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Everybody’s Stupid, Part IX

Niggas and rednecks are the same thing, but in different colors! From a socioeconomic standpoint, being poor and white in America is just like being black. I’m sure rednecks sell just as much meth as niggas sell crack. I’m confident there has always been more white drug addicts than black ones. I’m certain there are more white people than black people in America who work menial jobs and smoke tons of marijuana. And, regardless of race, if you’re an American from a humble background, chances are your biological father is literally or virtually a complete stranger! These are things I don’t care to study the “official” statistics on, because shit just speaks for itself! I’m sick of people trying to run away from reality! I refuse to listen to someone tell me the opposite of what I perceive to be true. Let’s talk about perception for a bit. I’ve always seen the world for what it is—a really fucked up place inhabited by a bunch of really fucked up people! And, I understand that a lot of people think I’m fucked up for believing and admitting to the truth. Let me tell you a little bit about my truth. I’m currently 33 years old, and I live with my aunt. Yes, the same mentally ill aunt that I’ve discussed several times in previous blog posts. I moved in with her when I was 19, and I decided I should get my own place right before I turned 27. Two weeks after my 27th birthday, I moved into my first apartment. I stayed in said apartment for a total of seven months. During that seven-month period, I had nine different legitimate jobs—yes, nine! Of course, after I was fired from the ninth job and evicted from my apartment, I moved back in with my aunt. And, I can’t stand this lady’s guts! While I’m spilling my own tea, let me make it clear that I’ve NEVER been a bum ass nigga! I’ve always had my own money in my pockets and in the bank, and one or two (sometimes three) of my own cars in my aunt’s driveway, but I’ve never been able to maintain employment. You can read my blog and draw a few definitive conclusions about me. Those things being—I’m undoubtedly highly intelligent, I truly hate mostly all people, and I am perceptibly unique.

I couldn’t be “normal” if I tried, and trust me, I’ve made laborious efforts to find my place in this really fucked up place! I’m not ashamed of any part of who I am, nor am I embarrassed about my circumstances, because I could never consciously regret being guilty of living in reality. In reality, my circumstances are simply a consequence of my decisions. And, my decisions derive from a place of pure logic—my perceptibly unique mind. I can’t sanely work for or with other people, I don’t want kids, I don’t mess around with the same chick long enough to catch feelings, and I’m more focused on genuine financial success than the superficial appearance of it. So, living with my aunt, even though I can’t stand the sight of her, ain’t really all that bad for me. For what it’s worth, I currently have enough cash to place a 10% down payment on a $300k house and furnish the entire house, but I’m self-employed and I haven’t had a pay stub since 2016, so that cash doesn’t mean anything to a lender. It also shouldn’t mean anything to you! I’m keeping it all the way 100%, because I don’t give a fuck about people. Again, I see the world for what it is. In addition, I understand what’s profoundly important. Most people pass judgement and form conjectures, because they’re plainly stupid and ignorant to the fact of their ultimate insignificance. Everybody is important to themselves, right? To boot, we live in a very material world. So, if a person sees another person who lacks the material things that they surmise a successful person should have, they’ll likely perceive that person as unsuccessful. Knowing that, the common question is—why do people care what other people have? The simple answer is—because, it makes them feel either more or less significant. The desire to be superior and the fear of being inferior basically fuels the great majority of people’s decisions. Now, unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where money can’t buy palpable superiority. However, for ordinary people, $1 holds the same value regardless of who’s holding it!

Some people believe opinions are irrelevant, but that’s not completely true. Opinions are immaterial to me, because I’m a free-spirited, entrepreneurial, individualistic bohemian. Being uninhibited and detached, and essentially lacking any fucks to give, I’m not reliant on or affected by any of the insubstantial things that motivate or discourage normal people. The truth is, for most people—their happiness, their confidence, their enthusiasm for living life, and their feeling of worthiness are all determined by other people’s opinions. People are so fake, because they want to receive commendatory opinions, opinions of which are their incentive and inspiration for being even faker! And, because people are so heavily affected by other people’s opinions, they use their own opinions to affect other people. That cycle is, of course, constantly recurring. We’re not all created equal. We don’t all have the same opportunities. We are all different complexions, shapes, and sizes. We all live different lives under varying circumstances. But, at the end of the day, reality is what connects us! Moreover, many of us have lots in common, so those similarities tell their own tales. If real recognizes real, what does fake do?! You can lie and cheat, but you can’t escape reality. You can be as fake as you want, but reality is what’s real, and you CANNOT escape it! We’re all human, so we’re all susceptible to reality. Very few things are in our control here, so you should take advantage of every opportunity you have to make our reality your own! Life ain’t no fucking competition, and if you try to play it like one you will most definitely lose! To conclude, and continuing to keep it a buck with y’all, unfortunately, most of you motherfuckers are way too weak to even feel a person as real as I am. You’ll never understand yourself, and you’ll never have a firm grip on life. Most of y’all can’t relate to anything real, let alone reality itself! Sucks for you!

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