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Everybody’s Stupid, XCVVI

Do you know how I know people got life fucked-up? Because they believe making threats and confronting people is enough to stop people from talking about them. An insult is different from an indication. To indicate is to identify or direct attention toward something, whereas to insult is to offend or speak disrespectfully toward something. Somebody saying your name, voicing their uninhibited opinion about you, or expressing disagreement with you isn’t automatically or fundamentally disrespectful. And if you’re offended by the mere thought of someone alluding to you in a conversation, it’s because you’re sensitive and insecure! People have gotten away with being weak for far too long, as their weakness continues to ruin lives. Not to mention how stupid everybody is. To reiterate yet again, causality is the relationship between cause and effect. The action of offending someone is liable to evoke the reaction of said someone being offended. And when people are offended, they tend to offend the offender in retaliation. The problems are, weak-ass people are offended by everything, and stupid-ass people aren’t understanding enough to know when they’re being outrageously offensive. What happens when a weak-ass person and a stupid-ass person is the same person? Humanity happens! “Keep my name out of your mouth” is something that we all hear often. And I believe that it is righteous for one to defend their honor, especially if they’re the subject of slander. But to suggest that you should be immune from criticism and commentary just because your feelings are easily hurt, is preposterous! Realistically, what can you do to stop everyone from having an opinion about you?! Better yet, is there anything you can do to stop everyone from talking?! As long as humans exist, they’re going to communicate their thoughts and feelings. In that communication, condemnation will be an indissoluble topic of discussion! Other than absolute annihilation, there’s literally nothing that anyone can do to shut people up! When someone makes you mad by talking about you, you can fight, argue, threaten, injure, and worse. But as soon as you’re finished, the people who witnessed the incident are going to talk about you, the cops who arrest you are going to talk about you, your fellow inmates are going to talk about you, the judge and jury are going to talk about you, everyone with an opinion is going to talk about you, and there will be nothing that your weak-ass, stupid-ass can do about it! Am I right or am I factually correct? Is your reputation more important than your life itself? Captious and cantankerous people often profess that they “don’t give a fuck”, which is contradictory to their inherently argumentative and ostentatious nature. A reputation is the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something. Needless to say, if you don’t give a fuck, people’s beliefs and opinions aren’t consequential to you at all. There’s a time and a place for everything. And one of the biggest misconceptions in the world, that is also a basis for the majority of petty conflicts, is the idiotic idea that being open and outspoken is always appropriate and admirable. Opinionated people incautiously speak openly when they’re offending people and offended people do it in defense to being offended. Even though there’s nothing that can be done to prohibit free people from speaking freely, that doesn’t mean every time they speak and everything they say is respectable. This may seem like a complicated conundrum, but it’s not. Simply consider shutting the fuck up when you don’t have anything meaningful or material to say, recognize that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, appreciate that most people—likely including you—are sensitive and insecure, and respect that exciting those sensitivities and insecurities may elicit antagonism.

If actions speak louder than words, you should always be doing more than you’re saying. How many points do you intend to prove every day? Whether you realize it or not, everything you do makes a statement. Your appearance states how much pride you have, your attitude states how happy you are, your sense of humor states your maturity level, your interests state how much intelligence you have, etc. But a lot of people trust their perception to a fault. Like I always say, perception is only reality in the absence of facts. The average person’s general intelligence level isn’t even high enough for them to habituate doing what’s best for them. Many people would rather propitiate and pander than prosper and profit. So, no matter how obvious your inadvertent statements are, people are unlikely to perceive them accurately. Where’s the significance in that? Well, if people’s opinions bother you, understand that those stupid motherfuckers usually aren’t smart enough to distinguish facts from their feelings. As for your conscious statements, how intentional are they? Nobody likes when people lollygag, beat around the bush, or play too much. If you’re aiming to make a point, you should be as direct as possible—as to bypass bewilderment. In writing, even when I use figurative language, there’s no mistaking what my intentions are. Sincerity is crucial, in every aspect of life, if you want to be taken seriously. Sincere people don’t pretend, deceive, or mislead. On the other hand, insincere people are the most deceitful, feigning, hypocritical motherfuckers you’ll ever encounter. And without question, insincerity is much more common than sincerity. Do you always mean what you say? These days, especially with everyone being so delicate and disputatious, and with the anonymity of the internet, disorderly disingenuousness is ubiquitous. That’s another reason why people shouldn’t be so quick to wrestle over words. Motormouths generally say what sounds good and they revile for a reaction. Oftentimes, you may find yourself squaring up to a loudmouth coward who just wanted to talk tough for effect. Other times, you may be confronting a shit-talker while praying that the confrontation doesn’t come to blows. Most of the time, fighting over what a motherfucker said ain’t even worth it! If you’ve ever considered yourself a strong person, but words affect you to a great degree, I regret to inform you that you’re not secure enough to be considered strong. Plainly, not allowing people to get to you proves a bigger point than showing people that you’re not afraid to fight. Just by being provoked by what you perceive as a slight or a snub, you’re demonstrating how easily your feathers are ruffled. Afresh, people got life fucked-up! Never, ever allow a stupid motherfucker to tell you how to react to or maneuver through any situation! Staying alive, uninjured, and out of jail should always be your primary objectives. If that means avoiding certain people and specific areas, do that! If it means swallowing your pride and discovering a healthy way to release your anger, do that! If it means falling back from bad influences and negative people, including close relatives and life-long friends, do that! How the fuck can you be a strong person if you don’t have the strength to push bullshit aside and prioritize your physical and mental health? Without harboring any ill will and keeping a clear mind, how many times have you been manipulated? Some people think they’re doing you a favor by pumping you up to play yourself. But don’t hate those stupid motherfuckers, just grasp the realization that a lot of people—even old people—don’t know no better. If you have someone similar to me in your life, start listening to them. If you don’t, don’t worry, because I’m the only me that I’ve ever known. But that’s why I’m doing this. I ain’t gone steer you wrong.

