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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XI

Dear black people, you don’t have the power, the influence, the intelligence, the will, or the numbers—as a solitary race—to change America! Here’s why, and I’m going to keep this simple. Every “black power” movement in history was started with the intention to amalgamate and empower black people, so they could ascend from the depths of America’s ghettos and be formidable rivals to white people. You can try to deny that assembling ostensibly black only groups to fight for civil rights isn’t an attempt to say, “we can do it too”, but you would just sound stupid! Now, we’re all aware of how rivalries work, because our entire lives are dominated and encompassed by opposition and contest. Whether you’re a sports fan, a gang affiliate, a competitor of any sort, an opinionated person, a partisan party member, or if you do anything that can be disagreed with, you understand that a rivalry is a struggle between two or more mutual opposers who are in conflict to prove who’s superior. We also know that in a war, there is great strength in numbers. According to the United States Census Bureau, black people only comprise 13.4 percent of America’s population, and white people make up a whopping 76.3 percent. So, as mutual rivals in a racial conflict between black people and white people, in a tally of points, the score is white people, one, and black people, zero. Additionally, in a war, it’s very beneficial to have multiple resources that can be exploited to aid your troops. Those resources could be experienced war veterans and leaders, munitions manufacturers and suppliers, skilled combat trainers, practiced medical professionals, allied government bigwigs, and much more. Unfortunately for black people, white people preside over and regulate black people’s access to the valuable resources necessary to authenticate and equip their soldiers. What rival in their right mind would furnish their enemies with the weapons necessary to defeat them?! In scoring, that’s white people, two, and black people, zero. Lastly, in a war, it’s common for guiltless people to get caught in the crossfire. Not everyone who resides behind enemy lines is a foe. In fact, many of the people who choose not to engage are neutral parties with objective and impartial views and beliefs. We don’t always have to choose a side, and oftentimes neither side is right. Furthermore, perceptive and preservative people avoid conflict, because fighting generally means injuries are imminent. Tactical strategies don’t always involve combat and bloodshed. Warfare involves any array of tactics that will effectively defeat your opponents. White people understand all of this—it’s why they vote religiously, it’s why they support their leaders regardless, it’s why they abide by the law and avoid legal troubles, it’s why they disdain average black people, it’s why the strongest of them are not comfortable fighting black people’s fight, and it’s why they stay winning! Black people are in two wars, one within themselves and one with the white-washed establishment that is the United States government. So, in the end, black people are being 3-0’d by white people, it’s impossible for us to score points.

I’ll never understand black people banding together to oppose and reject all white people! If we’re going to do this white people vs. black people thing for the rest of our lives, who’s going to win?! Who’s been winning that battle for the past five centuries?! I knew from the beginning that #BlackLivesMatter would rouse disfavor for the movement from people who would be neutral parties if #BlackLivesMatter didn’t insinuate that black lives should mean more than anyone else’s lives. Again, you can try to deny that the hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter, doesn’t suggest a call for the demand of black lives to take precedence over all other lives, but you’d just sound stupid! This fight has always been about race and everyone knows it, so it’s never politic for the clear losers of this fight to draw a more emphatic line in the sand without expecting for that line to be more emphatically crossed. I’m smart, so I know “black lives matter” means, “we’re tired of black people being unjustifiably killed by white cops”. Sadly, most people aren’t smart, and remember, we all know what this fight is based on, so a lot of people see “black lives matter” as, “black power is greater than white power”. Again, a lot of people don’t support either side of the fight, but they recognize a planned uprising as an invitation for antagonism, so they don’t sympathize with anyone who falls as a casualty of war. Saying, “black lives matter”, left the gate open for intruders. Let me give y’all an analogy. Let’s say all black people were banished from America and sent to a land with no accommodating structures. A handful of black people, understanding that building a shelter would help them survive, decide to erect a large log cabin for all black people to seek refuge. However, in constructing this refugee’s paradise, the architects elect to leave large spaces in-between each log. The spaces between the logs ultimately defeat the purpose of building a shelter, because they present an opening for all harmful elements and pests to easily enter the shelter. In my opinion, that’s what #BlackLivesMatter is, it’s holey shelter that can be easily invaded and destructed. It has been claimed that Black Lives Matter is the largest civil rights movement in history, but I don’t buy it! We live in a technological age, where opinions, be they phony or genuine, are exchanged expeditiously. Using a hashtag on social media doesn’t mean anything, it’s not a symbol of sincerity or sympathy, and neither is attending a march or protest. Most people are just out there to show their social media followers that they’re out there, they don’t give a fuck about the wronged and slain victims of racism and injustice! Get real and give me a fucking break!

I hope this makes sense to the few thousand people that will read it. It’s often difficult for me to articulate my thoughts, because I’m not good at simplifying simple shit, I usually just end up complicating it, but I digress. Change is inevitable, right? It’s the only thing we’re promised in life, correct? I view the abolishment of racist symbols and figures in America’s government as procedural change—shit that was an eventuality. Notwithstanding, those diminutive and inconsequential changes don’t represent a shift in the way people think. Even changing a few laws won’t affect the operational capacity of an already immutably corrupt government. For true change, irrefutable transformation, every customary American system and idea must be destroyed! Until that happens, no significant change will happen! For instance, there have been numerous video-recorded neck-kneeling and chokehold incidents since the death of George Floyd—where cops have deliberately kneeled on a person’s neck or placed someone in a chokehold after their departments banned such activities—just as a “fuck you” to the public! Some of those cops were fired, others were suspended, a few weren’t reprimanded at all. Does that help expound my previous point? How hard is it to understand how stupid people are? There have been Black Lives Matter rallies in predominantly white towns, where most, if not all, of the protestors were white, and many black people took to social media to spurn those allied protestors! What the fuck!?! Listen, I don’t have all the answers, but I have the formula to reach the answers. There have been many attempts at revolutions in history, but there was one that was undeniably successful, The French Revolution. The French Revolution was incited by, the Age of Enlightenment, a long evolutionary period where people rejected prescribed traditions and labored to educate themselves to form distinctive ideas and develop new ways of life. During the revolution, everybody and everything that represented the old way of thinking were obliterated! The French Revolution was organized confusion at its finest, and though it enkindled more problems than it eradicated, the change it inspired is felt around the world to this day! Ultimately, cops must regularly die by the hands of average citizens, inept politicians must be ripped and forced from their positions, and people must accept that dissension is a part of life! If you’ve been paying attention, if you know history, black people have NEVER stood alone in their struggle for justice and equality in this country! However, black people have ALWAYS stood alone in their choice to stand alone in their struggle for justice and equality in this country! I’m done.

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