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Everybody’s Stupid, CVI

Do you know how I know people are stupid as fuck? Because y’all don’t understand shit! So, I guess it’s time for another lesson in proactivity and precaution, huh? Afresh, proactive behavior is descriptive of a person who takes charge and acts to prevent potential undesirable outcomes by using foresight and insight to control every situation that they enter to the best of their ability. Damn, that’s a long-ass sentence! In the same way, precautious behavior refers to the actions of a person who peeps bullshit before it happens and maneuvers to circumvent said bullshit. When you’re proactive and precautious, you anticipate impairment and inconvenience by assessing your present and possible circumstances, then you take the initiative to create counter circumstances that are designed to effectively preclude any impairment or inconvenience. Like we’ve all heard before, if you stay ready, you never have to get ready! Oftentimes, silence is very proactive. If there is a possibility that your statements could land you in hot water, being quiet is respectably cautious. In 1910, the United States Congress passed the “White-Slave Traffic Act”, which prohibits the transportation of females for all immoral and exploitative purposes throughout the country. The Act is now referred to as the “Mann Act”, entitled after a late congressman named James Robert Mann. Additionally, the Act is the basis for all state-specific prostitution laws. In America, prostitution is only legal in certain parts of Nevada, and it is strictly regulated. Do you think it’s cool for men to have sex with prostitutes? Better yet, do you approve of so-called ladies’ men who pay women for sex?! Remember, Kevin Samuels, the alleged archetype of “high value” men, died while having relations with an escort. As the hoopla surrounding a certain rapper-turned-sportscaster’s lewd sex story simmers down, I would like to highlight the humbug that black men hurl in black culture. In my opinion, there’s something to be said about men with a propensity for dissipation and dicking down debauched damsels. Even the man-child and his bright-eyed ace boon coon, who idolizes me, have hinted at the umpteen hoe-sharing exploits that they’ve embarked on. When a man respects himself and is confident enough to assert that he deserves virtuous partners, he doesn’t waste his time subsidizing whoring and expending funds for fixed-rate ejaculations! If you’re a self-confessed suave and sex-savvy seducer, ask yourself why you need to pay for pussy! Admittedly, and most people should be able to relate to this, I’ve masturbated far more times than I’ve had sex. Shit, I took two tokes from my vape pen and popped a shot to a twerking thot right before I began writing this. And if you think that’s too much information, why the fuck is a rapper’s story about taking a crackhead from a crack house and having a threesome with said crackhead and his friend—who struck the crack whore repeatedly, with envy, as she gave his friend a better blowjob—not inappropriate?! I’m convinced that intellectual maturity stops when puberty starts for the great majority of humans. There’s no way in the literal fuck that y’all brains are still developing after your mid-teens! If hoes are valueless, why does their time and services hold so much value?! When people take their hard-earned money to pay to share their bodies with people who they don’t think are worthy of their respect, that’s fucking retarded! I haven’t used the “r” word in a minute, so it felt good typing that. I can’t even fuck someone that I don’t trust, let alone someone that I don’t know! I’m not bashing sex work—I think it’s a vital vocation that’s solely responsible for keeping sexual assault more or less minimal. Without porn, prostitutes, and promiscuity, people would be violating each other like the world was at war! Living on Earth, that ain’t really saying much, is it?

