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Everybody’s Stupid, XXXIII

Again, I’m an atheist! I don’t believe in God because there’s no indubitable indication that it/he/she has ever existed. In my opinion, you can’t claim to be a fact-based thinker if you’re religious in any way, because there are no facts about God. And most religious people hinge their lives on the gospel. All religions are theories! Being an atheist, all my decisions are based on logic and percipience, opposed to being instituted by the ideas of going to hell for sinning or being rewarded for obeying the commandments. Also, I’ve always perceived churchgoers and religious zealots as the most sinful people. For example, how many remorseless murderers have emphatically proclaimed that God made them do it?! And who are people to surmise and dictate God’s will? Even if I believed in God, I would never allow anyone but God to influence my actions! And obviously, God would have to be incarnate with palpable, irrefutable evidence of its/his/her powers and progenitor footing for me to be a believer! With that being said, I truthfully believe that all religious people are wholly out of touch with reality! Because in reality, unwanted children are discarded, abandoned, unloved, manipulated, abused, exploited, trafficked, raped, enslaved, tortured, killed, and subjected all the worst things and people that inhabit this wasteful world! And naturally, impious people birth and adopt children specifically to take advantage of them! Just writing this has me so fucking furious, I can barely type! YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS! Abortion is a reprieve—an act of mercy. Not only that, in America, abortion is an act of freedom! I’ve avoided reading or entertaining “pro-life” and anti-abortion content, because hypocrisy and stupidity give me a headache and pisses me the fuck off. But I’ve reluctantly read comments with people saying things like, “if they chose to lay down and conceive the child, they should be forced to have the child”, “no pregnancy is unplanned”, “it’s not the child’s fault their mother was raped”, “a mother should be happy to die giving birth, because babies are miracles from God”, “abortion is premeditated murder, and moms who get abortions should be given the death penalty”, etc. Now, instead of simply calling these stupid motherfuckers “stupid motherfuckers” and being done with it, I’m going to expose their irrationality.

As it pertains to the death penalty (also known as capital punishment), if a criminal on death row is already atoning for their crimes in the form of incarceration, and said incarceration and isolation ensures that the criminal no longer poses a threat to other people, and their death will not be the result of self-defense, why kill them?! If you’re stupid, that’s a rhetorical question. The death penalty is an act of cruelty, because it’s enacted for the sole purpose of gratification—it’s an emotional response to callous indifference towards the criminal—and it’s entirely unnecessary! Ultimately, the death penalty isn’t even a fucking punishment, it’s an expediency—an escape from the penalization of life-long incarceration! And that, my good friends, is why you’re stupid motherfuckers! Because you don’t understand the difference between demonstrable facts and jaundiced opinions! If something doesn’t involve you and doesn’t directly affect you, why the fuck should it ever be up to you to decide what the fuck other people are doing?! Since y’all want to ban abortion, I assume you won’t have a problem with increased taxes to aid in the support of less fortunate and struggling families, right!? Because motherfuckers are about to run Welfare and SNAP benefits the fuck up! And if you make the choice to back abortion bans, you should be forced to help pay for the care of those would-have-been aborted children! Additionally, if a mother dies giving birth, taxpayers should be responsible for paying for her funeral, as well as monthly child support for all her motherless children until they are 18 years old. It’s not a mother’s fault if she dies giving birth! It’s not a mother’s fault if she’s raped or molested! It’s not a mother’s fault if her birth control fails! But it’s YOUR fault mothers no longer have access to safe abortions! You stupid motherfuckers! This shit is making me mad and ruining my day, so I’m done. If you don’t want to lose any more of your rights, make sure you vote Democrat in the upcoming midterm elections! Lives literally depend on you getting republicans the fuck out of our way!

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