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Everybody’s Stupid, CX

A day is just a day. In my opinion, unwritten law has caused more heartbreak and discomposure than government corruption. Unwritten law is another term for tradition, and tradition is the shit you do because you’re “supposed to”. If it’s real, love, gratitude, unity, forbearance, generosity, and all that good stuff should be present without special days or designated times. Have you ever thought about how little control you have over your life? Per tradition, adulthood affords aged people the right to autonomy. Autonomous adults are supposed to make their own decisions. What about the holidays and its festivities isn’t imposed or insisted on? To put it plainly, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do! Outside a person’s moral responsibilities, like providing for and protecting oneself and all obligatory dependents, nobody’s bound to any particular action. In other words, neither you or your family is obligated to celebrate or participate in any holiday. It sucks when people push shit on you and bombard your life with affected ideals that are depressingly unrealistic and seemingly inescapable. Thoughts can be some of the most distressing things, even when they aren’t reality-based. And the thought of missing stuff, especially when all the ideals necessitate the presence of those things, is often enough to demoralize a person. The fact is, we’re not meant to be all the same. That’s why things are different for so many people. We’re not robots, but many people are programed to do exactly what they’re told and to reject everyone who doesn’t comply. I think being alone is underrated, which makes being in company overrated. I also believe that some people naturally require companionship and others don’t. We live in a world where people dislike other people just because they are not from the same place. So, why shouldn’t we expect people to detest people who despise people? In general, what is there to like about people? Most people are immature, they aren’t good at their jobs, they have mood swings and attitude problems, they lack basic intelligence, and among many other things, they don’t understand people! It’s clear that most adults can do without the holidays, right? How tired of people are you? I downloaded TikTok a couple weeks ago, after deleting the app a couple years ago, just to see what was going on. I re-deleted that shit approximately three minutes after signing in. People annoy the FUCK out of me! I think traditions, much like social media posts, are mostly for show. From my perspective, there’s only a small percentage of social media users—popular or not—who aren’t glamorizing or straight up pretending. And within the same perspective, I recognize that glamorizing and pretending are imperative to and foundational in making things seem “normal”. People are afraid and ashamed to accept that imperfection is the most commonly shared reality for every living creature on our planet. Do you know what I did this Christmas? I woke up, pooped, worked out, took a shower, sent a few “Merry Christmas” texts, brushed my teeth, ate two toasted egg and cheese sandwiches, got high, watched a few videos, fell asleep, woke up, ate two toasted peanut butter and honey sandwiches, browsed the web, got high again, and then I started writing this post. It’s approximately 9pm, I’m just about done with the first paragraph, and I’m barely motivated to write—so I probably won’t be done until after midnight. If I get hungry again before I go back to sleep, I’ll bake chicken and steam some frozen broccoli. If that saddens you, don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for all the fake-ass motherfuckers who glamorize and pretend! I do what I want. Most people do what they’re told, what they can, or what they think they’re “supposed to” do. What do you do?

It’s approximately 10pm now, I took a break from writing to catch up on current events, and I saw that the NYPD is trending because they’ve been brutalizing protesters at a Palestine/Hamas/Israel rally in New York. If you don’t know what’s going on with the war in Gaza, let me try to explain it to the best of my knowledge. Basically, Israel is a country that was formed for Jews after the Holocaust and Palestine is a state near Israel—that existed before Israel. Palestine’s population was originally predominately Arabs. A minority of Jews from Europe formed their own religion and wanted an exclusive state, a geographical representation of their people, that would allow their religion to be recognized as a nationality. So, the new-religion Jews began to migrate to Palestine. And now, there’s Jews in Israel and Jews in Palestine. Israel and Palestine have been at war for a long time because both feel like they deserve domination of the land that comprises Israel and Palestine. Israel has been dominant for the majority of the conflict. The current fighting in Gaza was initiated by Hamas, which is a radical group of Palestinians. Hamas attacked Israel because the Jews in Palestine have oppressed the native Palestinians. Many Palestinians don’t support the Hamas and most Israelis don’t care about the conflict at all. Ultimately, Israel and Palestine are warring because some people live to find something to die for. Hamas won’t stop until Israel is conquered, but Israel is unlikely to lose the war. Again, Hamas is radical Palestinians (Arabs) and the majority of Palestinians would like for Hamas to stop fighting Israel (Jews) because Palestine never wins a battle. If you’re wondering whose side to take, there is no side to take. Everybody deserves peace! And this shit is so confusing, refusing to take a side will save you a headache. It’s confusing because the conflict is petty and unnecessary. There’s enough land for everybody to live comfortably, but—like I said in the last post—humans are so entitled that they will ruin their own lives to ruin someone else’s! Although I appreciate that war is an unfortunate prerequisite for peace on Earth, I additionally acknowledge that war would be inessential if humans were more intelligent. Hamas isn’t giving Israel a choice but to fight back, but Hamas can’t win. It doesn’t make sense for Hamas to keep getting Palestinians killed, but they are fighting to avenge all the Palestinians that Israel has killed. What’s more, even if Israel wanted to make a deal with Palestine, Hamas would do everything in their power to stop it. That must be frustrating as fuck for Israel and Palestine! And I bet this whole situation resembles the disorder and dysfunction in your family, doesn’t it? All it takes is one person who refuses to concede and insists on fighting to perpetuate nonsense. Yet, mental illnesses are hereditary, so there’s likely more than one bull-headed buffoon in the brood. Amongst my relatives—aside from the bipolar disorders, the borderline personality disorders, the chronic depression, the pathological lying, and the general stupidity—people’s biggest problem is simply admitting that they have problems. Personally, I’m done with waiting for people to grow. I’ve accepted that many of my relatives are figuratively, for all intents and purposes, pro-Hamas. I believe most niggas would be pro-Hamas. And I’m a hippie with a carry permit! Peace is like a unicorn—we’ve never seen it and the only way for us to experience it is to make it up! Wait, war is a tradition, ain’t it!? War is the oldest ultimatum in human history—a time-honored bargaining chip and consequence—the ultimate omega. War is where the stubborn meets the greedy, where the weak meets the wicked, and where the mighty meets their maker. Warriors and soldiers die! And our determination will be our downfall.

