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Everybody’s Stupid, L

I fix my own cars, correctly and efficiently, and I’m not an ASE certified mechanic. I cook my own food, it’s really good most of the time, and I’m not a Michelin star chef. I accurately make repairs to my home, and I’m not a licensed contractor. I could write circles around your favorite op-ed journalist, and I’m just a self-effacing blogger. All of this and more is true! So, why do I need to be a psychologist to understand human behaviors and a physician recognize medical dos and don’ts?! I lost a sister last year, and it changed the way that I view everything. It made me even more conscious of things than I already was. And it pushed me to rekindle my relationship with one of my stepsisters. Please don’t hate me for this! These people will never even know who you are, so please chill. My stepsister has congestive heart failure, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and she’s generally not in good shape. But she’s beautiful, I love her, and I don’t want to lose another sister. Recently, we had a disagreement about her smoking marijuana in her current condition. I’ve been begging her to stop smoking, but she’s stubborn. Her excuse is, “my doctor and my aunt, who’s a nurse, said it’s okay to smoke, but hopefully I will stop soon.”. My response was, “your doctor and your aunt are stupid!”. I know from first-hand experience that a side effect of smoking marijuana is an elevated heart rate, which evidently increases your blood pressure. And if you already have high blood pressure and heart failure, of course, smoking weed will only exacerbate those problems. What type of legitimate doctor doesn’t understand that?! And to make it even more fucked-up, my sister is suffering from cardiac cough. So, I’m listening to her cough like a mad woman, without smoking weed, then she decides that taking the blunt from her dad is a good idea. And her dad, who knows her conditions, is sitting there listening to her cough, and also thinks it’s okay to pass her the blunt. Do I have to explain how frustrated and angry this makes me?! My entire life, I’ve been more sensible and mature than every fucking adult around me! That’s how I came to perceive that everybody’s stupid.

I avoided smoking weed for years, because it seemed like only stupid motherfuckers, bum-ass niggas, hippies, and rappers smoked weed. And I wanted to disassociate myself from those types. But with me being a naturally laidback, deep-thinking dude, I was curious about how weed would affect my mentality. And knowing that it wasn’t going to make me prostitute myself for a dime bag, I decided to give it a shot. I didn’t start smoking weed until I was 33, I turn 36 this year, and the first time I got high I had a panic attack and thought I was dying. It felt like my heart was about to explode, I was already paranoid from the weed, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Again, both paranoia and an increased heart rate are common side effects of marijuana use. After that, I did some research about weed-induced panic attacks, and discovered that it’s a regular occurrence. Not only are those panic attacks normal, but a few people die from them every year. And it should go without saying that all the people who succumb to those panic attacks have preexisting health conditions. I think we should all, individually, decide what’s best for us. So, I can’t be too mad at my sister for smoking, because she’s an adult, and I understand that she is going to do whatever she wants. But that doesn’t stop it from being stupid! When you love people, you make an effort to express your disapproval of their detrimental decisions by adjuring them to change direction. Now, you do a similar type of exhorting when you want to manipulate or control someone, but the implications are never mistakable. In my opinion, only an immature, insecure person mistakes concern for constraint. For example, me telling my sister to stop smoking weed while she’s suffering from heart failure and asthma ain’t the same as somebody telling me that I should stop worrying about what she’s doing! Now, nobody has told me that, but if they do, it’s going to be an instantaneous, severe ass whooping handed out! Imagine a stupid motherfucker telling you to stop loving your loved ones, after feeling the guilt of not loving your lost loved ones enough!!!

You know how I know people are stupid? A motherfucker will tell you that weed isn’t addictive, but everybody you know who smokes weed can’t go a day without smoking! Am I right!? If a “weed head” ain’t got no weed, their whole day is fucked-up and their entire life is in shambles! How the fuck does that work?! Now, I know that’s funny, but it’s funny because it’s true. And just because it’s funny doesn’t mean there’s not a problem. People are stupid as fuck! And that’s true whether they’re a doctor or a drug addict, a psychologist or a psychopath, or whatever the fuck! Motherfuckers go to school or do some training and come out of that shit like they’ve evolved beyond the realm of human perception. They act like it’s impossible for a person without their formalities to understand shit. Nah, stupid motherfucker! Like I always say, y’all go to school and memorize a bunch of shit that you don’t even fucking comprehend. Then, you graduate with a haughtiness that obscures your sense of reality. It’s the exact same shit that happens to cops when they leave the academy! And I don’t know which is worse—law enforcement officers or medical professionals?! Many aspiring police officers only want the job because they know they’ll be able to get away with imposing their will and breaking the law. That’s “common sense”, right? If you want to molest children and potentially get away with it, become a teacher, pediatrician, etc. If you want to act like you’re smart and fool other stupid people, go get a college degree. Stupid people want you to think college is difficult because they want the glory and recognition for doing things the “right way”. College graduates did what they were “supposed to do”. The fact is, college is just high school with bills! And graduate school is college for seasoned adults. Do you think I’m bullshitting? Ask yourself, are all lawyers as good as Johnnie Cochran? No. Why? Because Johnnie was naturally smarter than most lawyers. Intelligence can’t be taught, either you have it or you don’t! An education doesn’t make a person intelligent, it just provides them with information. Intelligence comes into play when it’s time for an “educated” person to use said information. And if a doctor tells a patient with heart failure that it’s okay for her to use a drug that negatively affects people’s minds, heart rates, and blood pressure, that doctor is a stupid motherfucker! Because he’s not intelligent enough to effectively apply the knowledge he received from his education!

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