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Everybody’s Stupid, CVII

Who do you think writes the most typos, a writer or an ordinary electronics device user? Writers write more than most ordinary people, right? So, nobody will ever write more typos than a writer! I pointed that out because I know a lot of stupid people see typos and foolishly believe that’s confirmation of incompetency. I bet you stupid motherfuckers find typos and think you can do what I do, huh? It’s laughable! To all the creative people out there—the people who’re constructive and productive with their time—don’t worry about being perfect, just share yourself! You’re welcome for the inspiration. Don’t you get mad when you’re waiting on something and it doesn’t arrive when you expected it? How much disappointment can you tolerate? Personally, my tolerance levels are high for pretty much everything, except stupidity. And ain’t nothing stupider than a nigga, ain’t it?! I’m chilling so villainously right now, I’m just about to monologue like the plot is thickening. “Oh… you think darkness is your ally!? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it! Molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man—by then it was nothing to me but blinding!”, is an excerpt from Bane’s iconic assertion that Batman isn’t as acclimated to darkness as he is. Nothing’s more of a letdown than witnessing your favorite hero in need of rescue, right? Do you think it’s necessary for people to understand that the good guys can lose? Not that the Average Joe needs a reminder of how hard it is to win, but everyday examples are generally excellent, self-explanatory evidence of everyone’s established trials and tribulations. And when you think about it, nobody has given plainer examples of real life than Disney. As in reality, there’s always an antagonist and someone always dies in every classic Disney movie. Snow White basically dies in Snow White, the Beast pretty much dies in Beauty and the Beast, Mufasa (the lions’ king) absolutely dies in The Lion King, and so on. And that goes without mentioning how many of the stories focus on lost children that are forced to fend for themselves after taking a devastating loss. So, if people know all about losses, why do they insist on losing? How much of what you do makes perfect sense? Better yet, how close to perfect do you think your personal sense-making abilities can get?! What sense does it make to pick a fight with someone who has nothing to lose? There’s a stigma that suggests poor people are the most violent because they’re the least susceptible to the effects of losing everything, seeing as they don’t have much to lose to begin with. But in reality, greedy people are the most violent, and a lot of poor people are greedy as fuck! However, rich and wealthy people find more success in their avarice. Then again, poor people have the most to fight for because the hierarchical structure of society deems them insubstantial and low in priority. In my opinion, the violence in poor communities is both the result of greedy people fighting to commit theft and people defending themselves against the thievery of greedy people. Yet, while niggas are sitting ugly in the projects, on opposite ends of crimes, dodging shots from defensive and offensive positions, everybody but said niggas are trying to find a way to profit from it! How many rappers actually utilize the resources that they attain through success in the music industry to better their lives? What’s a struggle rapper without a struggle? How many struggle rappers struggle on purpose? Who seeks more sympathy than struggle rappers? How many rap fans truly dislike sob stories? These are the type of questions that you ask when you want to get under a failed struggle rapper’s skin!

How many people have you shared the best of you with? If you had to put a number on it, what percentage of your sharing capacity do you normally apportion to people? I think we all share only small pieces of ourselves with people, for protection. And it should always be that way! As long as people can disagree with each other, they will! Many people cope with the self-hatred derived from their instinctive disposition toward subservience by finding things to oppose. And the most comforting thing in the world is realizing that you’re not alone, right? So, self-hating servants find someone or something to serve—a greater cause to devote themselves to. Yet, a devotee without a purpose is just a slave. And some followers know that, so they often capitulate and fully commit themselves to their designated purpose to prove that they’re more than just a slave. I know, the irony, right? Unfortunately, a lot of devilishly dogged devotees believe that their sole purpose in life is perpetuating opposition. Hatred and hostility are directly descended from ignorance and intolerance. I’m saying all this to highlight that this is how weak-minded people trick themselves into believing they’re strong. Hateful motherfuckers convince themselves that projecting their feelings of inferiority onto everything and everyone that they fear or disagree with justifies their hatefulness. Because hateful motherfuckers hate themselves for not having enough to hate on. How many racists hate black people just because blacks have endured and overcome more than most whites have? The fucked-up part is, if a racist became racist just to have something to oppose and something to fight for, why not oppose discrimination and fight for equality? And this is why I believe that people like Dr. Umar Johnson are fighting to keep the fight alive. If the fighting is the problem, the solution should be to eliminate the fights. How the fuck can you create a world without racism if you’re a proponent of racial dissociation? Like I always say, smart people simplify complicated shit to prove their intelligence and stupid people complicate simple shit to reveal their lack of intelligence. The way I see it, knowing that racial integration is the easiest solution to racism, stupid motherfuckers try to find a way around integrating just to seem clever and innovative. Niggas do the same thing in the streets. Instead of staying away from the bullshit, they institute bullshit and inject themselves into bullshit just for the bragging rights of making it out of the bullshit that they either formed or forced themselves into. Yes, that is how important opinions are to weak-ass people! And I have a hard time believing that people don’t understand how dependent they are. I mean, y’all stupid and all, but are you really too stupid to comprehend that acquiescence is your answer to acquiring acceptance? You do what you do to be recognized for what you’ve done, don’t you? You can’t deny it because everybody does it. The thing is, everybody’s not willing to surrender their soul! At least if you sell your soul you get something in return, but you stupid motherfuckers just back down, bow out, and bend over! You can’t tell me that people don’t love being told what to do when they cling to trends and traditions like they’re shields on a battlefield or generational traumas! Stupidity is a tradition. And maybe sharing a little more of yourself, more than what you are accustomed to sharing, is the way to terminate the transmission of senseless and self-destructive customs? Don’t be afraid to tell the truth, don’t be scared to walk away, and don’t hesitate to refuse taking sides. More mutual agreements and neutral ground would make hatred much harder!

