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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XIV

There’s a lot of dumb-ass aphorisms that people prattle when they want to make a point, but they don’t possess the grammatical grandiosity to make that shit sound good. I won’t give any examples, because I could go on for days about how most of those oppugnant, riddle-like idioms don’t make any fucking sense, at all! My biggest problem with oral history and folklore is the idea that a motherfucker who doesn’t know me thinks they can use generalizability to define me. Frankly, motherfucker, there’s not much “general” about me! Even if my presumption of myself is an act self-deception, I will relish in a sea of falsehoods before I let another human being tell me who I am! Why the fuck would any sensible person allow another person to signify their character and their capabilities?! Don’t get me wrong, I ridicule and condemn motherfuckers all the time, but I would never countenance or even chew over unsolicited estimations and speculations of me. Yes, I look down on people! Yes, I know I’m “better” than people! I believe in my-fucking-self, and I justifiably have zero faith in the human race. I’m fully aware that uncompromising assertion annoys and disheartens most people. It’s why I don’t fit in with the vastness of the commonplace fragility we call society, I rebuff relenting. There’s a human side of mostly all people that makes them scrutinize other people’s souls in search of weakness and humility. Some people seek that humbleness and tolerance as a sign of propriety in a person, something they can respect and relate to. Others pursue the pliability and insecurity of soft people so they can manipulate and exploit them. Being human, I won’t front as if I don’t have vulnerabilities. I have a few apprehensions, just not nearly as many as most people. Is my declaration of high self-confidence despicable? Is each individual answer to that rhetorical question fact or conjecture?! Life can be rather perplexing if you allow uncertainties to usher your system of beliefs! Nobody will ever make the absolute best decision in every instance. It’s impossible to be perfectly precise one-hundred percent of the time. We all know those things! Yet, today, it seems as if being a fuck-up and surviving as a cognitively indisposed milquetoast are life goals for some people. I won’t even try to understand it!

While I’m on the topic of premeditated self-destruction, Donald Trump has beguiled and seized the hearts of half of America by displaying his incorrigible incapacities while occupying the most commanding and superior position in the world! I believe Trump appeals to the incognizance and frailty of all delicate and vulnerable minds. That’s the only logical explanation I can conceive, assuming people recognize Trump’s insanity and ineptitude but would still rightfully choose him as their leader. There’s no benefit of the doubt to give Trump supporters and sympathizers, those damn fools are damfools! I think Donald Trump’s drunken thirst for power in conjunction with his demonstrable comprehensive inadequacy is the most bewitching and relatable thing the average American has ever witnessed! Some would argue that Donald Trump was the most un-American president this country has ever elected—he pussied his way out of a military draft, he’s never had a real job, he doesn’t pay taxes, he has zero political experience, he denigrates blue collar workers and war veterans, and worse. Contrarily, Trump also possesses some devilishly traditional and conservative American attributes—he’s misogynistic, he’s quasi-racist and antisemitic, he lied and cheated his way to the top, his wife used to be a legitimate whore, he’s dumb as fuck, etcetera! I would contend that America has a history of orthodox dubiety and division, and Americans are a nation of dumb and dumber people who are detrimentally selfish to the point where their inconsideration and insensitivity creates intramural conflicts that they’re too egocentric to recognize. There’s only a matter of time before the American establishment is decimated by the implosion of its own conventional practice of scission and chasm. In other words, the load-bearing capacity of America’s foundational support is nearing its breaking point! And, when all fails, you can all blame yourselves for the fallout and its aftermath.

I have experienced several stages of development in my life. I’ve always prided myself on being a thinker. Often, life experience can be accredited to learning from other people’s mistakes or simply using time to profit the knowledge to understand the disparities between pernicious actions and judicious ones. Failures are inevitable, stress is imminent, great losses are guaranteed, and there are no short pithy sayings that can save you from the consequences of reality! Life is going to suck a whole lot of the time, that’s facts. Additionally, half the time you’re not going to have the preparedness to conjure a resolution before a bad situation gets worse, that’s more facts. Addressing problems and coping with them won’t appear as daunting or formidable once you apprehend the certitude that difficulties are naturally occurring and cyclical. Ain’t shit you can do about it! Other people’s troubles will become major setbacks for you ceaselessly. For instance, if you’re on the freeway and the driver in front of you stops abruptly because they’re panicky and unduly cautious, and the driver behind you can’t afford a brake job because they were laid off during a COVID shutdown, your car will likely get rear-ended to no fault of your own. We should all have a goal to circumvent being the maker of another motherfucker’s misfortune! Even if you’re a self-centered asshole, think about how providential it would be for you if other people weren’t as inward-looking as you are. Now, try to grasp the realization that you are “other people” to other people. Being the bigger person is more rewarding than you could ever imagine! I think before I act, and that’s how I’ve avoided a lot of bullshit in my life. I have a yearning and a passion for going against the grain, breaking rules, pushing limits, etc. There’s also a fury inside me that I struggle to repress every day. I’m assured that those things are observable in my writing. However, I have a deeper desire to outlast and persevere. If I can refrain from killing motherfuckers and terrorizing the powers that be, I’m sure you all can abstain from gratuitous stupidity for the sake of your self-serving selves!

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