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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XV

Progenitive and inviolable leaders will never be the goody two shoes who chooses to sit in the front row of the classroom in every class, or the sycophant at work who goes above and beyond to impress the bosses, or the conservative traditionalist who toils to achieve the American dream, or the oleaginous poltroon who always does everything they are “supposed” to do! For instance, it’s perceptible that a lot of Donald Trump’s appeal stems from his ungovernable libertarian-like qualities, even if that’s not what anti-establishment advocates cite as their credence to him. People are stupid, especially Americans, so I assume it’s difficult for them to truly comprehend the provenance of their own thoughts and feelings. Yet, I think people understand that replication and homogeneity aren’t conducive to progression or revision. Admittedly, I am also intrigued by the idea of an incorruptible president—a nonconformist leader who will defy and contend the corruption and fascism of the American establishment. However, despite his great temerity, impudence, and disregard for convention, it’s never been difficult for me to discern that Donald Trump is not that leader. But, everybody ain’t me! As people, we are conditioned from birth to hold all designated superiors in high regard, regardless if we agree with them or not. If you let the powers that be tell it, defiance and subversion are among the most contemptuous, treasonous, and reprehensible actions imaginable. Where nationalism is supposed to denote devotion to one’s country, in America and other authoritarian nations, it describes obsequious fidelity to a fascist agenda. That’s the reason police brutality is so pervasive, it’s why criminality is an indissoluble understructure of all governments, and it’s the mainspring of people’s struggle for justice and equality across the world. People have been habituated to capitulation! Even in a country where a Constitution was contrived to inform and empower the People to resist and battle oppression, the People defer and acquiesce! Often, the People even castigate those of them who righteously act to uphold and defend the rights accorded by the Constitution. When there is no reliance amid the People, and the most prestigious renegades are ironically those who work against the People, and the People are conditioned to believe they are inferior to their most influential counterparts, and those influences are employed to exploit the People’s irresolution and discourage them from exercising their rights, you get America—a fucking revolving catastrophe!

Africans cultivated this land for centuries, and people and livestock would have perished without the free labor slaves provided to America. The Chinese constructed the transcontinental railroad system that created collective lifetimes of generational wealth for mobs of European-Americans (white people), and indefinitely expedited transportation and the exchange of goods in this country. The Taiwanese invented voyaging ships that the world replicated, which subsequently led to the vast exploration of Earth, the “discovery” of “undiscovered” lands, and a mode for migration across continents. If you don’t know history, you might be unaware of the sacrifices people were forced to make for the benefit of others. Those altruistic sacrifices are responsible for the world as we know it, but unfortunately most people don’t know the world very well. Just about everything we enjoy was made possible through casualties and suffering. People still fight just for the right to live, and you stupid motherfuckers take all this for granted! They say ignorance is bliss, because it is impossible to be erudite and conscious of all the world’s ills without that information and assimilation taking a dramatic toll on your psyche. The more knowledge a person has, the more cynical, contentious, and cloistered they become. Human beings are a grievously fucked-up cluster of multicellular organisms! Anybody who doesn’t understand that could never be a potent leader. The more power you seek in this world, the more formidable you must be. They say good guys finish last, because rules are designed to keep controllable people in subservience. If you aren’t willing to do whatever is necessary to prevail, in arenas native to impuissant rivals who clumsily seek power in their expansive ineptitude, especially in the face of repression, you’re not capable of dominance! And, you must grow more remorseless the higher you ascend in the hierarchy. That’s the natural system set in place by the pecking order itself, only the strong survive—eat or be eaten! Except in most cases, as it pertains to leadership on a social scale, the survivors aren’t the strongest or most competent contenders, they are the most dishonorable and deceitful ones. Their strength is their aptitude to delude. They say talk is cheap, because anybody can say anything at any time and not mean any of it! Whether it is a job interview or a campaign trail, a devious intrigant is going to dissimulate their character and prevaricate whenever they speak until they reach their desired position. Lying, cheating, and kissing ass are requisite skills for anyone pursuing ascendency amongst powerful people. Everybody recognizes that, and again, it is partly the reason an antipathetic Donald Trump appeals to so many people. People may feel like an apolitical Donald Trump can’t be bought—he entered the presidency an assumed billionaire, he has no incentive to be unctuous to opportunistic politicians, etc. What people don’t seem to realize is, all capitalists are uncharitable opportunists!

Leaders are born, not made! The gallantry, initiative, empathy, resolve, and rationality required to be a great leader are not things you can teach a person, those things must be desiderated intrinsically. Although, seldom does one chase primacy to oversee the prosperity of everyone under their authority. Most powerful people are greedy and ruthless, which I just mentioned are necessary characteristics of people who desire to reign supreme. But, that doesn’t mean we have to respect it. Furthermore, not all leaders require exhaustive dominion, and not all commanding heads are leaders! Context is a crucial component to comprehending things from a central perspective. Formal definitions hardly ever do us justice outside of literature, and I am a writer, so I grasp that certainty firmly. I always strive to view the world from an overarching, broad-minded standpoint. Sometimes I don’t know exactly how I feel about stuff until I have to explain it in writing. Words are just a peripheral means of elucidation, and they are habitually misinterpreted, misused, and the product of mistaken beliefs. While I’m on this subject, I want to make it clear that all the distinctive thoughts I share on my blog are the consequence of deep introspection and contemplation. I don’t care enough about other people’s opinions to read other people’s shit and copy them. I am a congenital original, I don’t emulate. If you’re one of those motherfuckers who thought you knew me—yes, motherfucker, I’m a wordsmith and I’m smarter than you! Fallacies flourish from fake facts fancied for fun or favor. In other words, people are gratified by rejecting realism whenever it’s convenient for them, supplies amusement, or serves to bolster the concealment of the truths they are shunning. That fantasy fabricating realm is where haters dwell, it’s where misapprehension derives, all gossip and rumors are born there, and among many other things, it’s a headspace that reinforces the avidity for paramountcy. I think the enlightened call that place a fool’s paradise. It’s fucked up the way the world works! Dissociation and attestation are obligatory when acquiring comprehensible and conclusive context. My man, Edgar Allan Poe, hit the nail on the head when he averred, “believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear”. That is a well-known remark from a literary genius, like me, who deciphered the omnipresence of deceit that environs us. Alike humans, in the nature of existence, many animals use crypsis to survive—which are illusory tactics they deploy to both elude predators and dupe prey. Concluding, perception deception can either lead you to the promise land or lure you to your demise. Leaders are demarcated from despots and simple administrators by their level of magnanimity and the toleration of the enduring affects they have on their subordinates’ circumstances and all the beneficiaries of their work. Though great leaders aren’t manufactured, they are chosen. Choose wisely!

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