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Everybody’s Stupid, XCVVIV

To whom it may concern, I would like to inform you that the temperature’s rising! And it’s not surprising. For people to be as emotional and dependent as they are, from all appearances, they sure have a way of faking it, don’t they? What since does it make to be an asshole just to demonstrate that you desire for people to be nice to you? And pushing people away just because you’re uncomfortable expressing how much comfort their presence brings you is just going to make you even lonelier. It’s clear that most people need each other, and the fact that everyone denies it is a testament to their stupidity and hypocrisy. I’ve always recognized that I am genuinely the type of person that many people dishonestly avouch to be. Amongst many other things, I am naturally low-key, self-assertive, liberated, and nonchalant. And people lie about having these strong characteristics because they’re ashamed to admit that they have strong feelings about the things, situations, and people around them. Yet, even when people are comfortable conveying their emotions, they are hesitant to do so because they don’t want to be judged, ridiculed, ignored, misunderstood, manipulated, etc. I believe it’s important for everyone to realize how fake they are because things will never change unless people appreciate exactly how imperative it is for them to change! The statement “you’ve changed” has been widely regarded as an aspersion toward people who dare to alter their approaches to life’s transitional trends. In my opinion, changing one’s interests, habits, and behaviors gets a bad rep because intellectual growth and emotional maturity simply don’t innately occur in most people. Some people view change as adverse because it’s difficult for them to cope with unfamiliarity and the idea of becoming incompatible with the person who changed. People who rebuke change like the reliability of predictability and familiarity. But guess what? Fuck those people! Nobody is obligated to fulfill other people’s expectations. And disappointment is an inevitability that everyone can rely on. How many people do you believe are reluctant to change just because they don’t want to disappoint the static, stunted slackers who rely on their foreseeable actions? People need each other so badly that they hold themselves back just to remain reliable to the people that they rely on! But fuck that, it’s time for everyone to move forward. If you insist on progressing toward betterment, the people around you will be compelled to either follow suit or fall back. And you should come to grips with the certainty that stragglers are impediments that should be permanently withdrawn from your life. If people truly love you, and if they need you, they should be willing to attend to you, and vice versa, so you all can contribute to each other’s growth. However, how many people do what’s best for them and everyone around them? Nonetheless, I know for a fact that leading by example is effective because of the amount of notable people who are affected by my writing. I am able to influence people who influence people by being a source of logic and reason. I’ve never even heard people say some of the things that I think, and it’s because I’m an instinctual lateral thinker and individualist. I’ve never been afraid to change because I’ve always had distinctive characteristics that I embrace and work to develop. Also, admittedly, I enjoy making stupid people feel stupider! If you’re motivated by the idea of making people feel stupid, especially if they’ve wronged you, why not let exponential growth be your comeback or payback? I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. Bump as in an increase of your rate of improvement and grind meaning hard work that ensures your improvement goes uninterrupted.

