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Everybody’s Stupid, XCVVV

“Don’t take my kindness for weakness” is an assertion that good-natured people, like myself, declare when we don’t want stupid motherfuckers to confuse our lack of belligerence and boisterousness for timidity and delicacy. Theatrical truculence is typically a testimony to a person’s tendency to overcompensate for their deficiencies in courage and confidence. But when you think about it, how acquainted with hostility do people have to be to assume that someone who maintains their composure is weak? Better yet, since when does winning an argument, exasperating someone enough for them to remove themselves from an altercation, or simply being aggressive make a person strong?! I can’t say it enough, people got life fucked-up! I touch on these topics a lot because I know many people feel pitiful for wanting to be sunny and serene amongst ceaselessly sad and seething shitheads. Plenty of people deal with bullshit all day, every day, right? How often do you need to be reminded that you deserve better? As humans, we all deserve better than humankind! But because we’re stuck with each other, it only makes sense for those of us who care to determinedly assist in the bolstering of our fellow man. Speaking of which, how would you feel if you were being berated by a peer of your close acquaintances, and said acquaintances neglected to defend you? As time progresses, women become more pugnacious, stern, self-serving, and unrelenting because they’re empowered by the realization that they have always been mentally stronger than men. No distinct group of humans has endured more than women! With that being said, I don’t believe it’s judicious for women to rely on discouraging men for emotional or moral support. That may seem like a no-brainer, but because society remains male-dominated, I presume that it’s difficult for women to escape the principles of patriarchy. Technically, per the standard of men’s predetermined predominance, men protecting women should be a procedural inevitability. But because men hold the power in their manifestly immutable egotism, they abuse it! Recently, a female podcaster made a precarious assumption about the possibility of sex crimes taking place during an incident described by two male podcasters from a different show. In the aftermath of the notably wounding insinuation made by the female podcaster, one of the male subjects of her imputation expressed his outrage by calling her a bitch and exposing that she had sex with Ice T for $2,000 in the bathroom of a nightclub where she was formerly employed. The female podcaster has yet to respond to the salacious claims. The woman in question is a co-host on a podcast with five men, a few of which individually refer to themselves as her “brother”. Do you believe those men are obligated to come to the woman’s defense? Personally, I don’t respect the outraged gentleman’s flagrant and foul reaction to the woman’s unwarranted but unsubstantiated claim. If the man knows that the insinuation holds no merit, him playing tit for tit with insults is corny, childish, and gratuitous. And watching his response is a glaring reminder of why I don’t fuck with niggas! Also, I believe that the men who call themselves her “brothers” are liable for any ill feelings that she has toward their dereliction of brotherly duties. But speaking of reminders, this whole situation is an awesome example of how a few misplaced words can cause trifling turbulence that could conceivably lead to redundant chaos. And it’s all because of the male ego! Men, especially black men, are willing to die just for the optics of overpowering opposition. I don’t even want to be associated with a culture where a womanizing 47-year-old man disparages a woman of the same age for suggesting that his self-degrading story about fucking a prostitute may be missing some damaging details! Granted, the female podcaster’s postulation was somewhat objectionable, but it wasn’t stupid!

