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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XIII

There is a very austere explanation for America’s conversed absence of social and cultural evolution. People just simply don’t want to change! How often do you mingle with people who disagree with your views? Would you consider yourself someone who thinks laterally? How frequently do you learn new things about yourself and the world around you? Do you commonly change your mind about things you thought you understood? Can you unequivocally accept and admit when you’re wrong? Growth requires strength, courage, and wisdom—all things most people will never possess! I was about 12 years old when I realized that I was more mature than nearly all the adults in my life. I’ve never been puerile, of course I was callow as an inexperienced youth, but I’ve never been childish. I was a studious and inquisitive kid, but I never respected any of the adults in my family enough to ask them questions, because I knew none of their stupid asses had knowledge! I learned to read people after developing a cogent sense of cynicism, because I was always surrounded by liars and people who foolishly believed that a child wasn’t smart enough to recognize bullshit. I was 12 years old a whole 21 years ago, and none of the elders in my family have grown, and neither has America! Now, I don’t need to list any of the timeworn, transparent, and incontrovertible societal ills that have been a contagion on feeble minds since the beginning of time. Y’all know what the fuck is going on, because nothing has changed! I’ve noticed that a lot of people read my blog, then try to act like the shit I say and the way I think is prevalent. It may be common for people to charade as if they’re smart, but you don’t have to be a genius to certify that common sense ain’t common! Like I always say, people are weak and stupid, and you’re all stuck there! Things won’t change until people can concede to the fact that who they are and everything they think they know is nonsensical and irresponsible on all the maximum levels—just think about that, I won’t elaborate.

I used to think Martin Luther King, Jr. was a sucker, until about a year ago, when I sat in a pensive state for a full day thinking about what justice, equality, freedom, and unity truly mean. The fact is, Malcolm X was the sucker! To all appearances, Malcolm converted to Islam and became a Muslim after being incarcerated and feeling guilty for all the iniquities and immoralities he had previously engaged in. After relinquishing himself to Allah, Malcolm Little became El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. Essentially, Malcolm X was used as the embouchure for the Nation of Islam, they exploited his devotion to his leader, Elijah Muhammad, and abused his prolific eloquence to aggrandize their agenda. When Malcolm discovered that Elijah Muhammad was a charlatan (Elijah had gotten several teenage girls pregnant and attempted to secrete his sacrilegious acts), he made proclamations explaining why he denounced the NOI, but he never displayed blatant impertinence toward Elijah Muhammad himself. In the end, the Nation of Islam killed Malcolm X—in public and in front of his family—because he possessed too much integrity to be a marionette for a duplicitous and dishonorable organization. The Nation also understood that Malcolm’s voice was more powerful than the entire NOI operation. The irony is, Malcolm X deplored acquiescent and obsequious people, he often scolded those who lacked the will or the intelligence to think independently, but he was ultimately took, hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, and run amok. He was a puppet, a sucker. On the other hand, Martin Luther King was his own man, he represented himself and nobody controlled him. However, in the time of Martin’s ascendancy, I don’t think preaching nonviolence was conducive to the fight for equity. Even today, people don’t seem grasp the realization that there could never be peace without war. People don’t know how to fight or how to authoritatively prioritize their incentives, because everybody thinks they’re fucking smart! Malcolm X played himself, and he died because he thought he knew something about some shit he knew nothing about! Think about that every time you accede to someone you view as a leader, a guardian, or a superior.

We live in a world where all our titles and hierarchical positions are one-hundred percent apocryphal! Even the authentication of those titles and positions are comprehensively made up! If you can come to grips with that reality, you’ll be on the road to being truly “woke”. I’m going to be honest, being smart fucking sucks! To give a single example—I don’t have much of an imagination, and that is a huge hindrance in my life. For instance, mostly all astronauts are big fans of Star Wars and/or Star Trek, and it was the adventures portrayed in those films that pushed them to pursue careers in rocket science, astronomy, and all things dealing with outer space. Most people don’t even understand the significance of their own imaginations! All our goals are first formed using our imagination. My goals aren’t grandiose, I just want to be successful, and because I don’t have a grand imagination, the path that I see to my goals is long, overly calculated, and unexciting. Additionally, I am very recalcitrant and naturally rebellious, which eliminates all the traditional trails to my somewhat mundane goals. But, the only reason I even recognize these things, is because I’m smart. I would say intelligence is a gift and a curse, at least for me. Being smart isn’t an option for most people, most of you don’t seem to have the capacity. That’s not a slight to people, it’s a respect procured from observation. My respect for the verity of people’s ultimate stupidity is so strong, writing about this subject always feels pointless. And, because I have such a weak imagination, I can’t even imagine this helping too many people understand how stupid they are. But, my man, Martin Luther King, had hopes and dreams, and I feel mildly inspired by MLK right now. Who’s to say that he actually believed in people’s ability to be respectful and peaceful? Who’s to say that he was fully confident in his potential to personally persuade change? One thing I can say, is Martin must have had one hell of a fucking imagination! It’s been over 50 years since he was assassinated, people! He fought and died for nothing!

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