It’s now approximately a quarter till 1am, and I’ve taken several other breaks. Dr. Umar is currently trending for remarks that he made on the man-child’s podcast, and he sounds as ridiculous as ever! First, none of the shit Dr. Umar is most passionate about matters to most people. “Why you bringing up old shit?!” is an iconic line from the classic hood-movie, Friday. If you’re reading this blog and you’ve never seen Friday, I’m impressed with my ability to attract such a diverse audience. And for the record, everyone is welcome here. I don’t discriminate—I only hate stupid people. But like I was saying, who likes motherfuckers who hold grudges and dwell on the past? Dr. Umar still talks about slaves and shit when he sermonizes about his abhorrence of racial majority groups, as if hundreds of years haven’t passed since American slavery began and was abolished. Like I always say, intelligence transcends education and involves much more than the memorization of information. Dr. Umar is intelligent because he uses the knowledge he’s retained to eloquently and effectively persuade people to embrace his personal perspectives on history and contemporary sociology. But if you pay attention, everything Dr. Umar does benefits his agenda and his idiosyncratic belief system more than it benefits black people as a whole. If black Americans were Palestinians, Dr. Umar would be a Hamas leader! Where most black people want peace and full integration, Umar and the constituents of Pan-Africanism want sheer segregation and sovereignty—solely for the sake of our ancestry. Niggas will never when that war! Every time I mention Dr. Umar Johnson-Ifatunde, I feel compelled to highlight his struggle with generational trauma. Dr. Umar is a negro conspiracy fanboy, a zealot for the Zulus, a loudmouthed nigga who hates white people, and a debater who vows to vigorously debate while living vicariously through his forbears. When it comes to soapbox shit-talkers, they don’t get any more cliché than Dr. Umar. The eastern cottontail rabbit is the most common rabbit in North America. According to sources, most wild rabbits share a similar light brown color, which is ideal camouflage for the animal’s natural habitat. See, a simple Google search would have showed that smart guy that bunnies come in all colors, and white ain’t even the most common. This man is so fixated on old shit, he can’t even forswear inaccurate euphemisms. Second, it’s time to start isolating offenders from their assumed affiliates. If someone says or does something as an individual, or even if it’s a select collection of people, why attach those actors to a similar group that they may not even be associated with? I got the outline of the continent of Africa tattooed on my left pec when I was 18 years old, that’s how much pride I have in my heritage. But Dr. Umar does not represent me! Everybody appropriates. Jacob William Davis was the Jewish Russian-American designer who created jeans. Weightlifting has ancient origins. Marital arts originated in Japan. Deep frying is said to have begun in ancient Egypt. Ice cream was created by the ancient Chinese. Pizza was invented in Italy. Automobile driving started in Germany, when a woman—Bertha Benz—embarked on the world’s first long-distance road trip in 1888. Where would we be without each other?! I’m keeping this elementary because embellishment is for entertainment. Dr. Umar is a performer with a powerful presence, not unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger or Hulk Hogan. As a spectator, you’re inclined to believe that Umar means what he says. But when what you’re saying doesn’t mean anything, what are you saying? I don’t hate anyone because of the color of their skin, period. That’s what started this shit in the first place! Dr. Umar wants you to spurn white people in a predominantly white country so black people (the minority) can prevail over white people (the majority). How the fuck is that supposed to work?! If you think doing the thing that started the fight is going to stop the fight, but you don’t want to end the fight, and there’s no indication that you can win the fight, you need your ass whooped! Peace.

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