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Everybody’s Stupid, LII

Without Googling it, how many different types of apples are there? Do you have an idea? Now, Google it and try to find a definitive answer! A good teacher will always insist that their students question everything. If you’re smart, you routinely conduct research to discover the answers to your own questions. And in doing research, you will consistently find that different sources provide varying information. The rule of thumb is, if there are three or more unrelated sources supplying similar or virtually identical information, it’s probable that information is factual. But even generally reliable sources furnish inaccurate information from time to time. It’s best to get information directly from the original source, whenever possible. If you read news articles, you may notice that distinct news outlets often use the exact same headline when reporting breaking news. That’s by design, because when news initially breaks, there’s usually only one credible source contributing authoritative information. But unfortunately, we all know that seldom stops the news media from plainly making shit up! So, who can we trust? We can only trust ourselves to trust who we individually decide to trust. That may sound like a paradox, but it’s just a simplification of what we all know will happen. People lean on and gravitate toward their own truth, whether it’s true or not! Vetting is an essential and imperative process that you should implement in your life quotidianly, if you don’t already. And like I always say, people can have all the facts in the world, but they habitually bear an ailing reliance on their beliefs and emotions. A person can be permanently convinced that a lie is the truth! However, I think we’re all lied to so much, we don’t know what to believe sometimes. When that happens, and you can’t get any clarity from the primary source, it’s discerning to avoid drawing blind conclusions. A lot of misinformation derives from stupid people, who believe they’re smart, making unjustified assumptions and passing them on like said assumptions are facts. No, an educated guess isn’t a fact. Shit, everything you’ve been educated on can be a fucking lie! The fact is, if you don’t know something, you just don’t fucking know! Even if your ignorance is transitional, what’s wrong with saying, “I don’t know.”?!

There’s something we’re all guilty of that I believe everyone should stop doing immediately! When was the last time you fell out of touch with someone, wondered how they were doing, and instead of contacting that person directly, you asked someone who you assume is close with them, “how is so-and-so doing?”. What type of bullshit is that?! If you’re not only trying to be nosy, and the person you’re inquiring about is alive, regardless if they’re well or not, why not let them know you’re thinking about them? Now, if you have valid concerns evoking apprehension, like the person being clingy or needy, keeping your distance is understandable. Otherwise, you’re just bullshitting and you should quit! I stopped delegating intermediaries about two years ago, when one of my cousins told me about the turbulence in his relationship with his mom. Honestly, even with me being as cynical and quasi-nihilistic as I am, I never would have guessed his mom is as unstable as he alleged. And even if he was being hyperbolic in his accounts, the factual events that transpired as a result of said relationship turbulence somewhat corroborate his claims. My cousin’s situation reminded me that people are almost never who they profess to be or portray themselves to be, and it underpinned my cynicism. Doubt and distrust drive curiosity and fuel the quest for veracity. How many people do you trust to be straightforward and unbiasedly honest? Nobody gets that level of trust from me! I’m a scholar at heart, so I’m big on having incontrovertible proof before I deduce. But I also read people very well. And I don’t believe in clairvoyance or telepathy, but there are many telltales that everyone unknowingly emits, and I almost never miss them! I also like to test people’s honesty and intentions, just to prove to myself that I’m not crazy. I’m so smooth with my shit, I will enter an interaction with a plan, drag that plan out over an extended period of time, and place a person in a conversation or situation where they have no choice but to unwittingly expose the truth. And in the end, I’m never surprised. People are stupid as fuck!

Never take anybody’s word for anything! There are very few final authorities in the world. If you’re religious, your god is that authority. If you’re a child, it’s your parents. If you’re a subject of a dictatorship, your government has the final say. If you’re an atheist and an adult living freely, like me, that authority doesn’t exist! I don’t want to hear shit but the truth from people. And if a motherfucker can’t prove it, I won’t believe it. Without reputable sources and inarguable proof, any and all information is just hearsay! With me being so opinionated and expressive, I bet many of you have wondered if I enjoy debating. No, I don’t. Again, people are stupid as fuck, and they hardly ever know what they’re talking about but they’re predominately obstinate. Additionally, en masse, people are emotionally immature, easily offended, and can’t differentiate a respectful discussion from a petty argument. Why the fuck would I go back and forth with a motherfucker who can’t think or articulate their thoughts on a level equivalent to mine? That would just exasperate me. Besides, facts are never disputable. I only care about facts. And if I’ve verified that something is veracious, and someone dares to attempt to dispute the truth, that person automatically gets the stupid stamp from me and I don’t want them in my presence. Is it important for people to know you’re willing to fight to prove your point? That’s one of those trick questions that I hinted at earlier. Technically, there’s no right or wrong answer to that question, but the way you answer it is telling. How many times have you experienced or witnessed someone so eager to prove their point that they were willing to throw down? A better question is, how many people do you believe are willing to fight for the truth? Moreover, do you believe the truth is worth fighting for? Then again, if the truth is as indisputable as I’ve claimed, is it even necessary to fight for it? Should we fight to keep the truth or to obtain the truth? Do we truly have the right to fight for what we believe in? Should we allow people to tell us what our rights are? If you’re slow, my point is that these questions can be incessant. But what’s really going to wet your noodle are the answers… or lack thereof.

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