrayal. Most relationships aren’t perfect, because people don’t know who they are, they don’t know what they want, and they’re ceaselessly laboring to be someone they could never be by doing things they don’t understand to accomplish an unachievable goal! If this were an audible conversation, this is where some stupid motherfucker would try to tell me that I don’t know anything about relationships, because I’ve never been in one, right!? Stupid motherfucker, I’ve never been in a relationship, because I know everything I need to know about companionship, intimacy, psychology, and biology! Also, the facts speak for themselves. How many adults do you know that are currently partners with their very first partner? I have at least nine more compelling questions I could ask, but that single question proves my point! People don’t enter relationships thinking, “I can’t wait for this motherfucker to betray my trust and break my heart, it’s going to be awesome!”. They foolishly believe that each relationship they enter will be the one that lasts forever, and to be quite perfectly honest, it’s pretty pathetic! I’m not in a committed relationship, because I know these bitches is hoes! I’m a proud minority!

Men can be hoes too, I’d be remiss if I neglected to make that point. If I were in a relationship, I would need to feel special and privileged, and I’d have to know I was with a woman very few men have ever had the opportunity to be with! Again, hoes have never appealed to me. To me, being with a hoe would be like going to a used car dealership, and saying, “Bring me a car with no less than five previous owners! Make sure the interior is as dirty as possible! I’d appreciate if it had a few big ass dents and dings in it! And, if it has any less than 200k miles on it, y’all can keep that motherfucker!”. Better yet, to me, being with a hoe would be like going into a burger joint, and saying, “What’s up, shawty?! Let me get a double burger with cheese, but I want y’all to use the spoiled beef you would normally throw out! If you have to go get the meat out the trash, that’s cool! After you cook it, I want you to pass it around and let everybody in the back take a bite, but make sure y’all save me some! And, don’t even worry about washing y’all hands or nothing!”. What rational, responsible person would want those things? For me, even if venereal diseases were rare, which they most definitely aren’t, I’d still not trust any potential sexual partner without having them tested. There’s undeniably something mentally awry with people who have various casual and transient sexual partners without being conscious of the dangers of fucking people without being tested first! On another note, what sane, sensible person would want to perpetually enter and exit quasi-faithful relationships? Some people define insanity as trying the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. I recognize that denotation as indistinct, but accurate. As far as I’m concerned, people can continue to play themselves over and over again, until the end of time. But, I’m going to be right behind you all repeatedly reiterating every objective, insightful, inferential reason why you’re stupid as fuck!

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