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Black Women, Part II

“Yeah, you fucking with some wet-ass pussy! Bring a bucket and a mop, for this wet-ass pussy! Give me everything you got, for this wet-ass pussy!”. “Buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it! Is you, fuckin’? Two shots, fuck it!”. That is the type of shit y’all hoes vibe-out to while you’re on social media bitching about how you’re tired of getting fucked and forgotten, griping about your baby daddies not being responsible, and sharing black empowerment shit that indisputably doesn’t align with your belief systems or your lifestyle choices! For the record, I don’t mind being “the bad guy”, at all! In fact, I wish the world had more people like me. On several occasions, I have mentioned how nearly all the women in my maternal family suffer from mental illness. We’re all aware of the stigma people place just on the phrase “mental illness”, and that stigma is obviously a culprit in the indignity ill people often feel, which animates and fortifies the manifest denial inherent in mental illnesses. For example, my mother’s sister is a manic depressive and a pathological liar, but she’s never been officially diagnosed. She always complains about being in pain and not having energy, but she is never physically overactive. She has intermittent mood swings, and she’s hardly ever happy. She constantly blames other people for her personal predicaments, even if the people she’s blaming aren’t involved. She perpetually and blatantly fabricates bold-faced lies, especially to victimize herself in situations where she is plainly in the wrong. This bitch lies specifically to justify lying! And none of that is even the worst of it! I know everybody knows somebody like that. What do people generally do in those situations? Nothing! Y’all soothe and support those sick motherfuckers without providing them the proper help or encouraging them to seek it. Y’all’s lack of action effectively enables and eternizes the sick person’s bullshit. But, when I tell that stupid bitch that she has problems and she needs to see a psychologist and a psychiatrist, I’m the one that’s “not right”!? It’s laughable! Notwithstanding, I believe it is human nature to villainize anything that makes you feel inferior or defeated. The truth is a motherfucker, and most people can’t handle it!

If an action intended to alter a problem isn’t a solution, then what else could it be? It could only be another problem, and that new problem is likely to either create additional problems or compound the existing one. Black women don’t seem to have any solutions! Admittedly, I am what some people may consider lame. I don’t socialize much, I’m not a partier, I don’t partake in recreational drugs, I don’t participate in transient sexual relationships, etc. Naturally, I make conscious efforts to never place myself in situations that will compromise my health, sanity, or finances. There are certain types of people who have certain types of problems in life. For instance, gamblers lose money a lot, addicts are frequently deprived of their wits, gluttons persistently struggle with physical fitness, criminals commonly but reluctantly surrender their rights and freedom, and black women relentlessly just straightforwardly make bad decisions! I have a whole philosophy on choices and what they mean. I believe that there are plain differences between mistakes and bad decisions. A mistake happens when someone takes an action, and ignorance or inattention causes that action to result in a disadvantageous outcome. A bad decision is when someone knows the outcome of an action can or will be disadvantageous, but they do it anyway. Commonly, calling something a mistake is an excuse for making a bad decision. And like the improvident pacifying people do to placate the mentally ill, they inclusively imprudently conciliate stupid motherfuckers while foolishly believing that softening feelings of regret and guilt is healthy. It’s not! Pain and discomfort are meant to help people understand when something is harmful. It’s nearly impossible to fix sicknesses and stupidity with simple, half-assed reassurance. Sick people require professional treatment, and stupid people conventionally only learn the hard way! If a person is sick and stupid, they are probably a lost cause. Unfortunately, a lot of black women are sick and stupid as fuck!

I remember going to church once, and there was a lady there who stated she had 10 kids and she worked three jobs to make sure her kids had everything they needed. She avouched how hard it was to stay strong and boasted about having the strength to keep going. People applauded and praised that stupid bitch. I was about 9 years old, and all I could think was, “bitch, if you had just kept your legs closed, you wouldn’t have none of these fucking problems”! Funny part about that was, when the lady made her proclamation, I just shook my head, and the older black lady sitting next to me tittered at my criticism and handed me a piece of candy. From my perspective, there have always been intelligible indications that distinguish good decisions from bad ones. I knew that people were stupid early on in life, because there were adults doing and saying shit that I understood were wrong from the beginning, and I never even needed half of that shit to be explained! If you’re on social media protesting misogynists in one post, then shaking your ass in the following post, stupid bitch, understand that men don’t treat you respectfully because you can’t define respect! You want to let niggas know that you have some “wet-ass pussy”, but you don’t want niggas to ask for it!? Y’all bitches are dumb, bruh! It’s deeper than social media, though. The whole culture is fucked-up! Just the fact that hoes have a legitimate, mainstream wet-ass pussy anthem is indicative of an immanent lack of self-respect in black culture. When I started writing this post, I didn’t even think I would get a full three paragraphs. Why does anyone need to tell a hoe that advertising or promoting her sexuality is objectifying?! Why aren’t people smart enough or strong enough to tell each other the truth when their fucking lives literally depend on it, but they talk and keep up all kinds of unnecessary and unhelpful shit on regular basis?! If you don’t know, those questions are sarcastic. Sometimes, the answer to a question is in the question itself. Maybe that is what y’all hoes need to do!? Ask yourself more questions about yourself and try to answer them yourself!?

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