Do you respect Fat Joe for ostensibly proclaiming that he’s lied in the great majority of his raps? Personally, I have a hard time even presuming that rappers are truthful. Knowing that niggas live and die for the acceptance and admiration of their peers, I’m aware of the extents that stupid motherfuckers will travel just for favorable opinions. How many lies have gotten rappers killed or incarcerated? Better yet, how many rappers have been impelled to live out their lies so they wouldn’t be exposed as imposters? A rapper’s devotion to criminality and self-destruction is yet another indication of people’s detrimental dependence on each other. Just listening to Fat Joe talk in any given circumstance, it ain’t hard to tell that he remains steadfastly hell-bent on eternally evincing his street credibility. Even though I respect Fat Joe for superficially confessing to his duplicity, I don’t respect the duplicity! Do you know how I know that niggas is bitches? Because there are “men” out there who would swear down that me expressing my contempt for Fat Joe’s deception is a violation of Fat Joe’s manhood. So, y’all mean to tell me that men are supposed to cater to the sensitivities of other men in order to preserve masculinity?! Doesn’t a man say what he feels, regardless? Get the fuck out of here! If honesty is respectful and dishonesty is disrespectful, and I’m being honest about my feelings toward rappers’ dishonesty, who deserves the most respect—honest me or dishonest them?! Niggas are backwards as a motherfucker! There’s only so much stupidity I can take, so imagine me trying to be friends with the average black man. Another thing that rappers frequently falsely claim is being antisocial. How the fuck can you be antisocial if you’re party to a clique and linking up is part of your ordinary routine? I’m not shy. And I’m not outright opposed to socializing, but it definitely goes against my nature. If people were smart, solicitous, safe, and sound, I would be as sweet and sympathetic as a socialite. But because people are stupid, spiteful, snaky, and surly, I’m as standoffish and supercilious as a slayer! I would go so far as to say I hate niggas—I really do. There’s nothing to admire or acclaim about men who abdicate their responsibilities and forgo flourishing to propitiate other men who do the same things! It’s like niggas are in an indefinite contest to see who can ruin their lives the worse, and the niggas who endure affliction and adversity the longest are the winners—even though they’re the true losers. I’ve learned a lot from hip hop, and rappers like Nas and AZ helped me become comfortable with my laidback personality. Fortunately, as a fan of rap music, I took the good with the bad because I’ve always been intelligent and accountable. Unfortunately, most niggas aren’t as fortunate as I am! Undoubtedly, art imitates life. But unquestionably, art inspires life! Information itself is one of the biggest influencers in every culture. And rap lyrics are inherently informative. For instance, Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments” is an instructive song that enumerates the dos and don’ts of drug dealing. If an impressionable listener ever considered entering the drug game, hearing the “step-by-step booklet” in a groovy rap tune may be all the incentive they would need to take the leap of faith, right? On T.I.’s sophomore album, Trap Muzik, he spends the entire album rapping about the thrills and feels of being a prosperous dope boy. Then, towards the end of the album, T.I. thought he was covering all bases by including a boring-ass track titled “Be Better Than Me”, where he gives a half-ass attempt at encouraging listeners to avoid all the fun he’s had as a frivolous, drama-prone, dope-slinging womanizer! Niggas ain’t shit.

I think rap lyrics should absolutely be used as evidence against immoral, illegitimate rappers. There are rappers who’ve detailed heinous crimes like murder, sex trafficking, kidnapping, assault, and domestic violence that led to the death of their unborn child in their lyrics. If you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime and then provide a blow-by-blow for all your trigger-happy rivals, stupid fans, and the snooping authorities to hear! You shouldn’t even have to tell niggas that, right? Needless to say, rappers telling on themselves in their own music is an attestation to people’s unhealthy reliance on the favorable reception of others. Not giving a fuck is like a superpower! Too bad most of you will never know how it feels. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to prioritize your personal well-being, in your life. A common theme amongst smart people is our lack of concern for material things. As long as I have what I need, I’m good. But like I alluded to in the last post, people with shit to prove tend to fixate on the things that they believe other people want from them. For example, if you’re a street dude, you’re likely to assume that people require for you to be violent when you find something offensive. By the same token, if you’re rich, you may believe that people want to see you be flashy and flamboyant. In other words, if you lack purpose, you’re inclined to emphasize your dedication to living out loud. If you’re the type of person that I’m describing, why is it so important for people to approve of you and everything you do? If I had to answer that question for you, I would say that you are weary of opinions that would hurt your feelings or make you feel worthless. So, to avoid rejection and derision, you toil to conform to the standards set for you by the people who have the power to diminish your confidence and curb your enthusiasm. Am I right or am I factually correct? All you have to do is admit that you’re weak to accept that doing the opposite of what you’re accustomed to doing is the solution to your problem of lacking self-worth. You hinge your life on the endorsement of your adherents because you don’t believe that your perception of yourself is enough to justify your efforts and decisions. Not to sound like a broken record, but this is why the notion that everyone should be humble is a crock of shit! Outside of your familial obligations, if you can’t be the most important person in your life, who are you going to grant the pleasure of governing you and dictating your actions? It’s either going to be your family, your friends, your peers, the government, the culture, or your haters and naysayers. Whether you’re an adult or not, you should never allow anyone to stipulate your character! Discrimination exists and is prevalent because people feel entitled to prescribe who people should be, how they should conduct themselves, and when they’re allowed to dispute or reject the prescription. Nah! If you want to take something from rappers, adopt their propensity to resist authority. When you’re dependent on other people for incentive to act, you’re gifting them an authoritative position in your life. Essentially, you should view every opinionated member of the culture as an invasive agent attempting to police your life. All sensible people defy authority because autonomy is of supreme importance, as it is the basis of freedom. And from my perspective, if you don’t promote and partake in the encouragement of freedom, you’re an opp! Do y’all understand what I’m trying to do here? I want to elevate your minds! If you know a stupid motherfucker, share the link. And again, to whom it may concern, the clock is ticking! Peace.

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