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Everybody’s Stupid, Part III

Admittedly, I’m an angry person. I’ve expounded and implied a lot of things in previous blog entries that both blatantly and indirectly explain my anger. This is just an elucidation of previous expressions. To reprise my most commonly expressed belief, people are weak and stupid. We live in a world congested with nuisances and execrable people. Being a conscious person, I think a lot. There’s always a bigger picture and a longer story attached to even the most infinitesimal instances and occurrences in our lives. Most people don’t care about the intricacies and nuances in our everyday journeys. But, personally, I can’t help but to ask myself this simple question with every breath I take, every blink of my eye, and every beat of my heart – “Why?”! It’s the question that plagues my mind incessantly. Every day is an examination for me! There’s a palpable measure of anxiety that accompanies my level of consciousness, and it never alleviates. In being constantly anxious about the world’s countless uncertainties, and being regularly angry about things that don’t directly affect me, I used to believe something was wrong with me. However, having deduced some answers to the highly perplexing question, “why?” – I’ve concluded that I am mentally and spiritually impeccable, and it’s the world that has some serious fucking problems! And, by “the world”, I mean you, them, and everyone else! Whether you’re perspicacious or not, the fact that all the world’s unnatural problems are caused by people is not confidential knowledge, and it’s also not difficult to infer. When I say, “people are weak and stupid”, I’m referring to the enduring inimical actions and behaviors perpetrated by majority of the world, of which guides me to judge said people as feeble in mind and body, and incapable of possessing even nominal intelligence.

I don’t expect many people to read my writings and relate to me, or even understand where I’m coming from. If I believe most people are infirm and idiotic, why would I anticipate assimilation from those people? Congruence, compatibility, consonance, conformity – these are words I never even want to be associated with! I strive for distinction, dissimilitude, deviation, and divergence. I’m barely capable of being motivated or influenced by another person, and that’s an indication of how little faith I have in people! As you may or may not know, most words have multiple meanings. Discrimination is generally observed as prejudice or bias against anything or anyone different. But, to discriminate also means to recognize and understand the differences between two or more things. I’ve always known that I’m incompatible with the mass of humanity. I remember being a child and wondering why my elders, people who were supposed to be wiser and more experienced in life than I was, were more inept and less capable of understanding things than I was. Everything about this world and the people in it is obverse! The people with the most authority have the least self-control, the most fortunate people are the least grateful, the prettiest people are the least secure, and so on. Those contradictory conflicts wouldn’t exist without stupidity and fragility. No, I’m not saying the world would be a better place if everyone were highly intelligent and mentally fortified. But, I am indicating that the world is the way it is because of human nature. Human nature is the psychological characteristics, feelings, and behavioral traits of humankind. In general, human nature is something we all share, but there are manifest variations in our characteristics, feelings, and behaviors that partition us.

I’m an intellectual, which means I have a high level of intelligence that I use to acquire and interpret information, of which I later effectively apply to life. That doesn’t mean that I can solve algebraic equations in record time, or that I can list all 195 of the World’s countries in alphabetical order, or that I can read minds! Being an intellectual means that I’m smart enough to understand that none of that shit matters, at least to me! For instance, if I’m not a mathematician, a geographer, or a psychic imposter – how does any of those abilities serve me? Better yet, how does those abilities serve anyone who can’t use them to their advantage? Knowledge and information are futile without purpose! The most consequential conclusion that I’ve drawn using my intellect, is the fact that autonomy is the ONLY sensible way to live! We live in a realm of artificial limitations, make-believe restrictions, and synthetic restraints. Laws, rules, routines, and regularities are man-made instructions that are overtly manufactured to dominate, oppress, and tyrannize us! Government systems and social standards siphon people’s free will and brainwash them into believing obedience and conformance are ideal attributes. The central point of my anger is situated around the indignation that I feel in perceiving the dominion that people have over other people. Contrary to common conception, I’m not one of those pan-African, pro-black, “power to the people” type of niggas that spews anti-anything-not-black, blaring self-righteous, ultra ill-informed nonsense. I actually believe that black people are their own archenemy! The anger that I sustain is for all people who encounter and tolerate contrived constraint, most of whom will never have the wit to see the light about having their actions and behaviors constantly swayed, or the vehemence to speak out about it if they did, or the enterprise to devise an efficacious solution if they were fully aware.

Imagine life in a place ruled under democracy, where everyone is socially equal. Picture that place blessing everyone with uninfringeable constitutional rights and civil liberties. But, in this place, disobeying an “order” from your fellow citizens is a criminal violation. And, exercising certain rights is known to be frowned upon and oftentimes detested. This place, that sarcastically sounds hypothetical, is real-life America. That brief description of this country’s hypocrisy is not even the tippy tiptop of the iceberg that sank our Titanic-sized hopes and dreams of peace and equality centuries ago! How can there be “liberty and justice for all” in a place that outlaws marriage for certain couples, curtails social and economic advancements for people because of their race, denies people a chance to serve their country because of their sexual orientation, and enacts countless other hate-inspired and fear-motivated diminutions? Even in this technological age, where information is exchanged expeditiously, people still neglect to heed to the things they see. The biggest problem is, there aren’t enough people who care to see the World’s problems! For a lot of people, entertaining gossip and rumors is amusing, expressing opinions about matters that don’t concern them is fulfilling, making irrational decisions that will adversely affect everyone around them is acceptable, and we all know pretending to be conscious and proactive is modish. But, even if people are too involved in the midst of human’s existential inadequacies and inefficiencies, a lot of them are mindful of just how weak and stupid people are. There are at least two sides to every story, right? As I’ve mentioned several times before, the concept of right and wrong isn’t based on fact, it’s established by a person’s moral grounding. And, because people aren’t intuitive and ethical enough to identify their own fallacious opinions and profitless beliefs, they’ll never be able to confess their individual idiocy and vulnerability. In the end, I’m just proud to be unassociated!

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