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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XVII

People are murdered and assaulted every day, and that is a fact everyone is aware of. Yet, people continue to get shot, stabbed, beat down, strangled, ran over, poisoned, blown up, etc. on a routine basis. If that’s not a transpicuous sign of universal stupidity, I don’t know what else is! It seems like it’s always the pussiest-ass motherfuckers who want smoke! That’s usually people who only mind other people’s business, and they talk shit as if speaking their mind makes them a genuine person, when it really only demonstrates that they don’t have shit going on in their own lives and they don’t care enough about their own welfare to avoid antagonizing people who don’t give a fuck about their well-being. Everybody wants to be important, and they want their opinions to affect other people’s lives. That is why a part of me rejoices whenever a new war starts, a new school shooting happens, or another person is reported murdered on the news. Consequences make the world go ‘round, literally! Science suggests that Earth rotates on its axis because the matter that formed our solar system was spinning before the planets even formed. Consequently, Earth has always spun. If Earth didn’t spin, the Sun wouldn’t rise or set, so half the planet would always be sunny and the other half would always be dark. Photosynthesis is the process green plants use to feed themselves, which requires sunlight. Those green plants produce the oxygen that we breathe. Do I need to explain what happens to the dark side of Earth in this scenario? Comparably, if evil wasn’t eternally rivaled by good, the world would be entirely wicked all the time. Now, the concept of good and evil is completely speculative. For instance, I believe killing a person for trying to steal your car is fair, and other people disagree. On the other hand, violence is so prevalent in our world because a lot of people are too stupid to understand that every action is liable to have a totally blown out of proportion reaction. Unfortunately, dying is a lot of people’s wake up call, but of course then it’s too late. Sympathy is something I feel less and less of as I get older. People do and say a lot of stupid shit, and they often end up paying for it in the most personally prejudicial ways. How hard is it to mind your motherfucking business? How stupid do you have to be to believe your life matters more to someone else than their own life? I don’t know what to tell y’all stupid motherfuckers!

Although I grievously disagree with their posture and policies, I admit that I’ve always viewed republicans and far-right extremists as soldiers. Where democrats and basic-ass civil rights activists go from 0 to about 62 when they’re fired up, those “good old boys” take it right to the max! I respect that. Storming the United States Capitol is something black people, and their advocates and allies, should have done centuries ago. When the history books are rewritten, the #BlackLivesMatter movement will be mentioned by default. But, those Capitol rioters made true fucking history! My main grievance with #BlackLivesMatter has always been the transparent contentiousness of a statement that highlights an outcry for black lives to take precedence over everyone else’s life. Saying that black lives matter is a moot point, and there are diverse viable arguments that can be made to the contrary. These people aren’t fucking smart! How the fuck are black people pleading for equality while disassociating themselves from the people they desire to equate to?! That don’t make no fucking sense! From what I know, every cop that murdered an “innocent” black person since the formation of #BlackLivesMatter has been exonerated. Y’all can paint as many murals as you want and march until your feet are nothing but nubs, but you’ll never have the impact of people who just don’t give a fuck! As tired as black people claim to be, they still ain’t hit “fuck it” yet. The Capitol rioters went straight to “fuck it”. Granted, their actions weren’t conducive to their cause, but that’s only because a riot can’t overturn the outcome of an election. However, their point was made and their intentions were undeniable. All the same, maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps looting stores and destroying their own neighborhoods is black people’s “fuck it”!? Presumably, black people are as stupid as I’ve always assumed. Centuries have passed, and black people still don’t recognize, or just refuse to admit, that white people are the only reason we’re empowered. Until now, black voices have never meant shit! If change happened, it is because white people wanted it to happen, even if it was only a few of them. You can read this and argue against it to your heart’s content, but you’d only be trying to convince yourself that all the stupid shit you believe in is meaningful. It’s not!

There’s a bipolar-ass bitch named, Mechee X, that posts highly emotional, derisive rants on social media. Now, you can just look at this bitch and tell something ain’t quite right, and as soon as she opens her mouth your suspicions will be confirmed. Mechee is one of those stupid motherfuckers who hates everybody for all the wrong reasons. She abhors white people who fight for black causes just because they’re white, she detests Mexicans and other people of Spanish-descent for “claiming” to be people of color, she professes that black people can’t be racist because they’re black, she despises anyone who disagrees with her, and this bitch is just two bunny ears shy of being a Looney Toon if you catch my drift. Mechee reminds me of my first bully—a short, chubby, crazy bitch named Chere. Chere is, of course, a female, and she fucked with me from elementary school all the way through middle school. I recently looked up Chere’s arrest records, and this diminutive, demonic bitch is now four feet, nine inches of pure fucking sin. I’m going to be honest, I was terrified of Chere! I likened her to Chucky, The Leprechaun, Gremlins, that little voodoo doll from Tales from the Hood, and all things infinitesimal and homicidal. I wasn’t always a fighter. To become a fighter, I had to get tired of people fucking with me, then I had to overcome the fear of being injured in a fight, but by that time I was well in my teens, and nobody really fucked with me anymore. After beating a couple niggas up for no reason, I ended up letting shit slide when I probably should’ve beat niggas asses, but at that point I had developed the belief that losing my temper was a sign of weakness and immaturity. Eventually, introspection and reclusiveness became permanent pieces of who I am. If I need to spell it out for you, I lived, I learned, and I grew. I learn more about myself and the world every day. Motherfuckers like Mechee X represent the antithesis of education and maturation. I know I’m all over the place here, but bear with me. Over 74 million Americans voted for Donald Trump to be reelected in 2020. Surely, I don’t need to explain how shitty a person Donald Trump is. I think people’s biggest problem is believing they are required to subscribe to a single set of beliefs. Nevertheless, maturity involves making your own decisions and doing what you personally believe is best for you. You can be Afrocentric and date white people. You can be a republican and support the lower class. You can disagree with people without altogether dismissing them. And you can follow a crowd while leading yourself!

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