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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XVI

People are weak and stupid, and they hate you the most when you’re appreciably incomparable. It’s officially 2021, and my primary goal for this year is to incite more hatred toward me. That may sound silly to you, but from my perspective, nothing in this world is a clearer indication of progress and success, or a bigger motivator, than knowing motherfuckers are going out of their way to hate on you! I want y’all to know that I see you, and I appreciate you from the substratum of my soul! Being an ordinary-ass person is the easiest shit anyone can do. I was playing Fortnite one day, and I listened to a couple kids converse with a grown man about how they play the game every day and grind hard to ascend levels and acquire V-Bucks, so they can make in-game purchases. I was contented to hear the man being very encouraging and supportive of the kids’ determination. Essentially, on a fundamental level, life is only about leveling up and earning enough bucks to buy necessities and desirables. Is life genuinely more challenging than a Fortnite challenge? For instance, how difficult is it to go to work every day, complete tasks as directed so you don’t upset your bosses, and collect your pay on payday? What is so tough about doing what’s expected of you? Better yet, what the fuck is impressive or sublime about it?! Motherfucker, you ain’t doing nothing! Y’all weak and stupid asses are complacent in being commonplace. In 2019, a kid named Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won $3 million dollars in a Fortnite tournament. What are you doing that will allot you a purse that significant? I ask that question, because people have undying adulation for passing judgement and juxtaposing their mediocrity to other people’s life decisions. Sitting around thinking about or talking about what the fuck somebody else should be doing is the paradigm of wasting time! In relation to this analogy, playing video games can sharpen your reflexes, increase your resilience and show you why quitting isn’t profitable, aid you in becoming a better problem solver, teach you the benefits of teamwork, and there are multifarious possibilities. How the fuck could that ever be a bigger waste of time than incubating in ignorance and bashing people for doing what makes them happy? Again, motherfuckers, y’all are weak and stupid!

It’s past time for people to wake the fuck up! If you’re the type of motherfucker who believes that being an employee is the best or most efficient way to make money, you’re stupid as fuck, and don’t expect to ever possess the ability to surpass or upstage anyone in the real world! When weak and stupid motherfuckers make unwarranted comparisons to other people’s lives to gain false confidence after registering that they’re regular as fuck, they never contrast their unremarkable-ass lives with the many people who are more distinguished than them. Like I just said, motherfucker, you ain’t doing nothing, just accept that you ain’t shit! Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, if you work for someone, you’re just as dependent as a child is to their providers. No, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work, but you should definitely realize and respect that your livelihood has contingencies, and you’re not in control! Forbye, true freedom and independence are impossible on planet Earth. For example, a restaurant owner requires cooks, cashiers, and customers to sustain a business. Without those people, there’s no one to cook the food, nobody to collect the cash for the food, and nobody to buy the food—which would be the only reason to cook and collect cash in the first place. Not to mention, somebody must plant and pick the veggies, someone must catch and/or raise, slaughter, and process the meat, and somebody must deliver all that stuff to the restaurant. Even if you were to do all those things yourself, who designed and manufactured the vehicle you drive, who made the tools you use, etc.? No matter who you are, motherfucker, you’re dependent on somebody! I won’t humble myself, but people definitely should! I’ve made all these points before, and I will continue to do so. If I could have people take anything from my writing, I would want them to fully understand and be obdurate in their belief that people are weak and stupid! People don’t know shit! Don’t let anybody tell you anything, ever! Fuck people! As I’ve mentioned time after time, most people don’t live for themselves, and every decision they make is based on their presumption of what other people want them to do. In other words, most people act solely and specifically to accrue complying or approving opinions. It’s some sad and pathetic shit that these people will never have the strength or integrity to admit, but it’s always evident in their actions.

Personally, I would rather be detested and disdained for being myself and doing whatever the fuck I want to do, than to be praised and embraced for acquiescing and acting to appease other people! I don’t give a fuck about what anybody thinks, and that’s the only sensible way to live! Who can teach you more about money management, a millionaire or a vagrant? Who can tell you more about the deleterious effects of drug abuse, a physician or an addict? There’s so much about life that people have fucked up, and they’ll never even know it! Do you want to know why you don’t get it? Motherfucker, because you’re weak and stupid! ROTFLMAO! This post is just something light. Back in the day, I used to call posts like this, “Random Thoughts”, but I changed it to, “Everybody’s Stupid”, because I always found myself discussing how weak and stupid people are. I don’t even bother to title posts now, they’re mostly all segments of Everybody’s Stupid. Although my writing mainly consists of my personal thoughts, I try to stray away from abstraction and utilize real-life events or situations to convey messages from a personalized perspective. It’s not easy to avoid being opinion-based in creative writing, but I hope my points are clear. If my words change your mind about something, that’s great. But, I believe everyone should have a mind of their own. That being said, everyone is welcome to make their own explications on the universality of human infirmity and stupidity, but even if you are just adducing generalities, it is hard to contend the fact that majority of people are weak and stupid. We are at a point in time when damn near every bitch with two tits and two cheeks thinks people want to see them fully nude or half naked. I was on social media just strolling one day, and I didn’t see nothing but stretch marks, inner thighs with heavy hyperpigmentation, asymmetrical and saggy boobs hanging out of cheap lingerie, cellulite, flat and funny-shaped asses, pimples and blemishes, and all kinds of nasty and unattractive shit. It’s like these hoes done forgot what a model is supposed to look like! Do these sluts not recognize that they are just average-ass slags? I say that to say, people are more confused now than they’ve ever been! It’s like being normal but pretending not to be normal is more normal than being normal and acting normal, but not being normal and pretending to be normal still ain’t normal!? Wait… now I’m confused!

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