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Everybody’s Stupid, Part VIII

Being smart ain’t fun! Smart people lead mostly unimaginative lives, because making savvy moves in life generally means intentionally avoiding carefree and lighthearted decisions and activities. The shit I write are more than just words—they’re facts and feelings expressed with finesse that reputedly inspires people to attempt to be truer and more realistic, and subsequently encourages others to portray fictitious postures. There’s no doubt in my mind that my writing is inspirational! Of course, things inspire different people in various ways. It’s no coincidence that people who come across my writings find themselves soul searching and thinking harder immediately thereafter. But, as I’ve mentioned before, intelligence isn’t something that a person can learn or be taught. Unfortunately, if you’re a stupid motherfucker, you’ll likely be one indefinitely! Damn near my entire maternal family suffers from mental illness, along with majority of the world. So, stupid motherfuckers are a subject I’m well-versed in! Look at the present state of affairs in the world! People are perishing from a highly contagious airborne disease, and there are people devising conspiracies and spreading fear about authoritarianism, because authorities have made it unlawful for stupid motherfuckers to converge in efforts to safeguard the streets! Peep this—the CDC estimates there’s approximately 20 million new STD infections each year in the Unites States. That means, from adolescence and through adulthood, people are taught and constantly reminded to protect themselves, and not only do they neglect to heed the warnings, they contract these STDs multiple times throughout their lives! Around $16 billion dollars is spent annually in the US to combat the spread of STDs. You don’t even have to touch a motherfucker to catch COVID-19, so imagine what the fuck we’re in for!

People haven’t the slightest clue what it’s like to be sane and conscious in this world, it’s psychological purgatory—enough to drive a motherfucker insane and unconscious! And, that’s true even without the luckless obligation I have to interact with and exist amongst you stupid motherfuckers! You can’t be smart in the absence of recognizing how valueless people are! This entire planet would blossom and flourish without us, we’re literally knowingly killing the only thing that keeps us alive, and that’s a testament to my judgement on people! But, there isn’t really shit anyone can do about it! Everybody’s stupid, and that’s a fact. People can’t bring themselves to make the most optimal decisions for themselves, so why the fuck would anyone expect them to concern themselves with the fate of the world?! If you asked honest people, “What’s the most important thing in your life?”, they’d likely name a person or an inanimate object. Very few people, aside from me, cherish life itself the most! At least, not until I said it just now. But, now that I’ve given you a compelling answer to copy if asked that question, I challenge you to explain why! I guarantee you, your answer will make absolutely no fucking sense, at all! Because, in addition to being stupid, you’re not real, and you’re not even realistic! Most people cherish the ideas of shit—the idea of unconditional love, the idea of wealth, the idea of happiness, the idea of being a “real” person, etc. Those are all things that we makeup, things that can’t be universally confirmed, things that can only be loosely defined, and most people don’t even define those ideas for themselves!

To be smart is to understand that nothing really matters! Being alive and staying alive are really the only things that matter, the rest is just arbitrary details, unless you don’t want to live. Death is everyone’s final answer, it’s the inescapable consequence to all seriously good and severely bad ideas. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, one day you’re going to die! However, the course of your life, i.e., your path to death, is determined by the ideas you create or accept and the decisions you base on those ideas. I think we’re all capable of committing suicide—if not in the literal sense, in the metaphorical one. To commit suicide is to destroy your own life or to terminate the possibility of achieving something. It’s up to you to resolve what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s good, and what’s bad for your life. You should define your own ideas and utilize whatever level of good sense you have. If you know it’s possible to die by simply sharing air with other people, is it in good sense to maintain a healthy atmosphere? Is it right to reject unhealthy people from entering your space? Is it wrong to establish a set of ideas that eliminates the possibility of ill people infecting your life? Is it good to loudly proclaim your stance against affliction caused by stupidity? Is it bad to inform people how pestilential they are and can be? I have my answers! You better figure your shit out before you die!

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