I’m the realest motherfucker alive! And ain’t a motherfucker that can convince me otherwise. Why the fuck would I let people tell me who I am?! Ask yourself that question as well. Being humble ain’t for you, it’s for the weak-ass people around you. Humility makes you more likeable and relatable, but it doesn’t promote your self-esteem or your overall mental fortitude. And the humbler you are, the more likely you are to be taken advantage of. Believe it or not, it’s not difficult to balance self-importance and empathy. I often proclaim that I lack empathy, but that’s me being hyperbolic. The fact is, if I wasn’t magnanimous and commiserative, I wouldn’t be dropping so many free gems for bitch-ass niggas to misappropriate. It’s actually quite entertaining watching stupid-ass niggas try to be me while being downright deficient in character and intelligence. Again, y’all niggas will never be on my level, you’ll never be as cool as me, and the smart aleck suit doesn’t fit you. At this point, I’m often imitated and impossible to duplicate! If y’all knew how often just the thought of me drains the energy out of a room full of “men”, you’d view niggas differently. RIP to Sam Cooke, who told you all what was up way back in 1964. Going back to my main topic, it’s quite presumptuous of petty people to presume that the rules of free speech don’t apply to them. You know people are stupid when they contentedly label themselves as petty, being oblivious to the fact that the word means trifling, narrow-minded, and spiteful. Do yourselves a favor and just stay away from people whenever you can. I’ve never subscribed to the notion that being unsociable is unhealthy. Today is Thanksgiving, which is supposed to be a day of holiday cheer, right? Google “Thanksgiving shooting”. That’s sad as fuck, ain’t it? How many separate incidents did you count? Granted, shootings occur every day, so shootings on holidays should be anticipated. But how many people out there do you think want to be cheerful, but cheerless motherfuckers won’t let them?! How many people allow tradition and the idea of normality to ruin their holiday spirit? If we know that people ain’t shit, and that insanity is informally defined as trying the same thing repetitiously and expecting a different result every time, why the fuck wouldn’t sane people just leave life-draining people alone?! Most people are not smart, so you simply shouldn’t take advice from most people. Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Essentially, your intuition is your instinctive reaction. If your instincts tell you something, you should listen. And never make a habit of fighting your natural response to people, places, and situations. In my opinion, trying to be normal is not only a waste of time, it’s a squandering of your life! Normality is a standard set by people who destine for conforming to conventional ideologies. An ideal is an unrealistic conception of perfection, and perfection is a chimera. Sure, in a perfect world, everybody would get along and anybody who insisted on being divisive would be unquestionably evil. But in reality, everybody will never get along and anybody who believes it’s possible is indisputably stupid! Being unsociable on planet Earth is the clearest act of sanity and common sense that a human can make. Think about it this way—you’re unlikely to offend or be offended if you don’t fuck with people. And I can almost guarantee that an unfriendly person is the best friend that a person could ever have. Too bad we don’t want to be your motherfucking friend! Peace.

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