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Black Women, Part I

So, black women are claiming that they are the most “disrespected, unprotected, and neglected” women in America, and part of me agrees with that. Black women are black people, so they are subject to all the injustices and inequalities that all black people face. My question is, if y’all understand that you’re not pride of place in America, if you’re disheartened by your position in society, why don’t you take precedence in your own fucking lives?! The reality is, black women are the most ungracious, most uneducated, most incautious, most undignified, and most dishonorable women in America! Of course, I could list a thousand other unfortunate characteristics of black women, but I know y’all don’t really want me to go there. I will attempt to be as nice as possible, but y’all bitches have really made it difficult to defend your honor. I truly hate this defeatist, pessimistic, self-victimizing narrative that black people have been pandering for the longest time. Truth be told, all the slaves are dead, the bulk of our extant struggles are manageable, and majority of white people’s modern grievances with black people are valid. Go read, Fuck Pride, where I talk about how pride is both adverse and beneficial. Ultimately, it is all this false pride in the black community that has black people’s heads all fucked up! Pride will blind you, trick you, and fuck you, and you’ll STILL never let it go! What do black people have to be so proud of? For the record, the handful of black African kings and queens were just as tyrannical and oppressive as any other despotic monarchical figures in history. During their pre-colonial reigns, African royalty subjugated and persecuted fellow black Africans in much worse conditions and procedures than American slaves endured. I am not saying that American slavery wasn’t fucked up, I’m saying it’s stupid to anathematize American slavery while venerating African kings and queens! We live in a time where there’s endless information literally at our fingertips, but people are either too dumb or they don’t care enough to do their own fucking research! Y’all talk about black “kings and queens” like ALL black people were royalty before they were kidnapped from Africa!? Today, majority of the countries in Africa are still unestablished and undeveloped, where many people live in crude and primitive conditions.

If you knew the truth, you would understand that conscious contemporary Africans view African-Americans as moronic, ungrateful, incapable profligates, because black people in America are openly and voluntarily negligent in comprehensively exercising their rights, exploiting their opportunities, and maximizing their potential. Not to mention the fact that African-Americans love to complain, project their flaws onto others, and blame immaterial people and circumstances for their problems. Have y’all ever watched a DJ Vlad interview? Do you notice how quickly these miscreant rappers identify the deficiencies in their characters and the ills in their behaviors? Do you see how they proclaim that they recognize how stupid they are, but they never discontinue any of their foolish ways outside of the interview? Do you wonder why that is? It’s because being stupid is a great American tradition, and this tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. Don’t forget, slavery existed and persisted in America for hundreds of years, because it was legal (meaning it was written into law) to own human beings as property, and it was licit to condemn those human beings to servitude. Why was slavery legal? Because stupidity is also an intrinsic and inherent anthropoid characteristic that humans did not overcome during the preceding stage of human evolution. So, we should expect for people to remain exceedingly stupid until the next anatomical, or at least psychological, evolutionary miracle. Stupidity knows no bounds, it is ubiquitous, and it’s not prejudiced or bigoted—so every race of people retains their fair share. Black people are just a different kind of stupid! Black people are conspicuously and arrogantly stupid—in ways that are ignominious, wacky, and humiliating. Everything from refusing to call the cops if they’re victimized, to showing gratification in spending time incarcerated, to glorifying the illegitimacy and self-disservice of a criminal lifestyle, to unabashedly advertising themselves as debauched libertines, and much more. And, that’s just the men, let me talk about black women a little more, because that is what this blog post is about.

Black women. When I think of the perfect woman for me, I see a black woman. As y’all can tell, I’m not one of those pro-black, pan-African niggas who believes that black people are the nucleus of all existence and the cynosure of life as we know it, because those niggas are essentially black Nazis—they’re mostly all racists, and they’re usually too stupid to realize that they’re racist! I am attracted to every shade of woman there is, from the darkest mochas to the lightest creams. I’m also more attracted to character traits than physical attributes. I like thick thighs, wide hips, plump lips, almond-shaped eyes, kinky hair, lustrous smiles, big ole booties, and breast size ain’t a big deal for me, but all that shit is peripheral to a woman’s personality. I want a virtuous, sophisticated, intelligent, assertive, resilient, mentally stable, conservative, loyal, honest, down-to-Earth, boss bitch, who is very niggardly with her vagina! And, none of that shit is negotiable—I won’t accept any less from any woman I plan to spend a significant amount of time with. Now, name ONE constituent of black culture that promotes or protects ANY of the characteristics I just mentioned! Bitch, you CAN’T, because having righteous characteristics ain’t something that niggas prioritize! You can’t even cite gospel music, because religion is based on the same ignorance, superstition, and indoctrination that fuels the fanatical intolerance and sightless hatred that we call racism! Additionally, religious people are crazy as fuck! Don’t forget that terrorists emphatically kill themselves and innocent people in the name of their god! When white women are told to find a man who is family-oriented and hard-working, black women are taught to find a man with a big dick and a nice car. When Asian women are trained to carry themselves with poise and dignity, black women are coached to “use what they got to get what they want”. Cultures influence and lead people more so than parental guidance does, and being intentionally ethically and intellectually inadequate is black heritage! Black women, you’re all individually responsible for your safety, the way you’re regarded, and how much you’re cherished! After all this time, with all that black women have had to endure, if you’re expecting anyone to hold you down more or better than you can—BITCH, you stupid!

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