Do you know what kills my creativity? It’s the idea that I don’t have anything to prove. Self-confidence is an element of pride, and pride is what prompts me to share my thoughts to begin with. I’m proud of my intelligence. So proud, in fact, that I don’t need any reassurances. Y’all don’t even deserve the best of me! And I recognize that I deserve better. But when I’m ready to give more of me, I will. In the interim, you first! Already, my blog is an exemplar of authenticity and generosity. Honestly, the honesty is easy. But writing takes time, web hosting costs money, and consistency requires dedication. My constant contribution to the People is documented. But what are you doing? Are you at least working on yourself so you can be a better person to the people around you? Even if your contribution is just refraining from drama, causing less stress, and being more compassionate—that’s enough. If poor physical health can stem from bad habits, so can poor mental health, right? I believe that insecurity encourages negativity, being negative assuages people’s insecurities, and being a victim of negativity attenuates people’s mental health. Some of you motherfuckers are so sick that you don’t attack someone until you think they’re down! The temporary heartening that your weak-ass experiences from demoralizing someone will never fail to remind you how pathetic you are when it passes. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but the only way to strengthen your weaknesses is to accept that they exist so you can pinpoint their sources and address them directly. Because if weaker people make you feel strong, how does stronger people make you feel?! You can’t run away from yourself, and that’s why your problems follow you everywhere you go. Do you believe in karma? I believe that people are inevitably affected by the consequences of their actions and their inaction. When you give a businessman money, he counts it. If you drop the ball, it bounces. When you tempt the cougar, it pounces. When a rock keeps growing, it’s mountainous. What happens is always a reflection of what happened! Now, hold on to your sheets because it’s about to get deep. Fire hydrants are red. Police uniforms are blue. Why do niggas think shit is sweet? I see scared people! Remember that theme song? The one about the tubular bells. From the movie when the little girl was possessed by a demon from hell. Well, I got a similar story to tell. It’s about bedrock, eye-rollin’, and soul-liftin’. Projectiles, vomitin’, and floor-pissin’. Worried mamas and lost religion. And lonely children with their fathers missin’. When your savior don’t exercise, he might not have the heart for winnin’. And ain’t no tellin’ what he’ll do when he get that darkness in ‘em. It’s an awful feelin’. Oh, no, don’t jump out the window. No, oh, think that is the end, though? They’ll be a part two, and then a part three, fo’. And maybe a reboot, but it’ll make a bitch cringe, whoa. It’ll never end, just to keep the shit a bean, bro. And may the devil take a soul if I ever let this thing go. Bingo, jackpot, matchbox, stash spot, mags, dots, mad opps, fags, thot, man, stop. Freeze popped, knees shot, he’s got, pleas copped, sneeze—snot, she’s hot, he’s not, “Hurry! Hurry, please, cops!”. Freestyle, buck wild, love child, phone dial, whole cow, jones dow, oh wow, what now? Nah, I’m not even gone hold y’all. I ain’t laughed this hard at myself in a minute! I fucking love myself some me! I swear I don’t give a fuck! When a madman tries to play mind games with a mastermind, he loses! Peace.

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