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Everybody’s Stupid, XXXIV

In the little time I spent with my father growing up, all I remember is witnessing him cheat on his wife with his girlfriend, cheat on his girlfriend with a side chick, and cheat on his side chick with random women. And they were all fat bitches. But there was this one really skinny bitch with hairy-ass legs and Ashanti sideburns. Don’t get me wrong, I love BBWs, but these bitches were assuredly idiots. And the motherfucker always had a job, but he never had money because child support was garnishing the fuck out his selfish ass, even though me and my maternal sister never saw a penny from the bum-ass nigga! My father has eight kids, that we know of (RIP to my oldest little sister). Every personal story I tell on this blog is true. I don’t lie, because I’m an adult with integrity. But I’ve been surrounded by liars my entire life! That’s partly why I’m so cynical, observant, and inquisitive. When I was a kid, I was judicious enough to recognize that I couldn’t trust any of the adults around me to provide valuable or informative answers to my questions about life, so I just watched, contemplated, learned, and collected my own cognizance. And I would recommend that everybody find their own minds and have intrinsic thoughts. Being wrong, making honest mistakes, and frequently changing opinions are all inevitable things that people foolishly try to avoid and unsuccessfully attempt to hide. And people are often ashamed to be themselves because we’re all so accustomed to liars, pretenders, cheaters, and plain old stupid motherfuckers! Anybody can be stupid. Your parents, your grandparents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, presidents, scientists, “geniuses”, and anybody with a brain can be a stupid motherfucker! An easy way to understand people is to learn how to separate their actions from their accomplishments, occupation, worldly possessions, the things they say, and everything else. Actions don’t only speak louder than words, they also define who people are. Someone can accomplish great things by conning, exploiting, and victimizing other people. A person can acquire a lucrative job from inheritance, sycophantic groveling, or just knowing the right person. People frequently acquire nice things by stealing, scamming, and counterfeiting. And motherfuckers lie all day, every day. Having an ideal life doesn’t make someone a good person. These are all facts, right? So why don’t you get it?!

A college degree is an exorbitantly expensive piece of paper that proves a person successfully, if only temporarily, retained specified information on particular subjects in a classroom setting. Like I always say, degrees don’t mean a person is smart, it just means they went to school. Essentially, all you need is basic memorization abilities to pass most academic courses. With the exception of math and science, most curriculum only requires reading and remembering, a lot of shit you don’t even need to comprehend. If you think I’m bullshitting, Steve Jobs, Stephen Spielberg, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Jack Dorsey, Ralph Lauren, dare I say the artist formerly known as Kanye West, and many of the world’s brightest and most influential people either dropped out or never attended college. And nincompoops like Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, and Clarence Thomas have college degrees. I believe that’s important for you to understand, because it proves that people are wrong about what matters, and they’re wrong about pretty much everything! It’s imperative for me to form my own opinions and to draw individual conclusions, because we can’t trust or rely on other people to have our best interests in mind when they’re doing everything they can to advance and strengthen their inward-looking agendas. To reiterate one of my main points once again, remember that you are never humble for yourself. Humility is pushed so you won’t recognize that people who are more powerful and influential than you are only important because you give them their power and influence. For example, the moment you realize that police officers are just your neighbors in uniforms, they lose their authority! People with authority moil to convince adults that having a “problem with authority” is a bad thing, so those adults won’t recognize that said authority wouldn’t exist without their acquiescence or compliance. Then, pussies and cowards who are too weak and stupid to cognize their pusillanimity rally to underpin their own and everyone else’s persecution. And all this leaves people like me, the “woke” and the resistant, stuck and constantly preaching the same shit. But I think most people learn best through repetition, so I’m gone keep preaching!

Life is simple, but stupid people like to complicate simple shit to present the illusion of strength and intelligence. For instance, Tsu Surf is a popular battle rapper who is more notable for his street credibility than his lyrical ability. Surf occasionally says some clever shit in his battles, and he’s progressively gotten more talented over the years, but he gets the biggest reactions for his struggle stories, gang affiliation references, and tough guy talk. Tsu Surf, who’s real name is Rahjon Cox, has been arrested and incarcerated several times, he’s suffered gunshot wounds, and he’s a typical urban degenerate. As we know, in black culture, the more you prosper through adversity, the more respect you receive from your peers and allies. But we also know that the vast majority of black people’s misfortune and misery is self-induced! In his latest faux pas, Tsu Surf was made aware that he was named in a federal indictment, promoted his entanglement with the RICO indictment on the internet, refused to turn himself in, and initiated a standoff and negotiations with the feds when those boys came knocking. Tsu Surf represents everything that I hate about niggas! He’s stupid, he’s self-destructive, and his influence and popularity are a detriment and an embarrassment to other black men. And once again, this proves why having a mind of your own is of vital importance. Because not only is it possible, it’s common for nearly everybody to be wrong! Among niggas, the consensus is that Surf should be freed and exonerated immediately. And these niggas are fully aware of Surf’s self-proclaimed, and evidentially proven, gang banging and criminal history. These niggas know that only 2% of federal cases make it to trial, and over 95% of federal criminal defendants are convicted without a trial. Principally, these niggas know that being set free after a federal indictment definitely means the defendant snitched, and snitching is a fatal street code violation. So why the fuck are all these gang bangers, street niggas, cons and ex-cons screaming “free the wave”?! Because niggas are stupid! People are stupid! And it behooves everyone to be the exact opposite of stupid. I hope y’all keep coming back, because I’m going to keep dropping knowledge. And I don’t care how long it takes, like Meth said in How High, “I’m a learns you niggas!”… or something like that.

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