I’m a good-ass writer, ain’t I? I don’t really notice how great I am until I’m high. And I don’t like admitting that I “get high” because it still sounds like something that mostly stupid people say. But the truth is, humans do something good every time they discover and develop uses of the planet’s natural resources to benefit people’s overall well-being. Weed is from the Earth, and your God put it here for me and you! Since when are black women standing up for chauvinistic black men? The internet be having y’all heads all fucked-up! My favorite self-owned characteristic is my individuality. I love that I have the capacity to comprehend the importance of self-governance. If I couldn’t think for myself, I’d be just as confused as the rest of you. Like I’ve mentioned before, women have the power to control everything! If women had the self-control to stay celibate until their potential partner learned to act right, and if the lawmakers under total female dominance made the law make sense and mean something, the world would be a utopia. Granted, no distinct group of people deserves supremacy in the regulation of human behavior—despite the fact that this is “a man’s world”—but women are commonly, historically, and undoubtedly smarter than men. And no, I’m not gay! I just so happen to be as smart as a woman. Plus, because most men are bitch-ass niggas, I like to rub it in their faces! What y’all mad at?! I know I’m hurting y’all sensitive-ass feelings right now! Doesn’t the fact that you feel some type of way about my opinion prove that your emotions are easily triggered? Get the fuck out of here! Men are weak as fuck. And it’s comically sad. And women are stupid for putting up with this shit. Again, I can say this because I hate stupid bitches and bitch-ass niggas. If everybody was a smart person, would we ever even need to comment on each other? There is nothing that anyone can tell me about myself because I know exactly who I am. Imagine if everybody could honestly say that. Tell me I’m not the most thought-proving person with a blog! Most men could never be proactive because they have an innate inclination to go against nature. When a person is reactive, which is the antithesis of proactive, they tend to react to a situation instead of preventing it. And the only way to prevent an undesirable situation is to make a habit of doing what’s best for you. But how are stupid people going to do that?! People clearly practice a custom of creating problems—both for themselves and everybody else. What do you believe is truly impossible? If you’re smart, that’s a difficult question to answer. Other than foolish things like people magically sprouting wings or flying to Japan this year to see a live-action bout between real-life King Kong and Godzilla, there isn’t much that I think is impossible. I think it’s possible for me to influence people, I think it’s possible for people to learn and alleviate some of their ignorance, and I believe the man-child would cry if he met me in-person! A few of y’all can’t get enough of me, and I understand why. Yes, I’m a real person and these thoughts come from my personal brain. I know that’s something that an AI bot would say in an effort to fool you, but only an idiot would fall for that. I’ve always hated the term “keyboard warrior” because it insinuates that it’s not smart to talk shit anonymously. For instance, if you hate somebody but you don’t want to fight them about it, why not get your shit off from an undisclosed location? I would never categorize myself as a keyboard warrior, but I’m sure there are a lot of stupid people who believe there’s a big difference between saying something with your mouth and communicating with your fingers. If you think about, neither speaking something or typing something makes it true.

How do you prove that an expression is true? If someone expressing their disliking or disapproval of you upsets you, what makes you think the other person is obligated to deal with your reaction? If every action has an equal and opposite reaction, then the action of reacting will inevitably be reacted to. That cycle never stops. Every consequence has a consequence. When you come to understand that, you’ll stop making everything about you. Because the bullshit that you do to other people is liable harm you the most! Other than discrimination and the monetization of incarceration, why do you think America’s jails are overpopulated? It’s because people are willing to lose or ruin their lives to make their feelings known. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it sucks for you if your methods of expression hinder your ability to express freely. You can do and say whatever you want, but so can everyone else. Does that mean anything to you? Even if you’re effectively proactive, how many situations will you ever be able to fully control? If you planned on having a picnic on a blanket in the middle of a field and it started raining, could you stop the rain? If it didn’t rain, could you entirely eliminate the possibility of a fly landing on your food or an army of ants marching up and biting you or a mass shooting occurring? All you can do is stay alert and hope for the best, right? If it’s that simple, why can’t people catch the concept? Running your mouth is just as bad as busting someone’s lip for running their mouth. Both could land you in jail, the hospital, or the morgue. Anew, do you know how I know people are stupid as fuck? Because they champion the implementation of consequences to all their personal vices—immoral behaviors with inherently adverse consequences. All cheaters can be cheated, all scammers can be scammed, all haters can be hated, and everybody can suffer. Nobody is exempt from bad experiences. Again, if you understand that, why don’t you act like it? I recently watched a freestyle from a radio show that was performed by a failed rapper and reformed reprobate-turned-reformer, and a lot of the comments on the video underlined the notion that black men need more positive messages to positively influence stupid niggas. I replied to the video expressing my belief that we need more black men who don’t need to be taught right from wrong more than we need more positive messages! How much guidance should adults need? Do you believe me when I say people love being told what to do? Don’t rob, don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t cheat, don’t lie, don’t hate, don’t have incautious unprotected sex, don’t have any nonconsensual sex, don’t stress, and don’t panic. Those are all positive pointers, right? How many of those things do you do every day? Motherfucker, you’re at least stressing out about being exposed for constantly lying to yourself and others, even right now. Come on, man! Everybody can’t be real, man! *50 Cent voice* Once upon a time, there was a grumpy grouch, a shady seductress, a chubby clown, a quarreling quadroon, a dubious dweeb, a weird whitey, and a lonely lingerer. The seven seldom seem to see that the sum should shift their sights to search for slights that spite might incite. For what’s right is wrong, and what’s wrong is right! Right? Despite the septet’s plight to smite a smart knight, the smart knight’s might might make minced meat of meddling men and a melancholic maiden. But only time will tell how much time it takes for a clock to go from tick to tock and stop just for the plot to flop but not before I pop the shot to crop the slot that makes the top my spot! Peace.

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