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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XII

Black people, how tired are y’all, really?! My favorite dictionary, Oxford Dictionary, defines stupid as having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense. I like sharing definitions, because defining things helps to put life in perspective. Ultimately, we are all defined by the things that define us. To define is to state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of something. This all may sound like simple and unpretentious information, but it’s obvious that black people are a fundamentally basic and unsophisticated group. I’ll be damned if I’ll ever ignore or omit the palpable manifestation of illogic and detriment, just to conciliate a group of people who fallaciously feel like everybody in their ethic group is obligated to propitiate or champion them! Y’all got me fucked up! I don’t give a FUCK about black people as a categorized ethnicity! However, I prize every person of any race who fights for righteous causes while upholding unbiased and objective principles. When it comes to ethics, all my views derive from a place of pure logic without fear or favor. I despise all persons, places, and things of which can be deemed illogical! It has been excruciatingly evident for eons—black people are the number-one reason everything is so difficult for black people! We know the system is unjust, we know the government is corrupt, we know niggas have been moseying around for decades senselessly killing each other and victimizing faultless black people for recreation, we know black culture incentivizes our youth to make hazardous decisions, so what are the fucking solutions? Firstly, black people as an organization must concede that they ain’t about shit! Niggas tolerate and mitigate every ounce of bullshit other niggas perpetuate, and they do it in homage to the traditional bullshit black culture preserves. What part of the game is that?! Secondly, black people must play by the book when it’s time to and take drastic measures when they’re warranted—it’s simple. For instance, various reputable statistics show that black voter turnout skyrocketed to record highs in 2004 and 2008, when Barack Obama was the Democratic candidate, but they dropped to record lows in 2016, which greatly aided in Donald Trump’s victory. How the fuck can you win a fight without executing effective offensive strikes?! Why does a figurehead have to be a nigga for niggas to stand behind them?

America is a Caucasian patriarchy with profuse prejudices toward anything that threatens its predominance, and I clearly understand that on levels that are inordinately higher than the average person. As I’ve mentioned before, excluding white people from any ventures for justice and equality in this country is one of the most inexpedient things black people continue to do! White people are the most prominent race in America, and if all of them were reactionary doofuses, black people wouldn’t stand a chance! Moreover, black people alone couldn’t have elected Barack Obama for two consecutive terms, even if every eligible black voter would’ve voted, he needed white votes to win and he got them. For the record, unity is the state of being united or joined as a whole. Chadwick Boseman was an actor with comprehensive theatrical talent, and he skillfully portrayed several black icons on the silver screen. He died from complications with colon cancer in 2020, may he rest in peace. His most notable performance was a kingly depiction of a priorly overlooked African DC comic book superhero, Black Panther. Black Panther is the proverbial alter ego of King T’Challa, who is ruler of an exceedingly technologically advanced hidden kingdom called, Wakanda. When the movie Black Panther was released, black people went Wakanda crazy! Black women began to shave their heads to mimic the female warriors from the movie, droves of people went out and bought tons of dashikis and kente cloth garments, and the consensus on social media was that the movie proved black people derive from excellence. Black Panther is purely fiction-based, and aside from the presentation of tribes, hairstyles, and wardrobe trends, the movie shows extraordinarily little of accurate historic African heritage. The geek in me enjoys the superhero and fantastical aspects of the movie, even though I believe Michael B. Jordan isn’t a believable villain, because he lacks the edge and the acting chops to play a convincing bad guy—just muscles ain’t enough! I’m still an MBJ fan, I’m just saying. The realist in me hates the fact that black people need a fake-ass, unrepresentative, historically inaccurate movie to boost their confidence!

I told y’all in the last blog post (Black Women, Part I) that black African kings and queens were more merciless, repressive, and disparaging to fellow black Africans than white Europeans were to African-American slaves. I guess the idea of severity of slavery is subjective, but nonetheless, black African royalty were not saints by any means, and they weren’t plentiful either. I say, “black African”, because not all native Africans are black. Blacks are the majority in Africa, but of course they aren’t the only ethnicity. That’s a small detail that I think everyone should know. I’ve been tired of the emphasizing of race for as long as I can remember. I’m smart enough to understand that hatred and indifference will always exist, but I don’t believe race must be in the foreground of every political, social, or economic quandary that we face! Racism is some shit that people made up, it’s some shit that many people knowingly and inadvertently commemorate and conserve, and it’s some shit that could be easily rectified. Racism is a trend at this point, it’s an ideology, it’s taught and imitated, and we’re presently living in the age of information. It’s difficult to hide police brutality, racial discrimination, unprovoked antagonism, and systemic oppression in the information age—where incriminating videos, voice recordings, and written statements can be shared with the world in milliseconds. Right now, we’ve reached the point where openly or secretly expressing racism is a haughty and undisguised dereliction of caution and admission of stupidity, so people should either swallow their racist abhorrence or accept the fact that they’ll definitely be exposed! Aside from that, black people must cognize that there is nothing we can do as a solitary race that will positively impact America as a nation. How the fuck can we query and quarrel for equality while simultaneously rejecting the idea of racial consolidation?! That don’t make no fucking sense! Y’all want to be equally superior and indistinguishably authoritative, but you expect that to lessen racial tensions!? Ultimately, black people need white people’s succor and assent, because white people are the predominant race with the preeminent influence. White people need black people for… white people don’t need black people! Niggas are the best at sports and entertainment, big whoop! Black people, what do y’all want this fight to be about—racial superiority or justice and equality?! You decide!

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