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Everybody’s Stupid, LI

If you’re easily triggered, this is your forewarning. Women, let’s talk about y’all. Does a man or woman have to be the most attractive person you’ve ever seen for you to be attracted to them? For me, the answer is no. And I often ponder why many women suppose they must have the most noticeable physical attributes for men to find them attractive. Yes, a lot of men like big titties and fat asses—present spieler included. But most men, me especially, also accept and appreciate that women come in all different shapes, sizes, shades, and styles. And when women go out and decide that fake breasts, butts, and the rest are the new normal, what the fuck can men do other than accept it?! Ladies, think about it. Men didn’t tell y’all silly asses that saline or silicone implants, fat transfers, random injections, and multiple “enhancements” make you more valuable! Y’all peeped how men react and respond to curvaceous and voluptuous women, and y’all decided for yourselves to fake it until you make it seem like you’re confident. You’re not altering, augmenting, and acclimatizing for us, that shit is for you! I’m going to keep this simple. Women, y’all are weak as fuck! And, in my opinion, y’all won’t get stronger until you accept your fragilities, vulnerabilities, and insecurities, and vigorously exercise your abilities to remain staunch and tenacious when empowered with purpose. Now, think again, ladies. Getting your “body done” is a trend because you’re all encouraging each other to give in to your diffidence. Women have collectively decided that they all can cure their lack of self-confidence with surgeries. For example, look at actress KJ Smith. Google “KJ Smith nude”, and look at her lopsided-ass boob job and dramatic butt injections. Just looking at those slanted, skewed titties, I can tell that KJ was so desperate for boobs that she neglected to research her plastic surgeon’s skill level. That, or she couldn’t wait until she saved enough money for a reputable doctor, so she just took her tax refund one year and went to the cheapest surgeon she could find. KJ is undeniably beautiful, but do you think she’s confident? I don’t. My question is, if you’re hell-bent on being more sure of yourself, but you have to sacrifice who you are to do it, do you even feel like yourself in the end?! It can’t be worth it, right?

I used to think Lizzo was a disgraceful, disgusting drab. Not because she’s a BBW, but because she’s an ostentatious slut with no class. I’m still not a fan of her persona, but I recognize why her presence in popular culture is imperative! It’s difficult to deny that Lizzo is genuinely comfortable in her own skin, which is rare these days. I believe most people don’t follow how inspirational influencers can be. We often hear celebrities proclaim that they don’t want to be role models, but they purposely utilize their popularity to publicize their positions on particular principles. So, whether it’s their intention or not, popular people promote their own influence. Not to mention that artists and entertainers magnify the tendencies and fashions that guide cultures. Positive influences, even if done in negative ways or if coming from offensive people, are very important. I had a massive crush on Mo’Nique when I was growing up, because I’ve always been attracted to secure women. Mo’Nique is self-assured, vivacious, assertive, and humorous, which are highly appealing attributes. And I still have an affinity for Omarosa, who isn’t necessarily pretty, but she’s sexy, savvy, sophisticated, strong, striking, and I just love everything about her! Now, Omarosa has had a breast augmentation as well, and I’d love to get my hands on those puppies, respectfully. But Omarosa has never made sex her business. Cosmetic surgery itself can be logically regarded as sexual innuendo, because it’s done specifically to complement or improve sex appeal, and it insinuates the receiver’s goal. But not everyone who receives the surgery aims to objectify themselves. Personally, I’m not against women receiving a minor nip and tuck. But the extent of body modification has been out of control for some time now. Lil Kim looks like a creature out of a Michael Jackson horror-themed music video. Nicki Minaj’s ass slightly resembles lymphatic filariasis, also known as elephantiasis. And what the fuck was SZA thinking?! She didn’t even need that shit! Unnecessary cosmetic surgery is an automatic turnoff, for me. I’ll look, I’ll like the pictures on social media, but I will never hold insecure women in high regard! Again, with Omarosa being the exception.

I think modern women’s innate lack of self-confidence should scandalize and enrage other women a lot more intensely than it does. Where’s the resistance?! Are y’all just going to sit back and let these fake-ass, fake booty bitches convince you and your female loved ones that you’re not good enough? Do you not feel like that’s the message being inferred with the acceptance of synthetic transfiguration? Let me give you an analogy. In my opinion, nobody should be more outraged at police brutality than police officers. Most abusive cops pretentiously claim that their violent aggression is justified by their determination to make it home to their families every night. That excuse is a big crock of shit! Firstly, voluntarily accepting a job with the assumed occupational hazard of violence isn’t a viable explanation for treating all civilian encounters like life-or-death situations! Everybody wants to make it home to their families, stupid motherfucker! Who the fuck are you?! Secondly, anyone who understands the transference of energy knows that hostility begets conflict! Police officers start way more shit than they resolve. Most importantly, it’s clear that civilians’ dislike of, distrust of, and antagonism toward the police is a direct result of misfeasance, abuse of power, and police brutality. Concluding, if you became a police officer to uphold the law, but you’re surrounded by colleagues who commonly break the law, plus them breaking the law puts you at risk for public censure and internal investigations, then you understand that their misconduct forces civilians to be truculent toward you, subsequently you realize that truculence could lead to you being injured on the job, and all that should piss you the fuck off! By the same token, modern women normalizing affected perfection has laid the groundwork for the perpetuation of unrealistic beauty standards and body-shaming! As long as y’all are allowing these collagen-filled floozies to change your potential man’s perception of beauty, being a natural woman will become less and less desirable. Not less desirable for men, less desirable for you! We don’t give a fuck! Bitches had been hiding stretch marks and cellulite forever, thinking men found it unattractive. They never took into consideration that they get hounded every time they wear form-fitting attire. Bitch, we know your thick ass got stretch marks under those clothes! Open your eyes, ladies.

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