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Everybody’s Stupid, CVIII

Putting thoughts into words is sometimes difficult. Many times, I have more thoughts than explanations. Speaking of explanations, how much are you willing to explain? Personally, because I comprehend that honesty is advantageous to its reciprocity, I make it my business to keep it as real as possible. I’ll explain anything at the situation and subject matter’s pertinent juncture, even in the face of judgement. As someone who has regrets, I believe that everyone should act as if the world is watching. In that, you should also treat people like you’re being recorded. Allegedly, Tyler Perry has a roster of he-whores on a payroll that may rival the list of Afrika Bambaataa’s alleged victims. If you don’t know, Afrika Bambaataa is a forefather of hip hop, and founder of an international hip hop awareness group titled “Universal Zulu Nation”, who has been accused of sexually abusing an innumerable amount of young boys while posing as a mentor in New York. His accusations date back to the early-70s. Exuberant community activist and victim advocate, Hassan Campbell, is one of Bambattaa’s most notable alleged victims. My sympathies go out to Hassan and all victims of humanity. As a man who can emphatically assert that I believe transsexual actress, Amiyah Scott, is beautiful, I don’t have any qualms about confessing that I’ve never believed dressing in drag is emasculating. Flip Wilson, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Martin Lawrence, Wesley Snipes, Ving Rhames, Jamie Foxx, Shawn and Marlon Wayans, as well as Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are just a few of the courageous, presumably straight black male actors who’ve hilariously done their jobs in dresses. If acting is all about selling a lie, isn’t convincingly portraying the opposite sex a testament to an actor’s talent? Like I’ve mentioned before, Denzel Washington has been playing the same nigga with different names since the 80s! Do you know why you like Denzel Washington so much? In my opinion, niggas revere Denzel because he’s sustained a lucrative career for over four decades while maintaining prominence as a black man in Hollywood. But do you know why he’s been so prominent? It’s because black actors have been shunned and disfavored in the entertainment industry since its inception. Duh, right!? How good is Denzel, exactly? From my perspective, a motherfucker can’t even be considered a good actor unless he can convincingly portray a woman! In acting, if you can’t convince me that you’re the total opposite of who you actually are, you’re a shitty actor. Who would you rather interact with, Tyler Perry or Madea? Tyler Perry played a woman so well, nobody really cares who he actually is! Let me break some news to y’all, and you’re going to hate hearing it, but people will never be perfect. And some of the most miraculous things that happen are absolute mistakes. Nobody ain’t never fucked-up, and everything ain’t everybody’s business. When does persistently expressing interest in someone become harassing? As a mysterious and mildly attractive man, I’ve experienced my fair share of undesired advances. And let me tell you, bitches can be very disrespectful! Sometimes, strange women don’t respect your personal space or privacy, they’ll walk up and put their hot vagina on your thigh, they’ll approach you and nestle your arm between their boobs, they’ll sneak behind you and start massaging your back without warning, they may even drop something just so they can bend over and align your penis with the crack of their ass—but it gets a whole lot freakier! In order for someone to consider taking no for an answer, you have to tell them no. Everybody knows that no is the most powerful word in the world, right? Unfortunately, many of you must learn how to respectfully hurt a motherfucker’s feelings. If a polite “no thank you” doesn’t cut it, start taking the “thank you” off that motherfucker! But try to remain conscientious. If you want to be an asshole, just be mindful of the transference of energy. Many people feed off the atmosphere and adapt their attitudes and approaches to the environment they’re in.

