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Everybody’s Stupid, CIX

Honestly, how bad do you hate being lied to? If people truly understood how full of shit they are, they’d be even more shit-filled. To prove my point, I could come from several different angles. I could elucidate the conspicuous hypocrisy in the notion of freedom under the rule of law. I could start a diatribe about how weak-ass, manipulative people falsify narratives and play the victim to seek sympathy that’s meant to allay the guilt they feel for being scurrilous and malevolent. I could recite my regular rigmarole about how overly sensitive everyone is, and why said sensitive people do everything from lie to kill just to be accepted. I could talk about the public-spirited people who slog to smile and play fair, in this ceaselessly cruel world, just so the truth won’t hurt hurtful people’s feelings. I could touch on how plastic surgery turns a person into an incarnate lie and an eternal liar. But we’ve all heard that shit before. However, maybe we don’t stop hearing some things because people refuse to accept that those things are the truths that they plead and pray to be lied to about?! Like I said in the last post, the truth is generally loudest when someone or something is being vilified. And if we equate the high frequency of the rejected truth’s reiteration to the loudness of the truth amid a villain, I believe it would be safe to say that people unequivocally and shamelessly prefer lies over the truth! All lies are an escape from reality. And undoubtedly, reality bites. Escapes are harmless when there are no victims and no collateral damage. But when your escape leaves a path of destruction, you need a reality check! Negativity is one of people’s greatest escapes. Everything from hateful rhetoric, to all the isms, to insensitive jokes are patently negative. Speaking of jokes, did you know that comedians are documented as some of the saddest people in entertainment? I’ve always wondered if comedians are seemingly so heartless because their insecurities and anxieties are assuaged by getting a crowd to laugh at other people’s pain. In my theory, the laughter that comedians receive after offensive jokes is perceived as validation for all the hateful feelings that said comedians have toward happier people. In other words, I think some comedians are hateful because it makes them happier. But that’s what escapes are supposed to do. Escaping is breaking free from confinement or control, and there’s nothing more confining and controlling than a lost mind. It’s amazing how much farther you can travel and how controllable your circumstances are when your mind isn’t adrift. As a smart person, I hate when people try to tell me shit. And a common escape for manipulated people is to be manipulative. When people feel like they’re being controlled, they try to control other people for a sense of redemption. As well, like with the interruption of desolation that comedy gives comedians, the open expression of opinions is an avenue typically travelled on people’s road to redemption. Do you know why “freedom of speech” is a lie? It’s because “everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law”! And that’s true even when you’re not being arrested. You can’t just say whatever the fuck you want without consequences. I have to explain this yet again, huh? Ignorance is blissful because you don’t need an escape from reality if you’re unaware of the perpetual peril that you face. Plainly, only conscious people worry because ignorance is equivalent to unconsciousness. And a person can’t be in tune with their consciousness if they don’t think violence is an escape. There are people out there who are just itching to free themselves all up, over, and in your ass if you try to make them your distraction! So, don’t do it.

