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Everybody’s Stupid, XXXVIII

Nobody takes anything seriously! And I know just seeing that statement makes a lot of people cringe. People hate to be reminded of how stupid they are, how having fun should never supersede their safety and well-being, and how they could have easily avoided obvious fuck-ups by simply considering the consequences and acting fearfully. Yes, like we’ve all heard, fear drives many of, if not most of, our actions. That’s a scientific fact, and a quite pronounced observation. For instance, if you’re afraid of fighting, it’s likely because you have a properly functioning brain that compels you to avoid being physically harmed. Conversely, if you’re prone to initiating confrontations, it’s probably because you fear being labeled a wuss or a wimp. Imagine a world where all tough guys appreciated their impermanence, and understood that their abrasive and combative nature are a result of profound insecurities and mental illness. Check the murder rates! Not only is it dangerous to antagonize other humans, it’s borderline insane, and an unhealthy bad habit that would be highly beneficial to break. You know how I know people are stupid? Because all the most frightening and savage killers are complete fucking nerds, and those are the people who catch the most flak for being infirm and inadequate! Every mass shooter, every serial killer, and every violent assailant who isn’t associated with a street gang or police force is the type of person who commonly circumvents cosmetic contest. Yes, I said cosmetic contest, which is all the shit bitch-ass, punk-ass, pussy-ass motherfuckers do for attention and appearances! How the fuck can you be a strong, hardened, steady-handed person when you only challenge people who you view as weak?! Has it ever crossed your mind that serial killers and mass murderers arise from the depths of the “sunken places” they are forced into by lesser people—morally deficient maniacs who relentlessly prey on dim-lighted cowards!? That’s “common sense”, ain’t it? And to make it even more fucked-up, if a coward is a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things, and bullies only taunt and torment “cowards” because they believe it’s safe and likely to produce nothing but pleasant results, who the fuck is the true coward?! People are stupid because their logic is illogical—the shit y’all believe in just don’t make no fucking sense!

Last night, I watched “The Sweetest Thing”, which is a goofy-ass comedy, starring Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz, that I thought was hilarious when I was a young teen. Honestly, the movie has a sensible plot, decent writing, good direction, and it is acceptably funny. But it’s one of those movies that I can only watch when I’m not in a serious mood, because it depicts a lot of disagreeable, disgusting, and disturbing popular trends that remind me why I hate people so much. Namely, light-hearted promiscuity, mindless unsophistication, and carefree classlessness. In the movie, Cameron Diaz’s character grabs a random guy’s ass in the club to get his attention, then she turns around and pushes her vulnerable, grieving friend onto the guy, suggesting that he should dance with her then take her home to fuck her. And needless to say, that’s the type of messaging that emboldens uncertain, highly impressionable people to make potentially life-threatening decisions. For the record, a mistake is an action made in ignorance or error that produces an undesirable result. Ignorance is plainly the lack of knowledge or information. When you make a mistake, you enter the situation with pure, good-hearted intentions, but you either honestly underestimate the circumstances or just don’t know enough about the situation to completely understand the probable consequences. But when you do something that you’re fully aware is counterproductive—something that has high potentiality of an unfortunate outcome—and you don’t give a fuck, that ain’t a fucking mistake, you’re just stupid! So, again, if you’re afraid to have sex with strangers, it’s certainly because you have the good sense and discernment necessary to avoid sexually transmitted viruses, diseases and infections, unplanned pregnancies, and prospective unhealthy or unsafe encounters with people you don’t even fucking know! Inversely, if you’re the type of person who believes life is too short to sweat the important stuff, and you enjoy living a debauched lifestyle, it’s definitely because you’re depraved and deprived of the power to fear the idea of not living a long, prosperous, healthy life… you stupid motherfucker! Imagine a world where everybody was responsible enough to only make profitable and productive decisions. Then, understand that world doesn’t need to exist for YOU to make those decisions!

At what point does fear become irrational? In my opinion, no single person can answer that question for anyone but themselves! But on the other hand, when does the lack of fear become unreasonable? I believe most people can’t even perceive what fear really is! It’s why religion exists, it’s the reason you wear your seat belt, it’s why you discriminate against people you disagree with, it’s why cops believe they must establish dominance when interacting with civilians, it’s the reason civilians believe most cops are insistent on dominating everyone without their contrived authority, it’s why affected supremacy prevails, it’s why you’re ashamed to be yourself, it’s the reason you avoid everything unfamiliar, it’s why you’re apprehensive about trying new things, it’s the reason you refuse to change your mind about certain stuff. We are constantly surrounded by and overwhelmed with fear! And I don’t think it’s a bad thing. People are quick to tell other people, “live your life”, as if there’s nothing to worry about. Motherfucker, if you’re not worried about a whole list of shit every day of your fucking life, I guarantee you won’t see anything but misfortune! Who do you believe could give you the best budgeting advice, a billionaire or a vagrant? Who could best inform you about the ills of drug addiction, a drug addict or a physician? There are no right or wrong answers to those questions. The fact is, if you’re smart, you know not to buy shit that you can’t afford, and you’ve seen enough crackheads in real life or on television to realize that’s not what you want to be! So, black women, if you know that “good” men don’t respect hoes, and you want a “good” man who respects you, why are you a fucking hoe? And if you’re not a hoe, why are you on the internet and out in public presenting yourself like a hoe? Because that’s what all your peers are doing? That makes sense to you?! And niggas, if y’all “wouldn’t wish jail on your worst enemies”, and snitching is a great way to avoid jail time, why do y’all hate snitches so much? And if y’all know niggas are always snitching, why the fuck are y’all so eager to let everybody know every crime you’re committing? That makes sense to y’all?! There’s a reason why smart people, like me, are so intransigent. It’s because everybody’s fucking stupid!

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