Latterly, YouTube began recommending me videos of women in their underwear trying on clothes and doing yoga. Basically, many hardcore OnlyFans models create “safe for work” content on YouTube for exposure and additional passive income. I’ve never paid for porn and I never will. But admittedly, if I was a stacked female, I’d likely have no qualms about capitalizing on men’s thirstiness. I probably wouldn’t do full nude content, but I’d do a lot of fully-clothed suggestive and seductive shit. Once, when I was much younger, I posted a few pictures of my erect penis on a message board—just for feedback. When I checked my emails, there were a few old couples willing to pay me for sex and a plethora of single women wanting to freak my meat. Of course, I didn’t reply to any of the emails, but I’d be lying if I said the feedback didn’t boost my confidence. In my opinion, a good deal of people’s controversial decisions are made for the feedback. Nothing enthuses and validates like compliments and confirmations. I believe that most oversexualized and self-objectifying women are vitalized by the comprehension that their appearance makes them desirable. And the satisfaction of being desired motivates said women to persistently pursue that satisfaction by remaining an object of desire. All sustained behaviors have a cycle—a formula. A means to an end precedes the end, right? Whether sluts want to get fucked or simply desire to confirm that they could get fucked, being slutty is the means to either end. The female podcaster who offended the unassociated male podcaster is a former video vixen. Currently, she has an OnlyFans account where she continues to flaunt her assets for the satisfaction of being desired. To her credit, the lady podcaster is very eloquent, educated, and elegant. Plus, believe it or not, she’s one of my biggest fans! So, she’s undoubtedly going to read this. With that being said, miss, I would like to personally inform you that you deserve better! The men that you’re surrounded by don’t show you the proper respect because your liking for being lusted after limits your respectability in their eyes. Additionally, you’re intelligibly more intelligent than those idiotic motherfuckers and they “dogpile” on you to distract the audience from the glaring gap in intellect. If you’re thinking about quitting, I would like to encourage you stay and stick it out. Figuratively, fuck your colleagues and the guy who’s attempting to humiliate you over the internet. As you very well know, your boss has been attempting to dishearten me for months now. But he doesn’t have a clue what he’s gotten himself into! My staying power and sway is substantiated by the fact that everyone in your workplace is going to read these words before they begin working! If I’m unfazed by the all the fuckery, you shouldn’t let this footling foolishness bother you at all. And we all know that my setting forth of sympathy and solace is likely to persuade all the sheep in your surroundings to do the same. What type of niggas is y’all, man?! For the record, I got a “once upon a time” story for everybody but the lady and the background niggas! And a fresh one for the man-child. Fuck around, find out. The podcast has been on a downtrend since y’all fumbled that Drake album critique. And honestly, nobody on that motherfucker is an interesting person! The Beau Amoureux wannabe is cool, and the man-child has his moments, but the pod is as good as dead without controversy. Which is why I believe y’all sacrificed your “sister” for cause célèbre! Man-child, if you think you can “dictate” your fate, you’re in for a rude awakening! You can’t even determine your viewership or preserve your patrons. Insert maniacal laugh here.

Don’t you hate when people who talk for a living never have anything to say?! People seek affirmation from influencers with powerful voices because when someone with something to lose puts it all on the line, it affirms that the cause at hand is worth fighting for. People return to my blog so frequently because I dissent from the popular opinions that they are conflicted about rejecting. And once I make shit make sense for people, they’re empowered to dissent as well. When you’re smart, you can find a way to say anything without offending most people. And if you believe that, then it must mean that the man-child isn’t as smart as he purports to be, huh? Silence is absolutely appropriate and wise under chancy circumstances. But when you make talking your thing, and when your opinion is your calling card, shutting up renders you obsolete! What are you good at and what makes you good at it? For me, I’m a great writer because I’m a better thinker. If you thought that writing was my biggest talent, think about why you enjoy my writing so much. It’s because my shit is thoughtful, right? And when I’m absorbed in thought my writing becomes a reflection of that. What’s more, I never read other people’s opinions because I have to draw my own conclusions. With information, as far as I’m concerned, if it’s not an incontrovertible fact, I interpret it as plain and pure entertainment. Additionally, I seldom read for entertainment—I’m more of an educational reader. Generally, if I’m reading something, I’m of the impression that at least the majority of the details are factual. Nevertheless, don’t let any of that turn you away from opinions. I appreciate each and every one of you, even the stupid motherfuckers and bitch-ass niggas! How often do you feel appreciated? When I think about exclusivity in romance, the first thing that comes to mind is my necessity to feel special and unrivaled in the relationship. Honestly, I don’t know if that’s from ego or ethics, but maybe it’s a little of both. I could never be with a hoe because hoes ain’t choosy! I need to know that my scrupulous significant other thought thoroughly before she chose me. Luckily, a relationship isn’t important enough for me to settle for shit! I’m going to get precisely what I want, or I’ll just go without a partner. To appreciate is to recognize the full worth of someone or something. How can you fully recognize anything without exhaustive evaluation and careful consideration? Then again, how can you evaluate and consider if you’re not thoughtful? If you just sat down and thought more, you might be able to make sense of everything. Two major components of intelligence are having sound judgement and being realistic. When you think, you become aware of things that may lead to you reaching greater understandings. When you understand stuff, you’re able to judge more accurately, and accurate judgements promote rationality and realistic interpretations. Ultimately, the more you think, the more thoughtful you’ll become, and the better your decision-making skills will be. If hoes thought more, they would be stingier with their pussies and they’d attract smarter men. And if men thought more, they wouldn’t tell stories about sexually violating a befouled woman in a stormy social climate with severe accusations and a chance of indictment! Niggas are stupid as fuck! To reiterate, miss, you went a little too far but your remarks weren’t far-fetched. And clearly, niggas didn’t learn anything from the mistake that they made in the situation. Stop letting these stupid motherfuckers make you an Aunt Sally, miss! And let this be a lesson to everybody! Think before you open your fucking mouth! Peace.

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