If people truly understood how stupid they are, they’d be even stupider. Let’s have some fun. Metaphorically, let’s say life is a role-playing adventure game. In said game, each individual player’s primary objective is to survive for as long as possible without losing their life—because there’s no respawning and no do-overs in this game. The world the players wander is wonderful, but it’s plain. In the beginning, there was just what seemed like infinite space and mostly avoidable obstacles. And many of the resources needed to survive the game were located closest to the easiest paths to traverse. But easy is boring, right? So, players routinely toil to make the game more difficult, just for fun, by creating endless and progressively less avoidable obstacles for themselves and all the other players. Overtime, the easy paths dwindle as they become overran by obstacle creators. And the resources? Well, they’re being used to create more obstacles. Eventually, everybody is forced to hurdle obstacles for an occupation—just so they can purchase resources to survive in order to continue hurdling obstacles for the duration of their lives. Does that sound fun? I think only pro-obstacle people would prefer that game. I’m not saying that a good challenge doesn’t evoke enthusiasm to live, but only when it’s not life-and-death. Getting back to reality, even when our obstacles aren’t avoidable, the struggle to pass the unnecessary obstacles that we’re forced to face often exhausts us too much to take on the necessary ones with full vigor! Would you agree that video games are an immersive escape from reality? Would you believe me if I told you that an escape from reality, a creative space outside the real world, is precisely the distraction needed to keep real-life obstacle creators out of our way? People are bored as fuck! That’s why they party, it’s why they fight, it’s why they vacation, it’s why they fuck, it’s why they hate, it’s why they create obstacles—it’s why they do everything! Soldiers in a war are just excitingly passing the probably short time they have left in their only life. Drug addicts are simply attempting to medicate away the trauma that derives from failing to overcome obstacles while they still have some life left. Everybody is straightforwardly attempting to stay occupied enough to squeeze as much out of their one life as they care to. With that being said, who the fuck are you to try to distract people from their obstacle-free distractions?! Knowing how difficult life can be, especially for those who’ve actually experienced difficulties in life, should disallow feelings of contempt toward escapists. To add insult to injury, pro-obstacle people—who are generally creators of extraneous obstacles—love telling anti-obstacle people how they “ain’t been through nothing”, as if circumventing obstacles is detrimental! In my opinion, everyone needs at least one healthy distraction. Studies have proven that video games have inherent skill-building benefits. Not to mention that playing video games is a healthier habit than engaging in petty arguments about things that you can’t control, like who plays video games and how often. How bored does a motherfucker have to be to survey people’s actions, single out everything unrelated to their life that they disagree with, and dedicate time to protesting trivial shit—like a stranger’s helpful hobbies? Why are humans so entitled? Humans are so entitled that they will ruin their own lives, to ruin yours, just so you don’t have an opportunity to ruin anyone’s. And all the ruining will be all for fun. When you think about it, it’s obvious that the stupidest people have the most fun. And when people reach the final level of stupidity, after concluding that rules are just ideas, it’s game over!

Stop being stupid! Damn, is that too much to ask? I think virtual reality has and will inevitably continue to save a lot of people from harmful vices. And I believe people stigmatize fanciful escapes because everybody without an escape pretends like they don’t need one. Writing is one of my escapes, and my writing is fact-based and practical. Another one of my escapes is meditation. And if you have anxiety, I guarantee meditation will mitigate it. Your body’s ability to relax is greatly contingent on the state of your parasympathetic nervous system. Parasympathetic nerves affect your heart rate, your breathing, and your digestive functions. While under stress, your sympathetic nervous system triggers the production of stress hormones that send your entire body into a frenzy. Once you’re calm and the stress has passed, your parasympathetic systems acts to reverse the effects of the sympathetic system. If you’re stressed out frequently or for extended periods of time, both systems begin to function inefficiently. That inefficiency causes depression, insomnia, panic attacks, tons of general health problems, and all the shit most of us aim to avoid. Luckily, simple exercises and breathing techniques can activate your parasympathetic response on cue. My favorite technique is slowly inhaling until my belly is fully inflated, then slowly exhaling until it’s completely deflated. I do that for at least ten consecutive minutes every day, and it’s so soothing that it nearly puts me to sleep every time. The trick is to keep the breathing steady and never gasp for air. Even when you’re not anxious, it will calm you down. And if you have a problem with shallow breathing due to anxiety, that deep breathing technique will aid in alleviating it overtime. Of course, yoga comprises deep breathing and stretching, and that’s a relaxing-ass combination. I think people need all the help they can get. The whole point of an escape—a distraction—is to detract attention away from the deprivation that distresses you and the insecurities that make you posture and pose in your everyday life. And yoga poses can improve your posture and help you de-stress… y’all see what I was trying to do there. With the natural repetition of life, I opt to repeat the positive and innocently pleasurable things as much as possible. I know what you’re thinking. Can sex be “innocently pleasurable”? Well, of course it can. Not only that, sex is probably the greatest escape of all time! When sex is good, it can be so good that the mere anticipation of it is half as good. When sex is good, you can just sit and vibe with your partner, without touching them, and the world will seem like it’s only as big as the room you’re in. But that shit is transient, so you should remember that in the moment. Nothing creates more obstacles than sex. Sex literally creates obstacle creators! Maybe some people should abstain from sex? It’s sad, but perhaps making sex a contractual agreement is the best thing for all successful people? Yet, we live in a world where just asking an intimate acquaintance to consider signing a sex contract is a violation. When y’all gone get tired for real? Life is re-up after recap after rerun after reiteration after repeat, and then there’s the rehearsal for the replication. At your age, how much have you learned? How many times has someone had to explain the importance of repetition in learning to you? As regularly as life replays, why is it so hard for people to learn? I think the answer is simple. It’s because everybody’s stupid! If people truly understood, they still wouldn’t know. Peace.

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