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Everybody’s Stupid, XXXVII

I don’t have any friends. And I won’t say that I don’t want any friends. But I don’t want a group of stupid-ass, fake-ass, disloyal-ass people around me just so I won’t have to say that I don’t have any friends! Also, I very naturally prefer solitude. Should I be sad for making a conscious decision to be myself, by myself?! Furthermore, everything is “deeper than that” for me, which is a conspicuous trait of mine. So, even when there are people in my life, who aren’t related to me, that I share mutual affection with, they know that’s not enough for me, personally, to consider them a friend. People must earn their titles from me! And if that sounds like bullshit to you, who gives a fuck about you other than you?! Your friends? Fuck you and your friends! And if that sounds like I’m piqued to you and your friends, again, who gives a fuck about you and your friends other than you and your friends?! Stupid people have a knack for taking shit that ain’t got nothing to do with them and making it all about them! Purportedly, avoiding and refusing the company of stupid motherfuckers and lacking empathy for stupid motherfuckers are signs of mental illness. In my opinion, psychology is premised on people crazily and inconsiderately expecting and encouraging artificial behavior from people in their natural states of mind! The fact is, being unsociable is just as “normal” as being gregarious. Equally, anger and hatred are intrinsic and instinctive. And those are facts because they’re easy to prove! Again, I don’t share my best writing on this blog because this shit is free, and I don’t want to be plagiarized. So, I won’t go as in-depth as I could on this subject. Yes, I believe in mental illnesses, clearly. However, who the fuck are people to decide what’s best for people?! Empathy is the capacity to assimilate with others, or the ability to feel what other people feel without actually being in their position. And unfortunately, I’ve never been a stupid motherfucker, ironically, because my capacity is too vast. So, I don’t know, and don’t want to know, what it feels like to be stupid! However, I fully empathize with everybody who hates stupid people! If you believe that people should have the right, or the authority, or even just the confidence to prescribe or control how other people feel, and act, and react, you are a stupid motherfucker! And if you don’t feel me, and you wouldn’t be my friend, what the fuck does that make you?!

Anew, the moment that I let a stupid motherfucker tell me who I am or who I’m supposed to be will be the moment that I become as mentally ill as the rest of you stupid motherfuckers! And just because you choose to surround yourself with people who are just as, or more, stupid as you, it doesn’t make you sane! Y’all got life so fucked-up out there. One of Kanye West’s main points is that he doesn’t appreciate how people attempt to force their beliefs on everyone else, even though that’s exactly what he’s doing every time he makes a proclamation. Kanye owns and exploits his influence in the same ways that the people he abhors does. I don’t side with Ye on 99.9% of the shit that he says. But in inclusion of me recognizing his mental illness, I appreciate why he is audacious and unabashed about freely expressing his feelings. A lot of people love Ye for bucking the system, ruffling feathers, and blowing the whistle. So, I believe that at least part of Ye’s abnormal approaches, bizarre behaviors, and controversial comments are directly derivative of his presumption of everybody’s expectations. Kanye West is the freest slave in black history! Religion is oppressive, because it proselytizes the imposition of inhibition, and demands that people deprive themselves of the things that make them happy and keep them satisfied. Mental illnesses are incessant, involuntary, and often impossible to defeat. And remaining relevant requires relentless reassurance of one’s ability to survive criticism and stay interesting. So, Ye will never be free, because everything he does is to serve his god, or to appease his audience, or is a side effect of his impetuous insanity! I try to keep my opinions broad, because I never only want to consider myself when I’m drawing a conclusion on something. Obviously, I value my own opinions over everyone else’s. But I completely comprehend that everything ain’t about me! That’s possibly the biggest difference between me and other openly opinionated people. If I imply that people should be more like me, it’s always in reference to adopting the lack of fucks that I give about other people’s opinions, and my unwavering and infrangible insistence on always and only being myself! Now, if you think you’re smart, you might be thinking, “if you understand that everything isn’t about you, why do you refuse to acknowledge other people’s opinions?”. Because, like I’ve been saying the whole time, y’all are fucking stupid! It’s simple.

I didn’t need to see what happened to Shanquella Robinson (may she rest in peace) to acknowledge that most people can’t be trusted! In the same way, I don’t require a pontifical psychologist’s position on my life and lifestyle choices to interpret my life’s purpose! It’s my life! I do whatever the fuck I want, with or without whomever the fuck I want, whenever the fuck I want! If that level of freedom and intension isn’t something that you admire and desire, then you’re only proving every point that I’ve made here. There are over 8 billion people, 7 continents, more than 7,000 languages, around 195 countries, an undefined number of nationalities, multiple sexualities, and incalculable differences between everyone in the world. What does all of that mean to you? To me, it means that it’s ridiculous for it to be so difficult to find people who aren’t too stupid to befriend. Yet, here I am, friendless and unfriendly as fuck, and there’s evidence to support that it ain’t my fault! I am absolutely assured that, today, it is easier to make a million dollars than it is to make a true friend! The stupid bitch who beat Shanquella to death, and the dumb-fucks who recorded it, were alleged friends. Jeffery Dahmer used charm and amiable innuendo to lure in his victims, then he raped them, dismembered them, and ate their body parts. John Wayne Gacy offered young men a place to stay, in exchange for menial work and sexual favors, then he killed them, or forced his living victims to kill future victims, and buried them underneath his house. Dorice Moore befriended a witless, charitable lottery winner just to swindle him out of his money, murder him in his own home, and bury him in his own front yard. According to, more than 10 million men and women are victims of domestic violence every year. So, motherfuckers ain’t just stupid as fuck, they’re crazy as fuck too! As for me, I’m smart, I’m mature, I’m cool, I’m funny, my mom and my aunt Janice think I’m handsome (not that it matters), I’m loyal, I’m a good listener, I’m motivational, and I’m everything that a great friend should be. And that’s why I am outright opposed to apportioning any of my mighty motherfucking magnificence to people who I don’t deem worthy. And I don’t think I’m better than y’all, I know that I am better than y’all! For the most part, everything we do is a choice. Y’all should choose to be better!

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