If we champion perseverance, and we know that long-term relationships are sometimes sparked by someone’s patience and persistence, how are people supposed to know when to give up? I can always tell when a woman is interested in me because I’ve always been observant and judicious. Yes, I toot my own horn a lot because I’ve never been a complete idiot, sorry. Honestly, my field goal percentage is in the high ninety percentiles because I’ve mostly obliged after being approached. Seldom have I randomly approached a female while having no prior knowledge of her. I’m going to expose my secret, which is really just common sense. Are you ready? Here it goes. When I’m interested in a woman, I simply ignore her. It’s the same shit I do when I’m not interested in a person, but that’s neither here nor there. Nobody taught me that trick, it’s just always made sense to me. If you’re ignoring a person of interest and they refuse to leave you alone, especially when y’all don’t have a reason to interact, it’s likely because they like you. An easy way to avoid being pushy is to let people pursue you instead. And a simple way to ward off pushy people is to be self-assertive. Again, I think it behooves everyone to learn to gracefully assert and accept a firm no. If men and women were judged equally, and if men could be more vulnerable, women would be accused of sexual assault just as routinely as men! There’s nothing wrong with people wanting to fuck each other, right? And it’s not inherently inappropriate to express your sexual interest in someone, no? But it’s naïve and ridiculous to assume that you’ll never be rejected or have to reject someone, ain’t it? Doesn’t it seem like a lot of adults’ problems aren’t problems that adults should have? I’m realizing that “we’re all human” shit has to die if we’re going to survive! People will never grow the fuck up if we don’t teach them a lesson. For instance, violence is at an all-time high but people’s mental health has reached historic lows. Why is that? Why was the world ostensibly more peaceful when people were mentally stronger!? People are right when they declare that “people are getting soft”, but they’re wrong to presume that sensitivity is totally bad. Although I bash sensitive men all the time, there’s two sides to sensitivity. There’s the bitch-ass side, where people get in their feelings over every little old nothing. And there’s the real-ass side, where people are tactful and respectful of other people’s sensitivities. A properly sensitive person is discerning and diplomatic, not unlike myself. My sensitivity is demonstrated through my proven ability to accurately assess people’s states of mind and all everyday situations. Oh, I reads a room like Jason Bourne! Recently, my card got skimmed by two bum-ass bitches in a ghetto-ass Kroger. In the store, there was two tall, black women lingering around the self-checkout area. In my peripherals, I saw the bitches watching me as I was swiping my card. When I turned around, they swiftly moved to one of the many open lanes. I tugged on the card swiping machine and nothing came off, so I thought I was good. The next day, all my funds were stolen. That was just one of those situation when I knew something was fishy, but I didn’t fully execute. Oftentimes, we can sense when something ain’t right, can’t we? The more you sense, the more sensitive you are. And in a sense, a lot of people need to be a lot more sensitive. Why can’t everyone tell when somebody isn’t interested in them? And why can’t everyone tell when somebody’s not going to stop pursuing them without an explicit proposition? Stop trying so hard to get fucked and try a little harder to convince people that you don’t want to fuck them.

Who chooses to be a victim? When men have to record their conversations with other men just to prove that sexual advances are being made towards them, who should we expect to lead us? As a social deviant, I’m well aware of how awkward situations can get. The thing with me is, I’m usually just playing nice. I care about people’s universal well-being, but I don’t care to always spare their feelings. By the same token, I recognize the relationship between people’s feelings, what triggers those feelings, and how they react to being triggered. I don’t want to put anyone in anguish, but I really don’t want to be taken advantage of. If you’re not evil, I know you can relate to all of that. As for us being “all human”, have you ever considered all that “all” encompasses? By stating that everyone is human, are people suggesting that everyone is everything and anyone is capable of anything? If the latter’s the case—if people understand that everybody is everything but perfect—why the fuck is everyone so judgy? If people are comfortable with safely exchanging ends for experiences, more power to them. If people are uncomfortable with getting paid to get laid, to each its own. I would say that I don’t give a fuck about what other people are doing, but I’m clearly an opinionated person who understands that my opinions will influence other people’s actions. I care so much about what people are doing, I consistently dedicate time to sharing my opinions—in hopes that my thoughts will help people make better decisions. When you think about it, all forms of advice-giving is kind of controlling. For example, guidance is irrefutably akin to overseeing. I would suppose that anyone outwardly seeking instruction or suggestions is open to a good point and push into the right direction. Then again, this is humans we’re talking about! How many people don’t heed good advice just because they feel like they’re being manipulated? People are so fucking emotionally immature that they reliably reject reason just because it was a recommendation. But then, guess what they go do!? They go find another stupid motherfucker to embolden their stupidity. And this takes me back to the bitch-ass side of sensitivity. When you’re offended by rationality, you are disrespectfully sensitive—that’s flagrant self-disrespect! We live in a world where everybody understands how kinky everyone is. But people can’t even explain when they were regrettably overzealous in their attempts to impress or entice someone without receiving backlash. How the fuck are people supposed to understand shit that nobody wants anyone to explain? Do people truly want the whole truth and nothing but it? Better yet, how often is a lie a secret? Lies are always loud. And when the truth gets loud, there’s always a bad guy. Maybe the truth is only important when people can hate a motherfucker for it? Being blessed and highly favored are merely the prerequisites for a fall from grace. If only God can judge you, but other people’s money pays your bills, fuck you talm ‘bout?! If you don’t get it, I’m saying that everybody’s a customer. Name a job where motherfuckers ain’t using shit that somebody sold them! I bet y’all still don’t get it, do you? Motherfucker, what are you selling? Everybody’s selling something. Time is still money, correct? I was just about to blow your minds, but I’ve changed my mind. Maybe next time. The moral of the story is, you’re always going to pay. You’re going to pay whether you want to or not, whether you like it or not, and whether or not you got what you paid for. Don’t believe me? Name something that you need that doesn’t cost you anything! Everybody sells and everybody pays! Peace.

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