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Everybody’s Stupid, Part XIX

I almost never read the comments on blog posts, because the majority of them are spam. However, when I do read the few comments that seem permissible, it’s always someone praising my writing talent, commending me for being honest, thanking me for clarifying something, asking for my permission to use my writing on their blog (which is the dumbest shit ever, so get the fuck out of here), seeking advice on starting a blog, etc. Firstly, let me inform you guys that genuine expression is literally the easiest, most effortless thing anyone can do. Everything that I write comes directly and exclusively from my brain to the text typed with my fingers. I try hard not to think too hard, which is very hard because I’m a hard thinker, and none of my beliefs or expressions are influenced by outside sources. Writing is easy for me, because it’s a talent I’ve always possessed. Even as a small child, I understood context, composition, grammatical correctness, punctuation, sentence structure, and all that geeky literature stuff. But, everything isn’t for everybody. For instance, I’ve always been a better writer than a speaker. I’m a southern black man from an urban area, and a high school dropout. So, I almost never talk the way I write. I know that my background and my lack of a formal education are an attestation to my natural intelligence and capacity for learning. Essentially, learning ain’t nothing but comprehension and retention. Anybody with a partially functioning brain can learn. However, the appetence for knowledge, the motivation for seeking said knowledge, and one’s application of the information received from knowledge is what separates the ignoramuses from the intellectuals. Nonetheless, when it comes to expressing yourself, there will always be people who agree with you and fools who disagree with you. My advice to people who want to start blogging is, only be yourself. You don’t have to be as smart as me, you’re not required to know “big” words, you can be a bad writer or a horrible speaker—regardless of who you are and what you’re talking about, somebody is going to fuck with you and appreciate your efforts. Also, learning to be better will get easier the more you learn.

It doesn’t matter what scale you’re operating on; success is measured by accomplishment alone. For example, this blog receives anywhere between 6,000 and 10,000 unique visitors a month, and on average I only post once a month, and most of my shit is repetitive as fuck, and my aim is only to share my thoughts on a platform that I have 100% control over—so this shit is a success! I’m not affected by naysayers, because I understand something they never will. It’s simple, I know they’re weak! Nobody who’s ever struggled for success, no matter how small their goal was, will ever try to discourage someone who is clearly consistent and distinctly determined. Motherfucker, my own grandmother tried to discourage me from starting a litter clean up business. I wasn’t even asking her for advice, she’s never owned a business, and at that point I had owned several businesses. I was just telling her about what I intended to do, and her reply was, “You want to pick up trash? They already got people to do that”. As if another nigga starting a business to clean up the streets was a bad idea!? Now, don’t get me wrong, that business got old quick. It’s not fun picking up trash and used tires in barely accessible wooded areas, and hauling broken bedroom and living room sets from shopping plaza parking lots. However, because I was determined to get that bag, just one of my contracts landed me over $8,000 working about three hours once a week for three months. So, when I tell y’all, “fuck people”, “people don’t know shit”, “family doesn’t mean anything”, and “people are weak and stupid”, understand that I’m trying to help you trust and believe in yourself! And no, not all of that is directed at my grandmother. If you’re like me, shit that works for most people won’t work for you. I don’t give a fuck how long it takes me to figure out how to attain self-made ultra-success, because my only purpose at this point of my life is to do shit my way.

They refer to conformity as, “the straight and narrow path”, because there ain’t many places you can go if your only accepted options are limited and predetermined. I think it was Nick Cannon who sounded a lot like me when he said, “some people just want to pay bills and die”. Admittedly, for the umpteenth time, I’m a boring-ass dude. If I’m not making money, spending money on necessities, or making the occasional booty call, I’m in the house scheming on the next thing I’m going to try that may or may not be successful. All my money moves are small-time, I buy the cheapest necessities, and all the chicks I fuck are boring as fuck too. But, I’m doing whatever the fuck I want to do, the way I want to do it. I’m moving to London or Paris sometime in the next 12 to 24 months, and I have over $100k saved from recent business ventures. I made and saved $100k without having a traditional job! That’s impressive, if I have to say so myself. It took me 34 years of life to realize that I don’t give a fuck about money. That’s why I’ve refused to wake up every day to do a job that I didn’t like, and it’s the reason I’ve rejected sacrificing my happiness for mediocrity. Yes, that means I’ve slept on a couch or two, I’ve been evicted, and I’ve lacked stability, but I’ve been mostly happy. Over the years, as I’ve gained more knowledge, I’ve come to recognize that there’s very few things that matter in life. The most important thing is staying alive. The second most important thing is being happy. There’s not really a third thing for me! I don’t want kids. I will never get married. I don’t give a fuck about being rich. I don’t give a fuck about being liked or well-received. I don’t give a fuck about being understood. I just want to be successful! I pass a lot of judgement on stupid people, but a big part of me assimilates with irrationality. Rationale concerns a person’s reasons for believing in and practicing certain principles. Ultimately, I understand some of the decisions I make aren’t the absolute best resolutions to certain problems. But, if you’re happy and alive, what the fuck else matters?!

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