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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XVIII

There is a measurable degree of freedom that accompanies honesty. Honesty provides a variety of natural immunity to all types of bullshit. In previous blog entries, I’ve mentioned several times that I don’t give a fuck about people—how they feel, what they believe, or anything about them. I understand it’s difficult for most people to grasp the concept that they don’t fucking matter. But, nevertheless, that won’t deter me from constantly reminding these weak-ass, stupid-ass motherfuckers that they’re all inapplicable, inapposite, and inferior. Now, if you think you’re smart, you might be thinking, “what’s the point of addressing people, if you believe they don’t matter”? The answer to that question is, I’m an educator, an enlightener of sorts, and I make it my duty to inform all people—whether I deem them substantial or insignificant. The first thing that you all must understand, is that you’re not required to understand anything that another motherfucker decides to do! Who gives a fuck what makes sense to you?! If you’re not affected by somebody’s decisions, if you’re not immediately involved in a situation, your approval or agreement will never be necessary! Let me say this: I’m the type of person who has always minded my own business. I’ve never asked a motherfucker for anything, and nothing valuable that I have or ever had was given to me. I’ve been the same real-ass person since I was a child! I only mature and advance! So, anybody who has some nonsense to say about me—kill your-motherfucking-self! You can Google me and tell what the fuck I’m about! I don’t have many secrets. Again, I’m an honest person, and I live as virtuously as this world permits. I like to throw this type of energy into the atmosphere from time to time, because I know being an Earthling can be trying and exhausting. A lot of people summon the little confidence they have by siphoning the life from other people. Sometimes, there’s nothing more liberating than telling a motherfucker, “fuck you”, “kiss my ass”, “suck my dick”, “kill yourself”, etc. If that’s how you feel, let it out! Honesty is therapeutic, just don’t abuse it.

I don’t feel sorry for Ma’Khia Bryant! Watching that video, all I thought was, “that little bitch is crazy as fuck”! I don’t care enough about her case to research what she was fighting about. But, knowing niggas, it’s safe to assume the conflict was over nothing. If “black lives matter”, why was Ma’Khia attacking other black bitches with a steak knife? The cop that shot Ma’Khia arrived at the scene and saw a female attacking another female with a knife, and a third female laying on the ground with potential injuries. He didn’t know this female assailant was only 15 years old, and her being black was likely an afterthought. “Real niggas” don’t call the cops, right? Black females who fight other black females in their parents’ driveway are the type of bitches who refer to themselves as “real bitches”. The same is to be said for black females who show up to somebody’s parents’ driveway to fight. At this point, black people should be more afraid of being shot by a cop than being stabbed with a steak knife in a driveway catfight. So, why call the cops to an active brawl if you don’t want the cops to show up and do what cops do?! Being black in America means a lot more than being a victim of racial injustice. Being black in America often means condoning and regularly participating in violence against other black people, hating white people and the police as a tradition and not as a direct result of any personal wrongdoing, living a life of crime and heavy substance dependence because that is what’s cool and popular, and just being an all-around stupid motherfucker! Ma’Khia Bryant was attacking a woman with a knife when she was shot and killed by a cop. Adam Toledo was running around Chicago at night with a pistol when he was shot and killed by a cop. Not to say that these kids couldn’t have been in their homes doing kid-shit when a cop busted in and shot them for no reason, but that’s not what the fuck happened in either of these cases. Like I always say, niggas are niggas’ worst enemy! Don’t blame the cops, don’t blame “the system”! If you stay away from bullshit and bullshitting people, your chances of being a victim of racial injustice become obsolete.

Being smart at times means being bored. Being strong on occasion means being alone. People prove, time and time again, that they are not worthy of your time and vitality, but you surrender yourself to the bullshit because you don’t want to be bored or alone. That applies to all relationships—romantic, platonic, and familial. I stay away from my own grandmother, because she is a negative, toxic individual. There’s a whole lot of bullshit that most people base their lives on that I don’t give a fuck about. Family is just a word that denotes blood relations. Sharing blood relations with someone doesn’t mean they automatically love you, respect you, and have your best interests at heart one hundred percent of the time. Family doesn’t mean shit to me! By the same token, being black doesn’t mean I’m going to side with black people regardless of the circumstances. Another thing I say a lot—I don’t give a fuck about black people! I hate all stupid motherfuckers the same, without any additional prejudices. However, I will always champion and buttress all people who fight for universal justice and freedom. That’s what the fight has always been about for me, amalgamation. It doesn’t make sense to choose sides based on social or racial affiliation in a battle meant to eliminate all inessential differentiation! Criminals and black people aren’t synonymous. Cops and racists aren’t always the same thing. But, when black people are committing crimes, they are criminals, and they should always be treated as such. Comparably, when cops do racist shit, they should be prosecuted and condemned as such. Moreover, when people bring bullshit in your vicinity, or even to your attention, you should take actions that distinctly demonstrate your stance on said bullshit. Whether that means cussing a person out, whooping somebody’s ass, or cropping a few motherfuckers out of your circle. Just always be willing to deal with the consequence, and if you’re black, you might want to avoid actions that will potentially involve law enforcement. And whatever you choose to do, just try to do it honestly!

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