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Everybody’s Stupid, XXXI

The most common social mistake people make must be underestimating strangers! “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is something we’ve all heard. And you may think, “but the cover of a book is the first thing that attracts me to it, and it’s supposed to be a visual description of the story”. Yet, “looks can be deceiving”, right? Most people are stupid because they lack the capacity to think past what they’re used to. When you become accustomed to thinking one way, that way of thinking becomes a habit, and it’s often difficult to break habits. The phrase “stuck on stupid” comes to mind here. Of course, some habits are good and some aren’t. Additionally, habits are generally done subconsciously, without thinking about them, because they are native to you and part of your routine. Moreover, when you’re stubborn and intolerant, you likely don’t practice introspection, and self-analysis is the only way to pinpoint the faults in your character that you’d like to work on overcoming. And even though obstinate and narrow-minded people are usually very selfish, they almost never have an accurate perception of themselves—because they’re almost always very stupid! People try to mark me a closed-minded all the time, but that’s not the case. Like I always say, I just refuse to let a stupid motherfucker tell me who I am or who I’m supposed to be! And you must be stupid if you don’t believe that the vast majority of people are stupid! An education can’t make a stupid motherfucker intelligent! Monetary success can’t make a stupid motherfucker a genius! A high spot in the social hierarchy can’t make a stupid motherfucker smart! Case in point, Donald Trump. I instinctively see the world differently than stupid people. For instance, they say, “we’re all entitled to our own opinion”. And most stupid people view being candid as an estimable attribute. But contrary to popular belief, people’s opinions get them assaulted, killed, fired, disowned, sued, and canceled more than anything else!

Stupidity is a lifestyle, and it’s a culture. And the same people who believe they’re entitled to voice their opinions often feel the consequences for doing so are unfair or unwarranted, and that’s stupid! If you’re free to insult, slander, or offend someone, then they are permitted to counter your affront. And if that leads to you suffering physical harm, monetary loss, or any adverse consequences, maybe you should learn to shut the fuck up! But you must be smart to learn from your mistakes, and if most people are stupid, how many of y’all are learning? Without question, violence in our communities has been progressively rising, and will continue to rise, because social media, the internet, and modern technology have streamlined the dissemination of antagonism and discord. Either people are spreading hatred or being influenced by it. The abundance of negativity on our timelines emboldens the production of similar or identical content. The preposterousness of said content provokes outrage, which promotes calls to action that urge violence. The latter is true whether the discussion is vulgar antisemitism in a vlog by a random influencer, or brazen disrespect toward a deceased rival gang member in a rap song, or flagrant homophobic rhetoric spewed by a politician during an interview—and the methods and levels of hatred are infinite. You know people are stupid when arguments like the ones I am making are relevant but rare. Either people don’t discuss stupidity enough or the algorithms aren’t smart enough to know that I’d be interested in hearing those discussions. If I had to guess, I would say people avoid these conversations to circumvent reflecting on the stupidity they practice daily. Most people can’t mind their own fucking business, they love to hate on people, they are relentlessly biased and bigoted, they’re not confident or secure with who they are so they highlight other people’s faults to lessen the culpability of being a shitty person, they believe talking shit openly makes them a strong person because they don’t hide their feelings, they enjoy arguing about senseless bullshit… and now I’m getting right back to the points I’ve already made!

Stupid is as stupid does! That’s the conclusion. The fact is, if you can’t discriminate between a beneficial action and a detrimental one, you’re stupid. And if you’re stupid, the preponderance of your thoughts and feelings are baseless and injurious. If you have an inquisitive mind, you may be wondering, how does a stupid person know if they’re stupid? Well, I’m glad you asked! And the answer is—it’s impossible for a stupid person to know if they’re stupid. Regardless of what any of us believe, there will always be people who agree with us. Affirmation is an assurance, and assurances fortify an idiot’s confidence. And that’s inevitably intensified by the idiot’s innate incapacity for reasoning. In other words, stupid people don’t have the brain power to think rationally, and having reassurance reinforces their ineptitudes. You know those situations where it seems like a person is always having trouble with everyone around them, and people always conclude that the odd man out is the problem. I think that’s bullshit! To prove my point, I’ll give an obvious example. If you place Joe Biden smack dab in the middle of a Trump rally crowd, how many of the people around him are going to have a problem with him?! Is Joe Biden wrong for opposing everything about Donald Trump and his MAGA constituents? The answer to that question is contingent on your moral stances and your political views. I can hear the stupid motherfuckers now, “Joe Biden should know good and goddamn well not to attend a Trump rally! What a stupid example!”. It’s time for y’all to forget everything you’ve been taught! Throughout this “Everybody’s Stupid” series, I’ve repetitively reminded you that everything about the world as we know it is made-up. I’ve told you things like, laws are based on conformities to normalcy, and the idea of what’s normal is founded on the opinions of power-hungry fellow humans. I’ve beckoned questions like, what makes one human’s opinion more important than the next human’s opinion? These are oversimplifications, of course, but my point is—if people tell you that something’s set in stone, tell those stupid motherfuckers that you’ve carved out your own stone! Don’t let anybody make up your mind for you, and make your own fucking rules! And if you think I’m telling you to go out and get yourself arrested, you’re stupid! Vive la résistance!

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