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Everybody’s Stupid, XXXII

Anybody can be disrespectful! And everybody is sometimes disrespectful. I believe people find that fact difficult to ascertain. Respectfulness is showing courtesy, having good manners, being mindful of people’s feelings, and understanding the importance of boundaries. Demonstrably, the whole world got life fucked-up, and that’s why tension is so rife and people’s nerves are always on edge. Egotism, acquisitiveness, opportunism, immorality, and authoritarianism are all practices of people who lack respect for others. I used to live with my aunt, as an adult, and that “unstable creature” thought it was impossible for her to be disrespectful “in her own house”. She did everything from opening my mail, to eavesdropping on my conversations, to rambling through my belongings, to blatantly fabricating lies to justify all the bullshit she kept up in the house, to instigating disputes between me and people I had no prior quarrels with, and worse. Imagine Precious’ mom, but without children or a man. Now, you can just know of me, and in the absence of any particular knowledge, you’ll recognize that I don’t fuck with people, I mind my own fucking business, I’m intensely mature, and it’s unlikely that I’ll start shit with anybody. So, why did I repeatedly have to bark at my aunt? Why did that bitch believe she could do or say anything to me without consequences, even though shit never worked out in her favor? It was all because the stupid bitch never respected me, but believed that I owed her more respect than anyone deserves. And in lieu of incessantly entertaining her nonsense, I ignored her more often than not. I’ve always understood that she’s mentally ill, like most of my relatives, and I have more pity than hatred for her. And no, I no longer live with my aunt. I’m a homeowner, I have a house, and my shit is paid for! Early on in life, my aunt’s devilry taught me that even adults often don’t know their place. I think everybody deserves respect, until. The problem is, most people can’t separate their feelings from reality. For example, in reality, it’s perceptible that most disobedient children rebel against their parents and guardians because children don’t appreciate being disrespected. But on the contrary, it’s apparent that most parents and guardians don’t feel like children deserve respect! “Because I said so” is not an adequate or motivational explanation, it’s a demand—a power trip, and it’s natural for a self-governing person of any age to reject subjection. And when you teach your children to follow orders without questioning them, you are forcing them to harbor resentment, but you’re also either grooming cowards or creating fascists!

Think about all the shit that gets people murdered. Everything from treachery, to thievery, to jealousy, to adultery, to rivalry, etc. How often are both sides innocent? Innocence is subjective, but at the end of the day, nearly all disrespect is the consequence of disrespect! For instance, when rappers walk around flashing money and flaunting jewelry, it’s irreverent because those rappers are distinctly acting to taunt and tease their less fortunate peers. Vain and frivolous people are commonly viewed as callous and negligent, right? So, when those less fortunate people go after that money and jewelry, guns blazing, who’s actions are the most disrespectful? Was Robin Hood wrong for stealing from the rich to give to the needy? Now, I’m not likening jack boys and scammers to Robin Hood, but they’re somewhat, slightly similar. And it’s almost like rappers are equivalent to fishermen, but in reverse. Fishermen use lures to attract fish, and the more extravagant the lure is, the easier it entices fish. All a rapper’s glitz and glam allures contemporary highwaymen, then the rappers get hooked and snatched, and rappers choose to participate in that game. In my last post, I said that stupidity is a lifestyle and a culture. And disrespect is the predominant custom of that lifestyle and culture. People’s minds are so distorted and corrupted, they perceive freedom as both an entitlement to do whatever the fuck they want and a warrant to force other people to abdicate their freedom! The overturning of Roe v. Wade, and the subsequent state-by-state abortion bans, were a power trip—just like your parents used to do. Some of those officious motherfuckers are even attempting to ban contraceptives like birth control pills and devices, and condoms. And ironically, again, it’s difficult for me to not correlate both capitulation and domination with bad parenting. It’s not a coincidence that to treat someone “like a child” is synonymous with restraining, forcing, undervaluing, ignoring, overseeing, domineering, etc. I wholeheartedly believe that people coddle oppressors because being hegemonized is analogous to being parented!

How can we sustain free will, which is everyone’s birth right, while people are promoting authority as if succumbing to imposed will should be a requirement in a free society? It all boils down to this, my catchphrase—people are weak and stupid! Parents and guardians are weak, which is why they are indignant at being challenged by the children they perpetually disparage. Americans are weak, because their parents and guardians instilled lasting senses of inferiority and worthlessness into them. Everybody’s stupid, which is how the government gets away with telling Americans they are free while simultaneously curtailing their liberties. And of course, it gets a lot deeper. A few posts back, I talked about how being humble is a weakness, and I’ll stand on that belief forever! Being humble means you have a low estimate of your own importance, and being humbled means someone critically diminished your dignity or importance. How the fuck could either of those be positive for the humble or the humbled person?! If I’m not the most important person to me, who the fuck should be?! Get the fuck out of here! Humility is for the meek, and the meek will never inherent the Earth, they’ll be the first to be overborne by subjugation and exploitation! How the fuck can you be submissive and subservient, and thrive under someone else’s control?! This is where separating your feelings from reality will be the most beneficial! We can all be respectful and mindful of other people without abandoning our pride and sense of self-worth. How the fuck does undervaluing yourself help you in a place where everybody around you understates your existence?! All our leaders are cowards with power! Moreover, organizations like Black Lives Matter don’t want black people to move on! People like Charleston White are reformed reprobates with discernible morality, rationality, and credibility deficiencies! And all politicians have ulterior motives and personal belief systems that compel them to disregard their electors’ requests! So, you’re probably wondering, “what the fuck are we supposed to do about this?”. We vote, we resist, and we value ourselves! I don’t believe any politician deserves comprehensive trust. But if voting didn’t matter, republicans wouldn’t work so hard trying to stop us from voting them out! Everybody who wants to force you to stop doing you ain’t for you, especially if you’re an adult!

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