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Everybody’s Stupid, XXXIX

In my opinion, about ninety percent of people can’t uniquely explain ninety percent of the shit they claim to believe! That’s how brainwashed you motherfuckers are. Yes, I know the term brainwashed makes you think of a phony psychic or psychologist holding up a spinning image of a black and white spiral, or a pocket watch swinging like a pendulum, as he creepily whispers “you’re sleeping”, right before he tells you to bark like a dog after he snaps his fingers. But in reality, brainwashing only requires repetitive and insistent messages and instructions from people with authority or influence. Another word for brainwashing is indoctrination, and people are indoctrinated either directly by people they trust or inadvertently through labyrinthine plots and counterplots by people they distrust. If you trust someone, it’s easy for them to manipulate you by convincing you to believe something or persuading you to do something. And after you’ve accepted ideals and beliefs from people you trust, you are likely to turn around and use your influence to promote the dogma you’ve learned from them. So, after being brainwashed, you will subsequently use whatever leverage you possess to brainwash people who trust you, but you may not even realize that all the bullshit you’re spreading is a result of brainwashing. And as more and more people come on board, they’ll all perpetuate the same bullshit. That’s how indoctrination, also known as brainwashing, is streamlined and normalized! And the people you trust can be anybody from relatives, to politicians, to your favorite celebrities, etc. On the other hand, if you don’t trust someone, and they know you distrust them but they want to force their ideals and beliefs on you, they may utilize subliminal messages and incidentals to reel you in. For instance, the military offers to pay college tuition specifically to incentivize college-bound youths to join the armed forces. Think about it! Historically, joining the military has always been a substitute for going to college. And when the military’s enlistment rates dropped significantly in recent years, they started paying college tuition, and paying for Lasik eye surgery if a prospective enlistee has bad eye sight, just to get more young people to sign their lives over to the US government. Now, think again. If a nerd who would have never even jokingly considered joining the military discovers that they can get a free college education and free corrective eye surgery after enlisting in the branch of their choice, how likely are they to seriously consider joining? And it’s not the incentives that make this scenario brainwashing, it’s the fact that the incentives are deliberately designed to completely change the way the nerd views the military! Do you get it? The military isn’t any less dangerous because they’re paying for shit!

Of course, indoctrination can be a lot more wicked than someone simply using temptation to get what they want from an unsuspecting pawn, but that’s just one example. This is all very dumbed-down, and I hope it makes sense, because I can’t make it any simpler. But if you think the military benefits thing is a bad example, consider this. In the movie Inception, people use sedatives and a special dream-linking machine to place everyone connected to said machine in the same dream. The antagonizing protagonists of the story use the dream machine to plant ideas in their targets’ minds, among other things. The main character in Inception, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, is tasked with making his mark believe that the ideas being planted in his mind are original, unaffected thoughts. The dream machine is obviously a fictional device, but it can be interpreted as the propaganda that many powerful and influential entities use to lay down their doctrines. Be honest, did you think about brainwashing before, during, or after watching Inception? You should have! That was the first thing that came to my mind as soon as I saw the trailer. Inception is defined as the establishment or starting point of an institution or activity. How many of your thoughts and beliefs are established at the very moment you experience something? All of them, right? How many of those experiences are you in complete control of? Probably none of them, correct? While engaged in these proverbial mind-altering, belief-setting, thought-provoking experiences, how much of what you’re seeing and hearing is affected by the other people involved? Everything, true? So, if you aren’t in full control of the experience, and the experience is being constantly altered and impacted by other people, how do you gauge the extent of which your perception is affected? For most people, they’re simply not conscious enough to elucidate their experiences comprehensively! That’s why it’s so difficult for most people to expound on their beliefs, and it’s also the reason you’re all so susceptible to indoctrination. Simply put, y’all ain’t woke enough! Do y’all like what I did there? The Inception reference followed by me telling y’all you’re not woke enough!? Yeah, I know. I’m really good at this! And if you understood how easy this shit is for me, you’d hate me even more. With most of these posts, I’ll have one point to make. Then, I’ll start typing and the shit just comes together and makes sense.

Have y’all noticed that “they” are trying to make being woke a bad thing? Like, being fully aware of what’s going on and acknowledging reality makes woke people objectionable? Do you think that’s a ploy for the brainwashers to regain some control? I do! Why would an oppressive regime want its subjects to empower themselves? The French Revolution was one of my favorite moments in history, if not my all-time favorite. The outcome of the Revolution set the foundation for democracy, globally, even here in America. The Revolution was sparked during the Age of Enlightenment, which was a time when people educated themselves and developed individual ideologies. Jean-Paul Marat was a writer, not unlike me, who issued a publication that aided in rousing the fight for change. Of course, I idolize Mr. Marat. Ultimately, during the Revolution, people got fed up with autocratic bureaucracy and started wrecking shit! They killed a bunch of power-hungry motherfuckers and created a system of governance that involved the People. I know history can be boring, so I won’t put on a snooze fest right now. And honestly, I believe that a lot of history isn’t important. For instance, we don’t need to know about slavery to understand that our current struggles with racism, bigotry, and inequity are fucked-up. And I also believe it’s the relentless recollection of the past that keeps us stuck. If there were no resolutions to similar or identical problems in foregone times, why repeatedly reference and recall that shit presently?! The Revolution rectified the imbalance of power and remedied the famine those people suffered. But that’s not the type of shit people like to remember. Today, bringing up old shit just encourages unenlightened people to remain the same, because it reminds them that their predecessors survived without changing. Unfortunately, indoctrination is highly effective. And its effects are passed on through generations of imbecilic, vacuous people who have no interest in thinking for themselves, and who aggrandize the reign of oppressive propogandists! Do you know what all this proves? Y’all ain’t gone like this. You’re all submissive! I think all y’all motherfuckers get your rocks off by being told what to do. America has a leash around your necks, a ball gag in your mouths, you’re all on all fours, and you’re getting fucked right up your loose asses! Loose because you’re used to it. And when America tells you that using lube means they love you, y’all believe that shit. Because that’s how brainwashed you motherfuckers are!

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