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Everybody’s Stupid, Part X

I have a natural affinity for the LGBTQ community, because I will always respect and admire any people who possess the courage and perseverance to unapologetically be themselves while faced with persistent scrutiny and objection. That being said, I wish I could say that I don’t hate anyone for being who they truly are, but I can’t. Most people have no idea who they are, but many gay people are unreservedly self-aware. Personally, I don’t believe in negating feelings of disgust and antipathy. For instance, I loathe homophobes just a much as they detest homosexuals. Unfortunately, when a lot of people are just being themselves, who they are is just a terribly shitty person! I’ve spoken about discrimination before, and how it’s not always a bad thing. It’s up to you to dictate what’s admissible and what’s indefensible from your perspective. The notion of things being either right or wrong is based on morality, which is a construct of relativity. That means, moral correctness or incorrectness is relative to distinctive beliefs, which will differ from person to person. Past that, I want to briefly talk about the prosperity of undistinguished people in the glare of publicity. With social media being such a prominent source of entertainment for people, an abundance of regular ass people have become minor celebrities. This world is bustling with mediocre motherfuckers striving to “be great”. Extravagant mediocrity is mainstream in social media, and it’s exuded by ordinary people who try to make commonplace activities look lavish. These people embellish and beautify every aspect of their lives, and everything they do is a performance. I think a lot of people mistake being outlandish with being extraordinary. A lot of the bizarre characteristics that people portray are fabricated to make them seem exceptional, as if being intentionally unorthodox makes them especial. Popularity requires affirmation, and that’s why I make it clear that I will always stand solitarily opposed to standing in solidarity, because what type of person wants to be affirmed by a bunch of stupid ass, fake ass wannabes?!

I’ve been invariably eccentric for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always wanted to stand out without drawing too much attention to myself, which is difficult. Ultimately, I simply desire to distinguish myself from other people. That’s why my name is Beau Amoureux, a one-off name. That’s why this blog is titled in my namesake, to establish a self-made reference to my particularity. I’m effectively insusceptible to all forms of influence at this point of my life. And, that brings me to my next point. With the tempestuous state of civil and racial affairs around the globe, I don’t side with anyone. I am an intellectual, so it is natural for me to study and stay aware of things that happen around the world. Most people aren’t aware of the convention of some Asian, African, and Middle-Eastern parents murdering their own children for being gay. In other African cultures, young girls are mutilated by having their nipples and clitorises severed to thwart their desire for sex. In those same cultures, girls are routinely checked to see if their hymen is still intact, if it’s not, they are killed on the spot! Having comprehensive knowledge of how wicked the world is makes me hate people, and I embrace that hatred, because I recognize it as a representation of my divergence from the norm. It’s normal to hate people for no reason, which is why racism and classism are such preeminent sources of dissension. Racism goes both ways—anytime you hate someone because of the color of their skin, you’re guilty! Black people are just as racist as white people, and I seem to be the only person to understand that. How many people know that the Nation of Islam, the NAACP, and BET were founded by white men? Well, BET was funded by a white man at its genesis, and it’s plausible to assume that without those funds Robert Louis Johnson’s dream would’ve remained a dream, much like Martin Luther King’s. How many people appreciate that black people repudiating white people in efforts to consolidate race relations is the stupidest shit ever?! How are variance and contention viable methods of acquiring congruence between the black community and everyone else?! I swear, people are stupid as fuck, especially black people!

Why don’t black people understand that the way you all think is the primary basis for all our adversities? Black culture reflects what black people deem most important. Our men want to be the realest niggas in the streets and our women want to be with the realest niggas from the streets. Black people perpetuate and promote the implementation of their own negative stereotypes, then they blame white people for hating them for being who they are! And, for those of us who try to stray away from those negative black clichés, we become guilty by association. Conversely, police brutality is part of a culture as well. What kind of people find thrill in imposing their will? It takes a special type of person to become a police officer! The type of person who feels it’s their personal duty to punish and disciple other people. The type of person who is gratified and fulfilled by dominating and subjugating other people. The type of person who would feel debilitatingly insignificant without some form of status. The type of person who would procedurally lie and kill for their comrades. The type of person who believes superiority is a privilege. The type of person who would succumb to supremacy. Police follow a code, they are obsequious and they capitulate to their leaders, they will do anything to win, they are stronger in numbers—they’re not unlike street gangs. Policing started as a legal means of controlling contrasting groups, and earlier than that, enforcement authorities were utilized in the capturing and returning of runaway slaves. So, black people are historically in opposition to police. Notwithstanding, black people are also famously illegitimate. You can rightfully blame discrimination and inequity for black people’s ostensible lack of progress, but you can additionally justifiably inculpate black people for being self-deprecating crybabies. Black people often worship illicit people and activities, and many of them use our historical rivalry with authorities as an excuse for their errant ways. I suppose it’s easier to be unofficial than it is to be legitimate!?

I have my own issues with authority and establishment, but I would never voluntarily or unjustifiably place myself in a position to have my freedom and my free will revoked. By that, I mean I would never live a life of wrongdoing, and I would never commit a crime without expecting to be penalized when caught. Every action that we make has consequences, be they natural or administered by other people. We can battle police brutality by physically fighting back and speaking up. Rights and laws are man-made suggestions, they aren’t literal impediments. Why in the holy fuck would we allow our oppressors to choose our methods of retribution?! You don’t have to let a police officer whoop your ass, and you don’t have to watch, helplessly, as cops abuse someone! If you’re a victim, resist with deadly force. If you’re a spectator, lend a hand in retaliating. We can remedy racism by acknowledging that ambivalence is acceptable. You can hate certain members of a particular group without hating all of them. But, unfortunately, we can’t fix stupid. And, because stupidity is mankind’s most distinguished trait, people will always fuck up. But, that’s okay, because as long as there are consequences to those fuck ups, justice will be served. We must be the consequence and we must make the consequence in the absence of justice! Marching and protesting, and rioting and looting aren’t the answers. Innocent black people suffer for the actions of the blameworthy ones, so stop encouraging and proselytizing nigga shit! There are no good police officers, because if they aren’t involved in misfeasance then they are aware of it, and they forsake their duty to the public when they neglect to take action. Everybody shares a part of the culpability here, and we’re all liable for being part of the solution! The latter statement is called a truism, and if you’re tired of hearing it, it’s because it’s the truth, and the truth shall set us all free!

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