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Everybody’s Stupid, XL

This isn’t a social media site, ain’t no like buttons on this motherfucker, I’m not attempting to sell you anything, and I’m not making any money from this blog. These facts are important for you to consider if you ever believe it’s necessary to cast aspersions on my bona fides. I do this shit because I want to, because I can, because I’m good at it, and because I enjoy it! Now, with that being said, social media has always been very indicative and revealing. It indicates how stupid people are and reveals why they’re so stupid. I believe that social media’s far-reaching prevalence is a symptom of people’s exigency to publicize their self-importance. And it’s gotten weird! Have you noticed how many people in a comment section duplicate the most liked comment, just for likes? Sure, “great minds think alike”, but motherfuckers really don’t be having anything sagacious to say in social media comment sections. And how many “great minds” do y’all think are out there? Do you know how I know people don’t do well with logic and critical thinking? Because I’m an author, a poet, and a profound motherfucker! And it’s difficult for regular-ass idiots to leave a comment anywhere that’s more philosophical, insightful, and original than mine. But people seldom want to hear genuinely real shit! And my comments often fall on deaf ears. Now, if you think you’re smart, you might believe I’m bitter about not getting many likes on my social media comments. But I’m not bothered by it, it’s just a telling example of why our sociocultural atmosphere is so turbulent. Also, for what it’s worth, many of you are here after reading one of my social media comments. Like I’ve mentioned before, nobody takes anything seriously. And seemingly everybody is consumed with being self-absorbed. Which is perplexing, because they’re simultaneously absorbed in consuming content from people who are preoccupied with recreating mimicked content for other people to copy! Yeah, like I said, shit has gotten weird! What happened to eccentricity, individuality, uniqueness, and authentic fucking weirdos?! Y’all motherfuckers ain’t even weird for real, you’re just weird because it’s obvious that you’re not actually weird, but you’re trying to be weird, which is just weird! What the fuck is wrong with y’all?! Be yourselves! Why is it so important for everybody to recognize how uninteresting and ordinary you are?! This shit is kind of sad, honestly.

I’ll always be three steps ahead of you dummies, so stop! Yes, I want to be recognized for my talents. Yes, I have existent talents. Do you? Now, me asking that question isn’t a slight to you lame-ass lamebrains, it’s a rightful query. Social media substantiates my assertion that copycats are currently customary and conventional. And are y’all aware of how often I get comments on my blog from people asking me if it’s okay for them to copy and paste my posts to their blogs? It happens a lot… a whole lot! Firstly, why do you have an opinion blog if you don’t have any original opinions? Secondly, you don’t have to be a good writer to have a compelling opinion! Thirdly, what type of person is comfortable being a fake-ass fraudster? Fourthly, why not just share the link to my blog instead of attempting to pass my writing off as your own?! And lastly, what makes you believe I wouldn’t have a problem with you, ultimately, pretending to be me? I think thoroughly, and I like to get to the bottom of everything that I can. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m wrong, because so much shit seems super simple to me. And intermittently, I’m wrong as fuck. That’s it. No, I’m not going to insult y’all here, like I’d normally do. I just want you all to think with regard to everything you’re wrong about, and correct it! Think more often, make it a new hobby. Many of society’s problems could be resolved if more people were thinkers. Not talkers, thinkers! How much thinking are you doing if you chitter-chatter for a living, gossip for entertainment, and babble when you’re bored? Writing is especially different from talking, because it gives people time to think about what they want to say and how they want to say it. Frequently, I discover errors in my judgement just by writing down thoughts and realizing they’re not totally thought through. The other day, I watched an interview clip of a popular social media ranter, Kwame Brown. The interviewer asked Kwame why he “comes off” so angry in his videos. And the ranter’s response was some of the most pitiful, petty, pandering shit I’ve ever heard! In essence, Kwame said that his anger is justified by his fatherless upbringing, his toxic masculinity, his desire to be coddled like a traumatized woman, his determined demand for respect, and his belief that he must be angry for people to pay attention. In my opinion, he should’ve written down all his responses before the interview!

I think it’s easy to justify anything. And the concept of right and wrong is subjective. But if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that niggas like Kwame Brown, Charleston White, Tariq Nasheed, and Dr. Umar have never helped black people get anywhere! Trauma is a real problem for many people, and it’s the primary cause of most transient, and many abiding, mental illnesses. Many people function highly with their mental illnesses, which is why denial is a major symptom for many of said illnesses. Before I continue, y’all know how I feel about psychology, right? I believe it’s difficult for most people to separate their emotions and beliefs from facts and reality. Essentially, all our beliefs are inaugurated by our emotions, and vice versa. For example, can a homophobic psychologist suitably treat a gay patient? Don’t tell me you don’t believe in bigoted psychologists!? You’re supremely stupid if you don’t believe emotions play a primary part in every single thing we do, and everything we believe! Shit, a homosexual will pretend to be a homophobe just to avoid ridicule. A police officer will break the law to bring down a criminal. A male lion will kill his sons to avoid being overthrown. A physician will sabotage a patient’s treatment based on prejudice. You don’t think a psychologist will find a way to justify whatever bullshit they believe to circumvent the scientific requisites of a proper psychology practice?! Pessimism is realism, and that fact is as scientific as psychology! And any psychologist that would tell me I’m not right, from my subjective prospective, is wrong. People are just fucking people, regardless of their titles and statuses. And people can have all the facts in the world, but they will generally choose to form their beliefs around their emotions. That’s human nature. And it’s why I don’t give credence to psychology or psychologists. Resuming, all these traumatized, talking-ass niggas on social media use psychology to accommodate your necessity to be understood. Doesn’t it feel good to know you’re not alone? If people know that, you don’t think they’ll exploit it? These niggas have books, movies, podcasts, merchandise, seminars, and whole lists of shit they’re trying to sell you while they’re making you feel good with bullshit they’re talking. Trauma is a business, and you’re the customers! I’m not telling y’all to stop listening, just pay closer attention, think for yourself, and invest in YOUR wealth!

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